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  1. Just about fully recovered from the Hornby Great Electric Train Show. What a show it was! The layout ran as well as it has ever done, only one sprung point blade over the 2 days. Not only that but we won the Hornby magazine award for " Layout of the year" as voted for by readers. Then we also won the cup for best scenic feature, awarded and presented by Greenscene for the gardens and allotments on the layout. We were all absolutely thrilled and a big thanks to all the people who voted for us. Next up for Bournemouth West is the BRM exhibition at Doncaster in February. Let's hope it doesn't snow!
  2. Hi Ian when you say "West of England" are meaning Exeter? Somewhere I have the working carriage diagrams for the Bournemouth line, which we used for our Bournemouth West layout. Any good?
  3. Brian. Sad news about Tony Richardson. I do hope his photos are preserved for posterity. Pete N92. Thanks for the comments about the steam although we had an occasional draft at MK which made it drift a bit. Paul was an electronics engineer before retiring and this project is his all consuming passion. Wether it will reach a marketable form any time soon I cannot say, we are just fortunate to be a test bed for his invention.
  4. 35 years plus of cleaning model railway tracks so for what its worth here are my thoughts. Peco (and other) track rubbers - Makes it look clean but it isn't (run your finger on it). Pits the rails with scratches and leaves more detritus than was there before. Avoid at all costs. DCC Concepts track rubber - An excellent product uses aluminium oxide, leaves little residue and doesn't scratch the rails. A quick run over with this before an exhibition is usually all that's needed. Dapol track cleaning machine - IMHO totally useless. Not fit for purpose. CMX - Good quality machine ,does the job but easier to use on less complex track, not great for sidings etc. I use one on my own layout with IPA. Not tried with any other thinners yet. Graphite - currently trialing this with good results. to be honest anything that cuts down the chore of track cleaning can only be good BUT the track MUST be very clean before putting it on. The trial area has not been cleaned, other than vacuumed, for 4 months and is running perfectly.
  5. Well only 2weeks to go to the Hornby Great Electric Train Show at Milton Keynes. We've been busy testing since August so I'm hoping it will all go well. On the stock side some of the new Hornby Bullieds will be making an appearance and we will have some more of Paul's steam fitted locos on show, including a 9F on the Pines and a Lord Nelson on a Waterloo service, complete with true 8 beats per revolution synchronised sound and smoke. Have also added even more trees which takes the total on the layout to well over 100 I think.
  6. Hi all After a Set of 6. 3x insulated, 3x non insulated. They seem to be as rare as hens teeth! If anyone has a set available please PM me with an asking price.
  7. Thanks very much Nigel, helpful as always. Also Richard. I like the idea of using the next18 socket.
  8. Thanks all that's interesting. I've used Zimo SC68s together with their SACC16 boards on many models - but with Zimo decoders . Nigel, if I interpret correctly it would be fine to do the same with an ESU micro, without the need for resistors/diodes?
  9. Hello, I have a question. I wish to fit a new loksound 5 micro decoder, 8 pin, to a Hornby J50. Pickup is not that reliable and I'd prefer to fit a "stay alive" to it as well. However I'm not going to pay £30 + for an ESU power pack. I've had a lot of success with the Zimo stay alives . Question is can I fit one to an ESU Loksound micro with impunity?
  10. Claire Many thanks for your comments and I'm glad you enjoyed the article. I'm sure we will meet up somewhere on the exhibition circuit. Next year 2020, Bournemouth West is on tour "up North" at Doncaster in February and Wigan in October. The following year,2021, we go to Stafford in February and Aylesbury Railex in May.
  11. Excellent news Brian. Let's hope this re-introduction brings his memories to an even wider audience.
  12. Cambrian can make up into nice models Jamie. Here's one I made earlier! A sorry about the photo quality. Transfers are from Cambridge Custom Transfers by the way.
  13. Thanks guys, most useful, may try a few mock ups. Clearly though the prototype does exist for signals at tunnel exits.
  14. Actually I really like modelling signals. But yes I did think the signals may well be placed before the tunnel. I'm thinking about a gantry rising from the opposite side of the tracks (better sighting) but in terms of arms what would it look like and could I fit it all in? Under slung might help LN this. any other ideas - drawings???
  15. Hello all I'm looking for some help regarding the type of signal that would have been sited at the location marked X on the attached please. please note the following. locaation/time period- BR,late 50s/60s - West Yorkshire. there is a somewhat restricted view as the exit from the tunnel is on a curve access can be gained, over the crossover to the down avoiding line and a group of 4 sidings straight to access the platform and up avoiding lines the tunnel is fairly short but I know its unprototypical to have a signal so close to the exit (bear with me!) So from the drivers point of view he needs to know if he is cleared for up main, up avoiding line, down avoiding line or sidings.
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