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  1. Thanks I was looking at that as a solution or maybe I’ll get Richard to fit a EM1
  2. Finally finished my model of Network Rail Mk2 Brake Force Runner 99666. It’s by no means perfect but I think it’s a fair representation and a good first attempt. The @railtec-models transfers are absolutely beautiful and a breeze to use. Having made a fair few Airfix models years ago I was apprehensive of my rusty skills while applying the transfers but these are far better and of a far higher quality.A DBSO is done and ready for painting just waiting on some etched window frames and laser glaze if I can hopefully get some ordered.
  3. No real updates but a new member to the fleet in the form of 37710 in my favourite Loadhaul Livery Factory fitted sound is great but the speaker is seriously lacking and the loco will be getting a upgrade at some point in the near future but im unsure on what path to go down. My time has been going to this... a summer project for the dad and I a simple garden figure of 8. It's built on a tight budget with the curves being formed and mounted on the framing of a old trampoline and the track feeds made of repurposed lawn mower twin core. It will eventually be landscaped in with
  4. A few but I'm waiting on the postie to bring the good stuff! I do have a kind distance shot of the fuel tankers. Almost finished but they need some more painting and parts fitted and then i'll be very happy!
  5. Yeah I was a aware it would a little but had no clue it would go that dark I used a deluxe materials dry mix in PVA and was happy with how easy it went on.
  6. I've now started ballsting the layout using Hattons ballast. I'm happy with the result although i wasn't anticipating the ballast would dry this dark? With some sections being such a dark grey the layout could be mistaken as a steam depot covered in coal! Excuse the mess i'll upload a complete photo when the entire layout has been ballasted and cleaned up some more sleeper painting is required before i get this far .
  7. Side Project #1 - Spent the weekend painting a trio of Peco bufferstops using an ancient pot of Humbrol 81 to try and create a faded and weathered appearance. Any suggestions on how I could improve this further? I also painted the Traintech buffer stop lights in a prototypical grey colour to hide the black PCB and bare resistors/LED's. Ive also painted the LED's red so when they are unlit they appear to still have red lenses as per the protoype. Side Project #2 - I've started building some knightwing fuel tank kits and painted them in some possibly familiar colours. I
  8. Nice! need to get myself some of those!
  9. Hoping to get some more progress/ pictures up on the weekend! A 3D printed DBSO cab has just arrived with a Mk2 for some surgery so I’ll get some pictures doing that. Finished wiring the bus under the layout. Probably no pictures of that as it’s not my neatest work ! And I’ve swapped two TTS speakers from Richard at Roads and Rails so I’ll hopefully get some clips up of the improved noise from them!
  10. Finally amost finished the hardstanding! Wasn't too happy with the finish again so I've sanded even more and now added a coat of dulux paint and then some MIG Acryllic concrete paste. This has gone down really well and creates a great texture for roughed up concrete although the surface is a little coarse and I'm now going through the process of sanding the concrete paste to scale it down suitably. Now for a but of fun! I've also modelled my now old car in 1:76th by using some touch up paint and clear. With a few transfers i'll be pretty happy with the result!
  11. Update - PolyFilla is almost done! lots of sanding and refilling has gone into it so far still not quite happy with the smoothness of the surface so a few more layers and a little more sanding is required Picked myself up a lovel Mudmagnet models 3D printed hoist that I need to find a home for! It went together beautifully and with just a very light black wash loosks great. Any guesses what this will be? Hint - I've got 2 Network Rail Coaches on order and need to get myself a rake
  12. Update - So I finished the concrete hard standing using grey board and concrete sheet but I was unhappy with the finish this gave me and ripped it all up After ripping it up I've looked into other techniques and have decided to use PolyFilla. The first tube has gone down and so far I'm really happy with the filler. Pics will follow after a trip to B and Q tomorrow for some more. After that hopefully I can get the ball rolling again and make some more progress.
  13. Didn't manage to order the ballast as I am eyeing up the class 73 in the sale at hattons I did start painting the sleepers of the track a more realistic wood color as the Hornby set track I am using has a black plastic sheen to it. Above is the track with just the rails painted a rust color above is after I've painted the sleepers ill tone down the effect with weathering once the ballast has been done but i think it looks a lot better than the black sleepers. Thanks
  14. Little Update for today. I've finished the concrete hard standing kit, Now i need to weather the top surface and paint the sides in a concrete color before ballasting I then lightly weathered some Network Rail vans. I gave them a light black wash and a touch of brown on the sides to represent mud splash. I'll probably end up removing some more of this as at work I've never seen a really dirty van. The Transit with the crew cab will get a ladder rack on the drivers side to represent a S+T van and the Flatbed will get a load of some kind. Next Step is to weather the tra
  15. Hi Everyone! This is my first post on this forum so hopefully I've done it in the right place! I have just started a new layout which is going to be a small Modern "Ish" Diesel Depot. That is DCC to run the various locos I've collected (and had sat in my cupboard) over the years So far I have laid all the track which is Hornby Code 100 and began weathering the track to take the sheen off of the rails I used a humbrol rust colour which i applied to the rail sides to give a realistic rusty side to the rail this will need some further weathering once the ballas
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