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  1. It's quietened down presently as I draw up the 1930s semis and struggle with the angles of a half roof [ against a backdrop ] . I am thinking full pen drawing , because that's what and pencil work , or water-colour paper and watercolour because this is my discipline as a designer and visualiser . There will be a house drawn up at 1/64 with all the parts for the kit , but individual houses drawn with different details , luckily , I will only need 4 or 5 !! Experiments in hand . The ASD , or my AsDee glitch is weird in that I can recognise that my mock up open front tram is ' right ' wher
  2. Thanks for the comments. Somewhat off topic , but here's a 1:50 scratch built Art Deco Garage just for the delightfully accurate 1955 Morris Minors in Corgi's cheap and cheerful one piece base/interior range which detail up delightfully with a partial repaint , open side windows - incidentally, the steering wheel is moulded in , but with rim and spokes touched in, it looks fine . Incidentally , the pumps are layered card with hand drawn dials which have not survived the years of neglect !! Together with Grandad's Morris Minor overtaking a Solido RT fitted with roof box and detailin
  3. Here is the motorised tram opened up . The motor is upright, so shows through the glazing . I gather that there are horizontal motors , but this requires much more to be cut away-weakening the structure. I have opten for translucent glazing from an old diary plus tracing paper to lessen the impact. I also painted the top and insulating tape sides of the motor in gunmetal which helps a bit. I have also found that this tram is off white, so my open canopy remodel from another red and white tram which is a touch annoying. I am not sure that I want to cut another top deck to open front ,
  4. Sorry Phil - I am just a dining table modeller-even making a base board is going to be difficult as the Gender/Autism recognition has caused major problems at home.
  5. The motorised tram is great , but the old Hornby track and controller from the 80s are rubbish ! It's difficult to keep going on a standard oval , though admittedly , it's lain loose . One point is difficulty with slow running which seems to be a combination of motor and track . More importantly, I had hoped to create some tight curves with flexitrack, but the tram tries to veer of the track on the standard Hornby radius , so I guess that idea is out . I would love Kato track which I could build up around , but expense is an issue - around £200 for an oval. An oval is OK for me because it
  6. I am aiming this at S scale, into which I have inadvertently fallen but It seems appropriate due to the lack of ready to run models . Do you prefer pristine models and scenery or something a little more obviously hand built or kit built ? The reason I ask is that I prefer my hand painted tram conversions to the pristine Corgi versions . I am even considering repainting some trams with a little less of a finish, maybe those oversize logos and paper ads etc. The scenery is going to be hand made and there is no way that I am aiming for pristine detailing-more an impression.
  7. I have just ordered a motorised Open front LT tram on e-bay from tram man. It's going to be messed with a bit with open canopy top courtesy of a modelling hacksaw plus interior/platform repainting. it's neat that I can swap to an enclosed top by two screws. Now I have to find the track etc from a late 70s train set ! dee
  8. Hi David. I have sorted out some transfers for the Solido RT. The original destinations and ads plus an additional Brymay from another bus. There will be two sets of London Transport side logos pus a Route 30 which will look better as the Rt blinds are too narrow [they must have measured a roof box bus and decided that it was too restrictive , you can still see the marks on the roof dome ] I made a wider blind from card with the transfers cut as needed, just guessing the dimension. The other has a roof box available way back when with the correct blinds.I did look for a roof box, but
  9. I have dug out 4x Renault 750 @ 1/64 which will paint down in black creating the odd sight of late 1940s French baby cars against Trams , but heck , this is fantasy island after all ! The Matchbox model A will be fine too and I can add some old Corgi Mini removable wheels which seems to be fine when the centres painted black.
  10. Thanks-excellent resource- I have sketched out a Morris Minor elevation to 1/64 which is in my wallet to check against models I com acros. Unfortinately my LLedo taxis seem to be around 1;50 plus, as are the wonderful Corgi 1955 Morris minors with the integral interior I have several of the Corgi lorries which I bought out of nostalgia for my Dinky Toy versions before 1/64 came onto the scene. dee
  11. How on earth do you guys source pre 1950 cars and people at 1/64 !!?? it seems that I shall have to try and make some generic card cars which is gonna be fun-not !! I have seen unpainted 1/75 people which I guess will work ok. I love the Corgi trams when 'corrected' to match photos of the prototype and actually prefer S scale, but the problems seem to b just starting !!! dee
  12. As an interior designer, I would recommend the Dulux Almond White which reflects well and creates a warm evening ambiance which works well with any lighting.
  13. Even mild autism is awkward. It's very definitely being stuck twix 1947 and around 1957 .. as if the hard drive is full and I can't delete and add more appropriate /current.Oddly, I seemed familiar with before 1947, but realised that both people/attitudes/things dated from the turn of the century meaning that I could assimilate them...wierd. i don't do people because severe gender stuff means I can't resolve he/she/me [ I hate Gap etc LOL] so cars/buses of the 50s and Dinky Toys became safe 'faces'. For me, it's binary-something is or it isn't...I was standing before two 'buses'. One w
  14. Just to say many thanks- I now have some 1/64 approx* scales from IKEA paper measuring tape @156% !! * I don't need total accuracy. I also copied the background from one tram box and went for a monochrome image...maybe a grey scale tram diorama ?!
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