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  1. You probably know this already, but many years ago, we had someone giving us a slide show/lecture at our local Circle. (I can't remember who it was, but somebody'famous' in railway circles & operation/maintenance). He quoted that Southwold locos got repaired at Stratford Works, and emerged painted with GER blue.



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  2. Funny/odd one in a couple of (large) local Tescos.

    Men's urinals (sorry):

    1st one - 2x stalls. RH one covered by plastic "bag" labelled up as closed due to Covid social distancing. They were not overly close, just normal spacing you find anywhere.

    2nd one - identical build -  same spacing, open as normal.


    In both cases, the nearby sinks, about the same spacing, normally open.

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  3. Recent;y received my "Spiv", superb body, thanks. Now I have to find the bits to complete it - if you make any more parts available I am interested.


    A couple of points on the interior CAD shown above?

    1 - the seats were all reversible as is normal tramway practice. However it was normal for them to all face the front when in public service. Also, wasn't there a B.T plaque fitted in the centre window of the internal cab doors?

    2 - Cab details - is that a representation of the later converted cars, using old railcoach controllers? Or is the big cabinet on the left of the driver also there in an original Vambac car? I'm at work at the moment so don't have any pictures to check with.


    Such a beautiful tramcar.



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