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  1. In the 25” Ordnance Survey maps on nlsmaps there is a much more detailed image Jim P
  2. Hi Javier A most interesting thread. What software are you using? Thanks Jim
  3. Scalefour News No’s 178, 179 & 180 Jim P
  4. nls maps has a 25” to the mile map of the station, published 1923, which may be of interest Jim P
  5. I agree, thank you for posting this. One disappointment though, many videos/films of Scottish railways have commentaries by folk from England who cannot pronounce the place names properly! Jim P
  6. There is something about a train of vans which I find really appealing. Unfortunately, in CR days vans were relatively uncommon, goods later conveyed in vans were usually carried in sheeted open wagons- so no van trains for pre-group CR Your work is, as always, inspirational - thank you Jim P
  7. 3’-8” 12 spoke driving wheels Wooden wagon “tender” would have standard wagon wheels Allan Gibson have 4’-71/2 but not 12 spoke Jim P
  8. It may be of interest that Bo’ness are hosting a Caledonian Railway weekend, 2-4 November with 419 and 828, the latter on a visit from Aviemore, along with the two Caley coaches and much more.Jim P
  9. There is a third (shed) book by Harry Knox, “Dalry Road”, Edinburgh’s third locomotive shed. The same high quality Joint publication by Caledonian Railway Association and Black Dwarf Lightmoor, available from The Association Jim P
  10. Good to see UM on RMWeb now and, as well as seeing it at Dechmont, I look forward to hearing about progress. A wee bit easier to load and transport the Burntisland! Jim P
  11. David Sadly, the so-called “Transport Museum” in Glasgow is a VERY poor successor to that in the Kelvin Hall. It appears to have been arranged for people to see most stuff in the shortest time, and in a, presumably “trendy” fashion. In the previous venue, the museum was arranged in “themes” whereas now it just seems to be a hotch-potch of exhibits - you will see what I mean if you go there. In addition, ther is very little space around the exhibits, Fortunately, there is no charge for entry. One upside is that there is an interesting wee “boat” behind the, overpriced monstrosity of a building, which houses the museum. I will be interested in your views Jim P
  12. If Andrew Swan's book is purchased from Caledonian Railway Association or Glasgow and South Western Railway Association, a CD with structure drawings, signalling diagrams etc. is available for an additional £5, or £8 + £2 postage if bought without the book - not available from other sellers. Jasp
  13. Put smallish bits of coal in a can and bash with a bit of metal bar. Works for me. Jim
  14. Exceptionally lifelike. Jim P
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