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  1. Thanks. Yes I am trying to portray run down early 80s as I remember it as a young man.
  2. Thanks. I am based in the South East, however I make it into the Midlands every now and then and very occasionaly to Bristol
  3. Hi. I don't often have free time so I need to plan way in advance. BR blue was my era. I have made it to Barrow Hill a couple of times and had a look, nothing running at the time. But the smell of the place even, took me back. They had a Peak there and I couldn't stop smelling it, transported me back it time. I would love to see, hear and smell the locos that were about in the 70s 80s again. Any recommendations on which are the best places to go or what are the best diesel days. I am not really gened up on what is where with regards to all this. Thanks Steve
  4. As the late afternoon sun drops in the sky nothing much is happening in this backwater. Date taken 9.5.1982
  5. St Pancras showing the old signal box with the old midland maroon sign
  6. What I think is So very well done is the depth of field in such as small space, which is very hard to achieve, The river, then a step up to the main track, then a step up to the embankment and trees then a step up to the higher line then a step up to the backscene. For me it is one of the best thought out micro layouts I have seen, and that is just from the pictures.
  7. As an aside, for anyone one wanting to model at 47/0 that seemed to be running around with dominio headcodes long after most had been plated. 47285 is a good candidate Here she is in 1985
  8. Thank you very much. That helps, as I had a search and could not find any. 47559 was one of the first 47s I saw, so it will probably become that.
  9. Most, if not all, seem to have had plated headcodes by 1982 and 1983 Did any blue 47/4s carry domino headcodes into 1983 or even 1984. It is for a possible loco re numbering Thanks Steve
  10. Thank you. That helps. I have still to find a shot that shows all the backs of those buildings.
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