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  1. I feel like I’ve wandered into a branch of Clinton’s Cards in 1976.
  2. I think it usually ran into Newcastle Central itself, or at least to the avoiding/goods lines immediately to the south of the station. There are certainly lots of pictures around of class 50s on the Doncaster Works test train taken there.
  3. You must be referring to Schlenkerla on Dominikanerstraße. Unless it’s raining, standing out in the street with a beer is much nicer.
  4. I was there in October last year. I can thoroughly recommend the local smoked beer (Rauchbier) and, if you’re not vegetarian, Schaüferle (pork shoulder).
  5. For no other reason than idle curiosity (and because I don’t really know much about the modern railway in the UK), why does this unit have celebrity status?
  6. Was it this one at Aller Junction? Can’t have happened very often… By Stapleton Road on Flickr
  7. That looks like him again behind the Peak going through Taunton in the following picture 😆
  8. Aiming for the brain apparently but it was just too small a target.
  9. More times than England will score, that’s for sure….
  10. derbysulzers.com has this for 1974: “Laira based Class 25s continued to expand their working in the Exeter area” and more specifically “April 15th found 25074 & 25075 making a trip to the seaside, being in charge of a Leamington Spa - Paignton excursion.”
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