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  1. Jeez! People can get ridiculous here.....Full of double standards.

    1. carefreecfc


      No they don't, Yes they do .

    2. Metr0Land


      Pantomime bookings opened early have they?

  2. is currently designing a 1:450 scale Class 90 electric locomotive. Very much tempted to use the basic CAD model for a 1:120 and 1:87 scale one as well!

  3. Advances in DCC with TTS, Superbly detailed models back on track, excellent customer service, outstanding communication and virtually a 2016 announcement every 2 months!!!! Gotta love the new Hornby!!

    1. mcrook62


      Yeah doing good but the class 47 TTS is crap lighter than a feather would don't stay on straight bit of track

    2. mcrook62


      sent it straight back still waiting for refund

    3. JBM


      I'd be happy and proud to find a simple solution like just adding more weight!!! -_- Jeez....where has modelling gone!?

  4. I feel so sad that I couldn't make it to "Alexandra Palace" today in London to go see the exhibition. I was really looking forward to visiting the Hornby Hobbies stand..... I really wanted to attend their "Development Talk" and see more of their pre-production samples. The GWR King, SR S15, Class 71, Adams Radial and LNER J70 should be on display. I'm guessing painted sample of the S15, First EP of the King and advanced rapid-prototyes of the Class 71. I'm sure the...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JBM


      What a pity....I stay all the way in The UAE at the moment.


    3. TomE


      They only had the same 3D printed prototypes on display of all of the above as seen in the photos here on RMweb i'm afraid.

    4. JBM


      I am hoping someone has recorded the talk..... The GWR King looks like a 1st EP from the tooling. What about the S15?


  5. Pretty cheesed off! I so badly wanted a Hornby Class 31. Saw one online for a great price. The previous owner ruined that lovely model. For a moment I thought I could finally have a Hornby Class 31.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AndyB


      50% off? Is that off the price or off the model due to corrosion?

    3. black and decker boy

      black and decker boy

      It's the ex-Lima model so its all plastic

    4. JBM



      Nope, it's just an 11 year old model. The chassis was fine. The body wasn't handled well by the previous owner.



      No, it's a super-detail one, not ex-Lima.

  6. Anyone interested in seeing Hornby re-tool their Class 92? Or want to see Hornby-Arnold make one? Please do check out the poll in the topic....Spread the word.http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/96681-who-wants-Hornby-to-re-tool-the-class-92/

  7. Do people intentionally act stupid? Or are they trying too hard to be funny....

  8. Merry Christmas everyone....love and regards from Dubai!

  9. Off to Dubai for 17 days!!! Merry Christmas in advance you'll!!! God bless and happy modelling!

    1. darren01


      Say hi to my Brother who live out there foe me. lol

    2. Claude_Dreyfus


      I'm currently spending a few days in Dubai... Today was spent playing on the trams and monorail, as well as their excellent metro system.

  10. Looking forward to the Hornby and Airfix announcements....

  11. Trying my hand at making a scale drawing of a Class 91....just for the fun of it

  12. Bachmann!!! Why do you put drivers in one cab??? You go through all the trouble to include things like directional lighting, independently controlled tail lights, cab lights etc. and then the daft piece of logic comes along - you put a driver in one cab!!! Urghh do you'll know how disgusting it looks when models are running backwards??? Just keep those "non-human like" drivers as a spare for buyers to fit!!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. bgman


      So....is he coming or going ? That's the question.

    3. Stevelewis


      Its never promted me to get over excited!! just be glad that at least Bachmann have taken the trouble to supply one member of staff, easy enough to put one in other end if you wish

    4. Crisis Rail

      Crisis Rail

      Modern hi-vis drivers look better - especially in FREIGHTLINER 57's

  13. Would like to see some more modern image from Hornby!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. class"66"


      Yer totaly agree!!

    3. Mattmaz
    4. 25901


      At least they came up with something different when they did the Sentinel

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