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  1. I understand that there have been significant delays as a result of Covid. Why do you not get in touch with the Protocab guys for clarification, rather than ask on RMweb? Jim P
  2. Noch also make a couple of pink pigs “having it off” which amused me Jim
  3. There is a company, Seconds and Co which sells slightly damaged Kingspan approximately half Price.
  4. Have a look at www.burntisland.net The layout has a ferry for coal wagons - most impressive! Jim P
  5. Re jars, avoid the ones with a laminated paper seal - the seal can stick to stored paint and tear. I like Tamiya jars which seal but do not have paper seals - satisfied user. Jim P
  6. You will not get much blasting done using aerosol cans with the Badger. It will work perfectly satisfactorily with a small airbrush compressor. I now use a, presumably, Chinese made blaster, similar to the one sold by Axminster as “Spraycraft”. It is also cheaper than the Badger. Jim P
  7. Re tablet catcher, try contacting Charlie who has taken over Lochgorm: [email protected] He has had problems getting up and running but can supply items, albeit with about a month’s waiting time. Jim P
  8. I have only just come across this thread. The canal office and arches at Bowling basin coughs my eye - more than a little familiar! Great modelling, great atmosphere Jim P
  9. I understand the Ultrascale are taking orders for steel tyres, made to specification. Alternatively, I am sure there is a thread here somewhere with someone making reason printed wheel centres which might be of use Jim P
  10. I have only just come across your layout. A most interesting and unusual subject. Your models are superb and, I am sure a great source of satisfaction. Glad to hear you survived 35 years of the NHS - my own experiences varied between NHS, University, NHS, retirement on health grounds, NHS, University and lastly NHS - not so much a career, more a series of errors and/or omissions! Keep up the good work and I hope you fine a permanent home Best Jim P
  11. I know that the 1923 spec. required brakes to be able to be applied from both sides but did the spec. require brakes on all four wheels or just two on one side of the wagon? Thanks Jim P
  12. Dave Elvy of Alba Models took on John Boyle’s Decent Models range. He may be willing to get some coach etches done if you contact him: albarailwaymodels.co.uk Jim P
  13. Great stuff Dave The only thing missing is the rain! Jim P
  14. I wonder if the lack of detail is for strategic reasons - a vulnerable asset in time of war. In the same vein, the Nobel explosives site at Ardeer is just an empty space on certain OS maps, even the railway shown on the map stops at the site boundary!
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