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  1. I would agree with the above. I had a look in colour rail and couldn’t find anything different. The area you need to watch is the tender as I think Mallard had the cut down back...I think...
  2. Thank you - that is amazing! I've done very little of late. I did manage to mark out the bay and runaround platform and then cut the hillside. We have to have our roof replaced tomorrow so hopefully there won'[t be any issues for the layout.
  3. At the end of over the peak 2 there is a picture of a LST train being assembled from the limeworks mmediately south of the viaduct. Fascinating to hear they had to make the trains up from smaller sections crossing the up line to do so! So you would have had some trains on that section I guess. I've never seen a picture of a train from the limekilns and quarry to the north of the station but I guess there would as some time being a service from there.
  4. I'm now a homeschooler of 3 children - to be fair they've been pretty good. However things have slowed down at Litton & Cressbrook.... The other thing that's slowed me down is that I've been trying to work out the width of the platform on the up side of the main line. It will be platforms 2 & 3 on my layout - on the real Millers Dale it would have been platforms 4 & 5. With help of Paul Bolton (thanks Paul) I found a diagram of the station on the MRS archive site and worked out the rough widths. I cut some templates out but initially I thought they looked too thin at th
  5. Hijack away! It looks excellent. It’s amazing how even the polystyrene scenery changes the look. feel free to post more stuff anyhow. For me the ‘railway in the environment’ is one of the things I’m trying to achieve in this layout. I tried to plan it in from the beginning with the baseboards being above the frame so I can sink some bits of it and raise up some others. I think the other challenge is to get it geologically correct...that’s another challenge though!
  6. Glad to hear it! I’ve just found the pic didn’t actually upload . I’ll try again.
  7. Happily We’ve managed to avoid being flooded by the great Ouse over the past few days though we’ve had new record water levels. hopefully I’ll get round to doing some stuff today and take some pictures. Just for the moment though I did stumble across another water jolly Dale pic featuring a down midland home signal on the up side of the line.
  8. Thanks David! Just for comparison here are a few 'real rails'....
  9. Sounds lots of fun Malc and that's the most important thing I think! I did some track painting tests today on some old track. Not sure what I think really... It's sleeper grime with various shades of brown on the rails.... Various.... This is here for the Railmatch dark rust Humbrol 118 Humbrol 62 Humbrol 186 Matt 29 Sleeper Grime alone
  10. I know it and have driven by many times! that would have been my dream but I got the 1980's in Chesterfield instead... I have was as a kid always fascinated by all the tunnels in Matlock Bath and seeing bits and bats on the way to Buxton to see mums friend there. She lived on Ash Terrace right next to the line that joins the Midland and LNWR - in fact in the famous photo of the loco which has come down the embankment you can see the laundry next to her end of terrace. Mum used to do dog agility training just behind the turntable - I was very impressed with how much Peak
  11. Hi. I’ve had a look through my books and E M Morton’s pics on David Heys super website and all I’ve managed to find is that it was a colour light in August 1955. My gut reaction would be that originally it was a distant and was replaced by a colour light. That’s what happened for Bakewell’s up distant I believe.
  12. Thanks Al. What ballast is that please?
  13. I'm on annual leave this week so I've been doing some work in the loft. Firstly I've wired up some more points. I can't say soldering is my fave thing but since I've started using DCC concepts flux and solder I've had more success. I've tried to solder to the base of the rail as I don't like the wires showing. I've also discovered the merits of files and a fibreglass pen! Also I've been doing some viaduct surgery. It's based on the short 3 arch viaduct north of Millers Dale. I based the proportions from the drawing of Headstone viaduct in Bill Hudsons book
  14. Thanks Malc for your comment - might I ask where you lived please?
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