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  1. Drive shafts are easy to modify. Plastic tube with an inside diameter similar to the od of the drive shaft some glue and Bob’s your mother’s aunt! I’ve used Heljan shafts to replace a broken Roco one. Post some dimensions or pics if you want some guidance. HTH
  2. There’s a lot of distortion as the loco passes the camera…… at 0:50 for example. Is that the best speaker for this sound profile?
  3. Many thanks Paul. CV250 reads 221 so that is a MX645
  4. Does anyone know how to identify a Zimo Sound Decoder type? For example - reading CV 7 on an ESU chip will reveal whether it’s a V3.5 (CV7 = 59) or V4 (CV7 = 255) . The Zimo chip I have has CV7 reading 37 but cannot find anywhere if this refers to a particular model/version of decoder or not. TIA
  5. This is a very useful site https://www.scalemates.com with a powerful search function allowing you to find any kit in any scale in any period. HTH
  6. Yes, at long last!
  7. Ben, will the upward slope of the outer windscreens be corrected? This and the thick corner pillars are the most obvious errors that need correcting prior to production TIA
  8. Class 85 is IMHO Bachmann’s best yet!
  9. Ajax


    Fascinating and inspirational stuff Kevin Thanks for taking the time to post all the photos and write up. Totally agree with the horn grill comment - changing those to the tech version makes a huge difference to a loco. 37’s, 40’s as well has 50’s benefit form this mod. Even painting the 50’s marker lights white and running a fine black marker around the lip of lights to represent the black rubber makes a big difference. I like your decision to go for the earlier paint job that has yellow strip above the windows! Many thanks Ajax
  10. Ajax


    Hi Kevin Very impressed with what you’ve done with the 50, especially around the cab area. Redoing the cantrail combined with the reprofile of the nose has made a huge difference to the appearance to the loco and rectified the biggest issue with the Hornby model (IMHO) From the photos it looks as though you have done some filling and filing before putting the windscreen etches and cantrail on. Can you provide more detail and pics about this? Many thanks Ajax
  11. Really need some quality Chiltern numbers in 4mm so I can renumber the pair I have
  12. Check site http://www.cheltmodrail.org.ukfor details
  13. Was fortunate to have seen this layout at Cheltenham over the past weekend. Congratulations to Rob on a very nice layout; the track work is very nice as is the execution of the whole effect of the layout is so well done.
  14. http://www.cheltmodrail.org.uk/preview.php?ExKey2=34 Really looking forward to this one. Link to the exhibition webpage posted for reference.
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