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  1. I know you did,t really want to hear from existing volunteers but I have been involved with both sides of the hobby and it does have its advantages. I first started out with modelling by joining my local club in Nottingham and went on to help build Deepcar and Carstairs, this was on tuesday nights.On saturdays and wednesday nights I used to go to Swanwick and helped with the restoration of Deltic 15. While there I was asked to train to be a second man on our loco, which then led to riding on several different classes as well. The point is that I was able to check out all these locos at close quarters for free so that when I came to start modelling in O gauge I was able to measure them in great detail. I know I am very lucky to have an understanding wife , but I think she is glad to have saturdays to herself whist I am at Barrow Hill still working on those pesky Deltics. These two sides of the hobby do have the advantage of travelling all over the country exhibiting at exhibitions with layouts and also supporting locos at preserved railways. So my advise is get involved if you can, both sides of the hobby can be great fun.
  2. I am based in Arnold and a long term member of the Nottingham MRS.
  3. My layout Norman Colliery was attending its first show in the running shed and I thought the dark and smoky atmosphere really added to the run down feeling of an end of life colliery that I am trying to create. I would like to thank the lads who organised the show for their hospitality and letting me loose on the public with my efforts.
  4. Well , that's got to be a first for us, no complaints so far for the parking arrangements. The club decided that we should sort the parking ourselves to save money, and with help from other clubs in the area who also helped with stewarding we seem to have pulled it of. A big thanks to everybody who helped us this year, Cheers Geoff.
  5. Hi, I work at Barrow Hill most weekends in the DPS shed, we have both versions of those headboards hanging in our museum area. Both are fairly high on the wall but I could easily get access to them if required, If you can make it to Barrow Hill one Saturday I am sure one of the lads or myself would oblige. If that is not possible let me know and I will endeavour to get them down myself and photograph them for you. Regards Geoff.
  6. Hi, Nth . I agree with Dava, well done for saving the range, are you going to aquire the 06 as well as I think that is a very nice model as well. I would certainly be interested in another 04 , the one I built was my first proper attempt in the senior scale & would like to build another with opening doors like my other three. Cheers Geoff.
  7. Hi, Nth. Yes its a Right Price kit, one of the spacers in the chassis is etched Right Price 1999. Our club bought a job lot from somewhere and amongst it was the 04 and an 03 which was bought by a certain Phil Sutton. I have no idea if he ever built it. Cheers Geoff.
  8. You have a good memory sir. As far as can be remembered the club sold the layout privately in the 80's, but its successor based on roughly the same theme lies stored in the bowels of our clubrooms awaiting someone to come forward and finish it. Trackwork is finished along with most of the wiring, and a start has been made on buildings & scenery. I think there are some photos of Rhossili somewhere at the club I will investigate and let you know.
  9. Hi, Itsme again. Thanks for that CME. Steve, the Right Price 03 & 04 where supplied with sprung buffers, the only bit that shows is the nut when the buffers are depressed, if you spray them black you hardly notice them at all. As regards the reference material, I have plenty of pics already of the airbraked 03 at Barrow Hill and as it is yard shunter at the moment pushing the two foreign A4,s about I can get as many shots of it as you like, you just say what you require and will endeavour to get them for you.
  10. Hi, Steve Itsme again. This is the latest model, the Hunslet BR05. The kit was at least 24 years old from Oakville models, I picked it up at one of the o Gauge Guild exhibitions a couple of years ago, the etches where marked up as A1 Models. The research for this was interesting as it started at Barrow Hill roundhouse where one of the later versions was stabled at the time. That was when I found out that there were two types, one slightly larger than the other. The kit makes up the early version with smaller wheels and windows and shorter body. Having found that out it was a trip to the Isle of Wight steam railway to find the only remaining survivor. The etches were nice and chunky and well designed, you had a choice of radiator, either a casting or the way I chose which was to build it out of brass. The only part missing was the Hunslet name for the front, but after a conversation with Brian at Extreme Etchings I took a pic. of the loco at Barrow Hill along with measurements and Brian made me half a dozen plates, so if anyone needs a Hunslet plate I have 5 left.
  11. Hi, Itsme again. In reply to Nth I have a couple more locos to share. The first one is probably the most expensive one I have made, it is the so called beginners kit BR 02 from Tower. It does produce a nice chunky loco when finished but it does take a lot of work to make anything like the prototype. I started by going to Rowsley and taking as many pictures as possible of all the detail parts. The front grill is part of the main mould and is not a true representation, so I made a new one from brass wire, I'm not sure I have the right number of elements I think there should be 2 more than I could squeeze together. I wanted to put an opening door on the back which meant hacking though 2mm of whitemetal without destroying the casting, a new door was made from brass and fitted with a spring loaded handle. All the hand rails at the back were replaced with brass rod. The control desk moulding was put to one side and a new one made from various brass offcuts and bits of wire, the floor is made from balsa wood. The instruments are tranfers from an old aircraft kit. I will post details of the other loco later as I not yet taken pics of it in its constituent parts.
  12. Itsme again, Why wait for the 03 & 04 when you could build a loco like this.
  13. Hi, All Itsme again, in answer to N15 class, yes the chassis is attached by 2 10 BA screws. Steve, I think the 03 cabs are all fairly standard but extra equipment will have been added when they were airbraked. I am currently adding airbrake detailing to a Brassworks 03 so will be looking at the loco at Barrow Hill where I volunteer at weekends. The 04 was modelled from a black & white photo of Bennerly washery near Ilkeston, the only doubt I had about it was whether I had got the buffer beam the right colour.
  14. Hi Steve This is the RPRC 04 as promised .As before I said it was a basic model to start with but with additions you can see it makes a nice model. The prototype it is modelled on is the loco at the Midland railway centre, a former Pye hill colliery shunter now used as the yard shunter for the Princess royal trusts shed . Some years ago I worked on the loco cleaning the frames and refurbishing the cabs. The motor in the model is a Mashima 1833 attached to a Markits gearbox, the wheels are from Slaters. In my last post I said the 05 I built was from RPRC,my mistake that was from Oakville models, the 06 was the other one from them.
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