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    Was Grantham. Now 3000 feet up in the Carpathian Mountains
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    Railways both here and abroad. Natural GNR and LNER man, but with a passion for Irish Railways, especially the GNRI and the County Donegal Railway. I model in 15mm/1foot in the garden and now S scale.

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  1. The 6 minute stop may have been due to Parcels and Small items sent by Passenger train being offloaded and others loaded? Paul
  2. Jazzer, Firsby is the back of beyond, but your forgetting connections for Thorpe Culvert, Wainfleet, Havenhouse and Skegness! Paul
  3. Ian, Excellent work with both editions of the Dispatch. I’ll send a Subscription request for future issues. I’m tempted to have a go myself. Paul
  4. I learn’t to drive Double Decker half cab buses when I was 11! Paul
  5. Red Leader, Nice to see these Dollies added. Have had the pleasure of inspecting the real bridge for 18 years, I can confirm there are a couple of the Signal Wire roller brackets in position at the base of the parapet. Paul
  6. Barry, I love the innocent look on your face! “Not me Guv?” Paul
  7. Never stand in the 6 foot way! Paul p.s. The V2 is impressive. Perhaps a side by side 3/4 front photo with original model by Bachman will help to show the improvements?
  8. Based on what I see of those travelling back and forth to Skeg, It is still the same. You just cannot tell if they are happy to go or to come back? Paul
  9. The formation from Gainsborough suits a service meant for Holidaymakers from Gainsborough and Lincoln. The alternative from Newark may be provided, if the service from Gainsborough doesn’t run, to mop up passengers from Grantham and Peterborough. More research required I suspect. Paul
  10. Just been having a look a Gainsborough Lea Road as it once was. A typical two track wayside station, but with addition of a riverside yard. Not your typical starting point for an express! The Q path may exist merely as a convenient starting point for a train to Kings Cross. The decision to run the train or not was probably based on prior ticket sales at Gainsborough and other locations along its route. The locomotive, stock and crew could be worked from either Retford or Doncaster, dependent on availability. It just causes Control and the Signalboxes issues finding a gap to get the train to Gainsborough. One question, was this train booked along the GN/GE via Sleaford and Spalding or the direct line to Grantham? Paul
  11. The scary bit with this incline is the Double Slip on a curve at the bottom! Paul
  12. Phil, Living where you do, you could always pop over Dunham Bridge and have a ride on this one, when the LVVS have a Running Day! Photo copyright of LVVS. Paul
  13. Clive, enjoy your rest from RMweb. see you soon Paul
  14. This reminds me of something both me and my father used to ensure was in the Tool Box. Some Rubber Hose and Jubilee Clips. Always good to have about when a throttle cable snapped on a vintage bus or if a pipe sprung a leak! Paul
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