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    Railways both here and abroad. Natural GNR and LNER man, but with a passion for Irish Railways, especially the GNRI and the County Donegal Railway. I model in 15mm/1foot in the garden and now S scale.

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  1. Staying with the church, York Minster as you head out of York Station Paul
  2. Kevin, the same thing applies to Supermarket prepackaged Chicken. I recall a summer job in a certain local factory. I was in the stores and had to deliver the packaging and labels to the lines. Every Supermarket was there and a certain famous Chicken Takeaway! In the case of the later only the outer coating on the chicken was different and only one person per shift was authorised to check for quality, because they knew the ingredients of the mix. Paul
  3. Obviously, I’m with Graham, St Wulfram’s church tower and spire, in Grantham. I always take in the view whenever I’m checking Barrowby Road Bridge after another HGV has decided to try and move it! Paul p.s. I declare bias, as up till now, I’ve always lived here.
  4. Clive, There is nothing soft about keeping the Triang conversion. This is a historic model and inspired you to create your multi-coloured carriages. I’ve just rediscovered my Triang A3 I detailed up into final BR condition complete with smoke deflectors, 32 years ago. I still love it. Paul
  5. There’s an awful amount of drift on here. It’s all this talk of wind, (instruments), I blame Clive????? Best view right hand side, Kings Cross to Peterborough, Digswell Viaduct, Welwyn. There you go back on topic. Job done. Paul
  6. Hang on a minute. I see some naughty sneakiness here. Your Honour, here we have an example of someone openly discussing a certain Railway on your thread. The irony is if said Railway is mentioned on his thread, this results in an, “On the Spot Fine.” This could be construed as Double Standards on his part, by safely mention the said railway on a thread, beyond his own Jurisdiction. I commend your Judgement to the Court Paul
  7. I’m monitoring the Cracking situation as it unfolds. Looking closer there appears to be an 11 day time delay somewhere! Gilbert, what Poll do you have planned next? Paul
  8. Tony, I was commenting about the Full Size Railway, not a model. It’s Red Leader, he shouldn’t have been quoting Bell codes for Blocking Back inside and outside a Home Signal. I just had to throw another comment in that’s all. Paul
  9. It’s starting to expand out from beyond Call Attention, 10 different codes for trains, Train Entering Section and Train Out of Section. Currently, we have 64 codes to choose from and further back in time there were more. I was looking through back issues of MRJ and fell on a debate about the use of codes approaching a diverging junction. The LMS used a system of reversing the Train Class bell code for trains offered towards a junction Signalbox, to denote train to turn onto the Branch Line. I can just see and hear it now at BOG. All good clean fun you know. Paul
  10. It’s not a case of pay attention at the back. I just missed the significance of 1 beat on the bell!!!!!! I remember reading this post, but it just didn’t sink in. I claim Professional Distraction at the moment. I’m busy teaching New Colleagues. I can imagine 2-6-3 will be transmitted often, if Clive issues to much tea and biscuits! Paul
  11. Graham, The BOG will literally be the hub of the entire layout then! 7 sets of bells and instruments will take a fair bit of space as well. Do you have the space? Paul
  12. This is not a daft question, you are quite correct. Also the reply about the use of different shape bells is also correct, but as time passes equipment fails and it is no longer possible to obtain main variations. The S&T department would replace a bell, then complaints would begin about the bells sounding the same. The usual response is, we haven’t got anything else, so the Signalman, (Signaller) has to come up with their own solution. Paul
  13. My fellow railway modellers, It has been interesting reading the last two pages on methods of Train Describing. As someone who has been paid to Describe Trains for the last 22 years, (even as a MOM, you still end up working Signalboxes!), I will state right now, I’m partial to Block Bells. I can put my hand up and admit I enjoy visiting Gainsborough and on three occasions ended up operating. The joys of being recognised. I’ve operated Leeds Central, Retford and even ended up at Kings Cross! The last was entertaining, when you consider the number of different sets of Instru
  14. Hello, Would you be kind enough to advise which supplier you use for the Etchings and the 3D prints? many thanks Paul
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