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    New hst

    At the moment the only people who are properly catered for are those with TMD layouts. I have to admit I had not thought about that problem. Although the last time I came back to London from Edinburgh the TMD near Edinburgh had a number of power cars in pairs and four or five coaches so a pack with three coaches and two power cars would seem to fit the bill quite nicely.
  2. Chris116

    New hst

    In my view the big problem with the HST is that Hornby treat the power cars and coaches as separate items rather than treating them as a train including both. I know people who have been left with coaches with the power cars sold out or with power cars and then being unable to obtain the required coaches. Would a manufacturer sell the driving cars of a DMU or EMU separately? No, so why sell the HST in this manner. It should be two power cars with either one or two motors plus two or three coaches to at least make a short layout friendly train with extra coaches being available at the same time, not six to twelve months later.
  3. I have in the last week bought advance tickets to York, Beverley, Carlisle via Settle from King's Cross and to Okehampton from Clapham Junction. All obtained on the LNER app with no charges unlike Trainline who always charge you. I have never understood why anyone would use Trainline as it is always cheaper from any of the TOC websites.
  4. I have used the ModelTech on my Harbledown RR layout and I am very pleased with the results.
  5. My bank account is not going to be happy but I am! I have won an AHM Chicago and North Western SW600 and an AHM Santa Fe GP35. This means I now have ten four axle diesels to run a layout that will be run with a maximum of three locos needed in an operating session!
  6. Looking at various websites I think I am right in saying that UP never had a GP18 short high hood version. That has led me to look at possible numbers that have not been used on other UP diesels and from a first check it seems that my two favoured numbers, 381 and 443, are both available. Thanks again to those who have given some very useful replies.
  7. Many thanks for all the replies. From reading about AHM it is certain in my mind that they didn't manufacture anything. They bought in and reboxed other manufacturers models. Now my only problem is to find a number that UP did not use in the 1960 to 1990 timescale. Due to my love of stock car racing I shall check out 68, 212, 235, 379, 381 and 443.
  8. Just been having another look at information and it appears from one source that it may be a GP18. Can anyone shed more light on this?
  9. Thank you Keith. It was sold as AHM? but having gone through all the lists I can find I can't find one that looks like it. If no one else can come up with any better explanation then it will become 221. On the subject of a four axle locomotive being right for my layout I took a decision some time ago that no six axle machines would work on the layout.
  10. Well the advert situation seems to have settled down and that means I can happily live with them while reading RMweb. While I have been away I obtained a new diesel locomotive. It is in Union Pacific livery but does not have a number and I do not know exactly what class of locomotive it is. If anyone can help me with a suitable number(s) and what class it is part of then I would be very grateful.
  11. Pleased to report that my copy arrived this morning and I have spent most of the rest of today having a very good read. Thanks to the team as always.
  12. Many thanks for that info. I would not start to get worried until it was a week late and then I would contact the subs department rather than here but just wondered if it was a general problem or just my post playing up.
  13. Is there any delay in sending the subscription copies out? For the first time ever my copy has not arrived before the shops have their copies. Hopefully it will arrive on Monday as it looks like another great issue.
  14. Have a five minute advert break in operation every hour!
  15. I regret that for the time being I will not be adding to this thread due to the massive increase in the number of adverts that block the screen on both my phone and my laptop. I fully understand that adverts are needed to pay for the costs of this wonderful site but when I spend more time trying to get around the adverts than reading the site it is time to call game over. I may at some point in the future move to RM Gold and cancel the printed version of BRM but at present I do not like the idea of not having the printed magazine. Thank you for all the support I have had from many different people and thank you to Andy, Phil and the rest of the team for all they do for all of us. Chris
  16. Spent last evening trying to get my two Steam tank locos couplings to work in both directions. Both only had a coupling on the rear end. I have fitted a coupling on the front of both locos but I am not happy with how they look or work. Going to either have to do some more work on the front couplings or make the layout diesel only. One way makes for more work and the other means that loco and stock wise I am ready to go once the wiring is done.
  17. Those Maroon coaches say EWS on the sides. EDIT From comments below it is clear that my eyes are even worse than Specsavers say!
  18. Thank you for your helpful comments. I am pleased to say that I found the D plugs you mention at Eileen's Emporium who in spite of postal service problems were very helpful. I regret I have not done a lot of work on the layout since my last post. I need to give myself a swift kick in the pants to get something done.
  19. I was guard on a Mid Hants Real Ale Train and we were stopped by the fire brigade at Medstead and Four Marks due to someone in one of the houses near the line reporting that the loco was on fire! We later found out that the people had only moved into the house that week and were very surprised when they were told that most of our trains were steam hauled and the loco crew would be rather upset if there wasn't a fire in the loco.
  20. Thank you. I can now picture exactly where both you and the train are. I was forgetting how much longer the mainline platform is compared to the Spa Valley platform which is still the original length.
  21. Having been to the Spa Valley Railway numerous times I do not think this photo is on that railway. What do others think?
  22. A very happy birthday @DaveF and many thanks for your and your father's photos which make this thread one of the first places I check whenever I am in RMweb.
  23. My subscription copy arrived on 13th July I said in my original thread of 14th July, now locked, and I now quote my comments "a quick skip through shows that there is lots of informative reading to be had. The article on Pete Waterman's Making Tracks layout that is on display in Chester Cathedral until 3rd September looks very interesting. However, on looking at the Cathedral website I noticed that the event is not free as it says in the article. Tickets cost £2.50 which is a lot less than I hope most of us would give as a donation. Now all I have to do is plan a day trip so I can attend a service and spend time viewing both the Cathedral and the layout. My birthday at the end of this month is looking good for such a day trip." @AY Mod has confirmed that the cathedral changed their minds on the charges after BRM went to the printers.
  24. All of which just shows how out of date I am! Thank you for the replies that have brought me back up to date.
  25. I understood that they use a DMU during the week and an EMU at weekends on the Lymington branch so they might be able to replace the DMU but keep the current EMU for weekends. The DMU would then be the spare for the 484 during the week. Obviously you could not have two 484's due to the costs involved.
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