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    Railways both here and abroad. Natural GNR and LNER man, but with a passion for Irish Railways, especially the GNRI and the County Donegal Railway. I model in 15mm/1foot in the garden and now S scale.

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  1. Ironically Derek, myself and my colleagues are all in a similar age group! It must be a Midlife job. Paul
  2. The joys of model railways. There’s always something tedious to do. Paul
  3. Gilbert, A very nice vehicle and a far more interesting reason to be meeting up on a railway station than what some members of the travelling public get up to??????? If you partake in these clandestine meetings again at Newark, keep an eye out for a relative youngest wearing his MOM’s suit. Paul
  4. Barry, Good job the outdoor season is over. I’ve seen the pictures of the recent snowfall in Leeds. Look forward to seeing your ballast work. Paul
  5. I was there last night and checked it was working. I’m heading in that direction again this evening on my rounds. I hope the Gang of Four meeting up on the station this morning, left it in good order!!!!!!! Paul
  6. Oundle, please. Combination of the level crossing, river bridge and staggered platforms. Station building still intact, though the yard is now a housing estate. Paul
  7. The new connection for Lincoln went in around 1966. This allowed the closure of the direct Grantham to Lincoln via Barkston and Honington to close. The current arrangement of lines north of Newark Northgate date from the mid 70’s. You are quite correct, there are more services to Lincoln than there ever was over the Joint line. Paul
  8. I could vote for all of them. This is my stamping ground for my work Sins!!!! I’ll pick Newark Northgate. The Downside buildings are the originals, the clock does work. Currently, it is more reliable than the a digital ones. Yes it is a junction with through trains restored to Lincoln, but originally it was the junction for the GNR/LNWR line through the Vale of Belvoir to Market Harborough. The first incident I had to deal with was at Newark, 17 years ago. I spent 12 hours acting as Pilotman for Single Line Working to Claypole. Paul
  9. Abbott’s Ripton. Site of the infamous crash which led to Absolute Block Signalling. Paul
  10. I have happy memories of Ponders End. Not the railway station, but the LT Bus Depot. Spent a very entertaining day sign writing all the lettering on a friends freshly restored RT double decker prior to attending the Barking rally in the 1990’s. If you are wondering what this has to do with Peterborough North, I was involved with the NVR and sign writing was one of my self taught activities. 92 Squadron, 34081 was my biggest job in 1998. Paul
  11. Gilbert, A similar scene is portrayed in the cab of a J94 in the St. Trinians Great Train Robbery of course. One lump of coal each please, with Frankie Howard, Reg Varney plus main other well known characters. Social distancing, what social distancing. Paul
  12. Tony, Here is a photo of D24 signal at Grantham. This is its current condition with Tri-colour LED head with Ground Position light, (with no red aspect), underneath. I tried to locate an image in my files of the signal with its original three aspect head, but no joy. However, as you can see the Theatre indicator sits atop of the post with the signal heads on separate brackets. The signal post dates back to the mid 60’s when the station was rationalised. Finally, I cannot find a function to orientate the picture correctly, which frustrates. Hopefully, this help you out
  13. Sometimes machinery has to be threatened with foul language and physical injury to suddenly make it work. It can work quite well on occasions!!!! Love the images at Goathland by the way. Paul
  14. That’s one happy looking Cricket Umpire!!!!! Were you sneaking glances out of the loft window at a game or a neighbour sun bathing? Hat, coat, gone. Paul
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