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  1. I thought the same. I think it’s vat?
  2. There is a pic of Prestatyn at Chinley North Junction - that's the 'famous' pic. I think it's in the Foxline books... It's also interesting to see how many Longsight engines got over the line...
  3. Hi. As 65179 said we did put together a list. I also have started the task of going through all my books in the peak line and ‘spotting’ what I saw. It’s a work in progress but I’m happy to send the file if you on me your email.
  4. Hi John. I know Simon so I’ll drop him a message on here.
  5. Hi. If you want to use the coaches with an LNER loco you could have them as part of an inter-regional service. For example a Newcastle -Bristol cross country service Or a Liverpool - Newcastle would change locos at York for an LNER loco and crew to Newcastle. Similar happened in other places too. As all Portholes were delivered in crimson and cream so you could run a rake with an LNER Pacific in a whole load of liveries. You can find the actual coaching formations In a working timetable or various books. However think I’d say that though not impossible it would be unlike
  6. According to the Irwell Press book of the Jubilees 5596 got tender number 9045 on 23/8/60 and 10750 on 5/10163 Both of these are stanier 4000 gallon tenders. I do t have my RCTS so can’t tell you if they are welded or rivited though - sorry!
  7. I’ve looked into this a bit in the past. I’ve not nailed an A2/3 on the Extension. However I believe that Peppercorn A2 Happy Knight was at Annesley fir about a week? What I can say is that: a) there is a photo of Apple Green A2/3 Ocean Swell at Sheffield Victoria on a running in turn from Donny. Fir that matter there is a pic of the W1 there. ImGine that an A3 broke down... B) York engines Got to Annesley And there were A2/2’s there. c) They ran Pacifics on Charwelton back in the day - maybe Tony Wright could shed some info. I can also offer you as
  8. On the subject of changing identities I thought I'd share that I was looking at whether 46206 could be coverted to 46203. It was looking good until I found that Princess Marie Louise was the only Princess with the coal pusher fitted. I checked the model pics and and it indeed on there. So great attention to detail by Hornby but that does mean a simple renumbering isn't possible. Just in case anyone else was wanting to go down that route...
  9. I got a length of both a bit ago. From memory the DCC concepts track had shallower sleepers. This made the length quite fragile - more so then the peco bullhead. It also has stainless steel rails rather than nickel silver which would have required a hotter soldering iron (I think). It may have had a different key-ing too - think it was based on Midland practice - which would have been perfect for me. I have a feeling in light of peco's track they decided not to go ahead with the points instead opting for the point kits. All this is based on my memory though and I can't always remember my kids
  10. HI - I think that there is a Fowler 4MT that was trialled on the GN for a little while in the mid 50' and was about Kings Cross shed. Also there was an N7 at Hatfield I think from memory. I can't remember which one and to be fair I've not seen pics of them in the station itself. I'm sure I've read about a Flying Pig working down there from the M&GN too. Not seen a pic of this though. Again, my memory is hazy but there was a rail tour with a Red Duchess 'City of London' and I've seen a pic of a Jubilee on a special in the 50/60's in one book. Just after grouping you
  11. I finally went in the loft while the kids were away at the grandparents and did some twiddling with the track layout as I wasn't satisfied with the way things were before. I think Lecorbusier you're right with adding the operational interest but I thought that if it were a station that had the Buxton Bay i would also need to be bigger to accommodate the expresses who drop their coaches there like the real Millers Dale. So to make the platforms bigger I've moved the station throat to the Left. If you have any thoughts, please let me know. I knocked up the drawing on a train journey yesterday, s
  12. Went to the vets with a brother and sister...came back with two boys. That was a turn up for the books!

    1. newbryford


      Went to the vets with boy for pre-op for neutering. Same vet that had originally sexed the cat realised that it required a different operation.......  Cue, embarrassed vet. 

    2. Stubby47


      Bought a guinea pig, got the book out, decided that the back end was round not pointed, therefore he must be male. 2 weeks later he had a litter of 6...

    3. Tim Hall

      Tim Hall

      We thought we had a girl and a boy kitten. Apparently they are now neutered girls....

  13. Not updated this for a while - well since I've been back at work after Christmas really. And not made much progress on the layout, only gone through the moment of wondering whether my track plan is any good at all and getting all flustered about it...I did however receive some nicely weathered wagons from Mr. David Smith so I thought you could see them here. They look a bit 'flatter' and darker here then in 'real life' funny how the old iPhone changes things.
  14. Just in case anyone would like to put their thoughts to the East West rail folks you can check out the proposed routes and give them your thoughts here: https://eastwestrail.co.uk/haveyoursay
  15. HI Rob, Thanks for the posts - sorry it's taken a while to get back to you. Thanks for the Marcway tip. That's useful. I'm trying to look through my books and see if I can see a trailing 3 way on a mainline - my instinct is that the Midland would have avoided them...I don't know why that's my instinct though! I really love your picture - feel free to stick a few more on or a link to your blog. Lovely weathering too! I'll write more when I get a chance - maybe later tonight! Yours Richard HI Rob, Thanks for the posts - sorry it's taken a while to get back to you. Thanks f
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