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  1. Alternative magnets can be made from the flexible (rubber?) material used for advertising fridge magnets - can be cut to size with scissors Jim P
  2. I found the Weicon strippers limited in that the length stop did not set short enough. They also appear cheaply made (China?) There are plenty of equivalents, much cheaper On the other hand, although expensive, the DCC concepts fine wire strippers are excellent. For most wires I use the strippers I got, as an apprentice, in 1982. Jim P
  3. Dave, these sheets look great. Would you be willing to make your Sketchbook file available? What did you use for the ropes - they look about right for 4mm scale Jim P
  4. I am pleased that you appreciate Harry’s book. Harry, having written books on the other two Edinburgh sheds, the late Jim Mac, then Chairman of the Caledonian Railway Association, persuaded him to write the third Edinburgh shed book. Jim P
  5. I can see no reason not to use an ultrasonic cleaner, the power in domestic ones is sufficient to free off debris etc but totally insufficient to “rattle” soldered joints apart. Once cleaned why not fill the porous area and rub down. Jim P
  6. Lindsay Galloway produced a Silhouette file for a CR brake. Don't know which one though. The wee John Boyle one is very nice - I have one built and may have a spare etch somewhere. Jim P
  7. You are probably aware of my CR interests, being the last Chairman of the CRA. The pic of “Mineral traffic heading West” shows the, IM(not so)HO ugly CR brake van. For a railway company that did many things so well, these brake vans looked awful. Most enjoyable blog, keep up the good work. Jim P
  8. Have a look at nlsmaps Great site, particularly, old OS maps. Jim P
  9. The lining just gives an attractive loco a wee lift - very nice. Jim P
  10. I would agree about Fusion 360 but the free version has some significant restrictions and the cost is beyond the value of the programme for modellers. I have therefore started learning DesignSpark, available free on the RS Components website. Their own tutorials are a bit limited and not up to date, but those from Fabrication Planet, on youtube seem very good. Jim P
  11. Bill Bedford produced a handrail bending jig, currently available from Eileen’s Emporium Excellent Jim P
  12. I understand that there have been significant delays as a result of Covid. Why do you not get in touch with the Protocab guys for clarification, rather than ask on RMweb? Jim P
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