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  1. Thanks, I wish I could take credit but it is the product of South Eastern Finecast. The same sheet will be used to clad the Goods Shed and face the cattle dock
  2. Wills Vari-Girders will probably give you a decent amount of flexibility. The bridge below I did from those with plastruct profiles under the road deck to add more detail, but you could omit that to keep cost down. The abutments are a plasticard shell, covered with slaters embossed brick sheet. Not linked to any company, just personal preference.
  3. Before working on the layout I wanted to get some more experience of structure building and painting/ weathering techniques. To that extent, I've built a small diorama. There will be more work on this in future, mainly a country scene on the other side to practice embankment & static grass. But for now, on with the Goods Shed:
  4. My first attempt at building a diorama. Scratchbuilt terraced house from Plasticard with 3D printed windows. The bridge uses Wills panels with plastruct t-beams and strip used to create the lattice.
  5. They posted on a Facebook a couple of weeks ago stating April/May. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3983837365012433&id=178273575568850
  6. Wheeltappers seemed to have one "in progress" no idea when it will be available though. No connection, just a curious potential customer. Dom
  7. A very nice layout indeed, thanks for the video. The bunker seam is really not that noticeable from normal viewing distance
  8. Very much looking forward to this model, which I plan to sound fit. I was going to use a Wheeltappers 64xx sound file although I notice that they have a dedicated 16xx sound file in progress. Has anyone seen any details about when to expect this?
  9. They were available for approximately a day at that price, they sold out very fast. If memory serves correctly it was just after the decision to no longer stock Hornby products when they had a clear out
  10. Is it just me, or does it look like Dapol have fixed the slide bar issues from the Mogul? Might have to reconsider my pre-order on the latest batch of Hornby models.
  11. All of the sheds on the West Somerset were of the same design. I'm currently using Washford as a prototype, which has an access door at track level. On the road side there is a pair of full height sliding on the inside behind an arch, which I assume is as it is at Dunster, a couple of stations down the line. Both sheds have offices accessed from inside the shed only as well, but I haven't found any reference pictures to show where the door is. Hope this helps your thinking.
  12. DRoe96

    2021 hopes

    In fitting with some other thoughts for retooling of Airfix models. I'd like to see new tooling of the 'B' sets, the Hornby suburbans look great but are not correct for the branchline sets. The Comet kit has the wrong roof profile as well so it's a good gap in the market. It fits in with Hornby's current performance of retooling sets for each of the Big Four. Given that these have primarily been mainline sets so far it seems like a missed opportunity to target those of us with smaller layouts which can't take 4+ carriage trains.
  13. The sound fitted version has a bass speaker fitted in the tender as well according to the manual.
  14. When I watched the Sam's Trains review he showed the manual which listed the speakers as DCC Supplies 112965 & 100790 both of which I've found several hundred in stock? Are you saying that in fact these aren't the correct speakers? Apologies for the slight diversion Neal.
  15. Hope all are safe and well. It's been a busy few months since coming off Furlough. I've been working on a small diorama to practice my scenic skills before trying things on Coombe Town. I'm making good progress on that so starting to plan my next steps on the layout, focusing on getting the smaller scenic board completed, including detailing the yard. I've mocked up a shed based on Washford on the WSR. The issue I have is that it looks a tad large, what do others think? On the other hand, it does frame a train appearing from under the bridge quite
  16. Long time lurked here, it's really interesting watching you build such a large layout, I'm a long way off having the space to match. I've recently installed a MX600R in Bachmann Small Prairie. Since then I've had smooth running all over my small layout, including a couple of spots where locos with other brands fall down. The feature that really sells it for the me though is the braking function. Obviously it's down to user preference but for locos without a flywheel it really does to give a more realistic feel to operation. No connection but a satisfied customer. T
  17. I've had an attempt at getting a feel for the layout with some proper photography. Due to the yellowness of the room lighting there's been some editing, although I hope this will reduce when I install the layout lighting. 5621 awaiting the arrival of the autotrain from the junction. Autotrain having arrived, 5621 departs the loop at Coombe Town with a short local goods. 82020 arrives at Coombe Town with the lunchtime service.
  18. Goods Lookup now complete and plonked on the layout for a photo op. The backscene joint is a little obvious but the worst of it will be covered from this angle by the signal box and possibly the terrain, the latter is tbd.
  19. More process again. The materials for the backscene have finally arrived and have been fitted to the layout, what a difference it makes. The track was also given a liberal coating of railmatch track dirt at the same time. Fully assembled with the backscene added: One final image showing the view from the end of the line with an autotrain arriving at Coombe Town.
  20. Further progress the last couple of nights has led to a roof structure, gutters and drainpipes. As my first proper attempt at scratchbuilding from a prototype, I'm pretty pleased with how it's turning out. Hopefully my painting will do it justice.
  21. Some more progress on the electrics with the layout with 3/4 points operational and the electromagnet now allowing hands-free shunting. I've started the goods lockup with the structure now complete in the pictures below. Next up is some paint trails on some scrap stonework before painting the lockup itself
  22. A long on radio silence again, the layout moved half the length of the country and then most of the way back again! I've now completed the woodwork for the light rig and the backscene is just awaiting some flexible plywood due to the curve of the corners. I've also produced card mockups of the station buildings. The signal box is the original at Crowcombe Heathfield station as appearing in a Hard Day's Night. The locking room is set into the platform so it is less dominating than those found elsewhere on the line. The station building and
  23. Dapol have now confirmed this on their Facebook page and in their catalogue online. http://www.Dapol.co.uk/Catalogue/85/index.html
  24. Hi Muddy Water, The platform is 700mm in length including the ramps, realistically this will never all be used with the current longest being planned as a Fruit 'D' and composite brake to give some variation to the autocoach. I've had some more progress over the weekend with the platform now primed and fixed in place on the layout. So here is 82020 entering Coombe Town And then standing at the platform. Apologies for the poor quality images, maybe it's time to bring the proper camera back out!
  25. Work has begun on the platform for Coombe Town. With the station based on a combination of Crowcombe and Stogumber stations on the West Somerset. These use a combination of roughly dressed stone on the platform face and stone blocks for the buildings themselves. So far... The first stage, screwing 2 softwood batons to form the base of the platform. Then attaching the 6mm ply top giving a bit more definition to the shape. And finally, starting to add detail. The edging stones and the top stones on the platform face have each joint lightly filed into the
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