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  1. A low-tech high utility modification Definitely recommended. Two small holes, one cable tie and a few cup hooks around the layout make life so much easier:
  2. Black Ghyll A new feature has emerged on the layout. Black Ghyll is a large cavern, much visited by serious potholers because of the extensive cave system to which it provides an entrance. It's very close to Sycamore Manor, but was previously obscured by vegetation, now cut back. No doubt the local residents always knew it was there, but probably didn't want to encourage inexperienced cavers who often get into difficulty, particularly when unanticipated rainfall swells the underground rivers. A close look shows what may be ropes left behind by potholers ascending to the lip before going down into the cavern.
  3. That's a lovely video. Great atmosphere. I could almost hear the driver singing to himself...
  4. Green and Black: 8F and 9F on a coal train Just that:
  5. Mineral Wagons aplenty The first half dozen are Hornby Dublo, and then some of the others further along, mixed in with Bachmann, Tri-ang, allsorts:
  6. Hornby Dublo 2-6-4 Standard Tank out in the fresh air on the Dorking Garden Railway that day in early April. Just one short clip - a fuller video may follow later (but talk is cheap): https://youtu.be/RnqAQVqlod8
  7. A quickly edited short video of the Black 5 selected from last week's running session: https://youtu.be/pgrsnHZuGSE and a still:
  8. A bluebell railway Pictures from Wednesday's running session. First, the Black 5 on Foxdale Bank: The same stretch of track, here with a Jubilee and 10 bogies: Scene at Throstlebeck (note Powercab): and Sycamore Curve in late sunshine:
  9. A few pictures from yesterday's running session Black 5 on Foxdale Bank
  10. A Bulleid Pacific in action There's a 2-minute video here: https://youtu.be/80omXIR9zSs
  11. Great comment, thanks, Great Central. Such authenticity doesn't come without effort! Anyway, one of the joys of digital is that you can always take several shots to reduce the risk of such problems (or else digitally remove the offending item). BTW, the parcels van is a converter vehicle, with an HD coupling on one end and a tension lock on the other.
  12. Another running day Yesterday's weather was fine with cloudy intervals although I managed to capture some sunshine shots in between. Here is the Hornby Dublo 2-6-4T on a stopping train. There are more, and sunnier, photos here: https://www.oogardenrailway.co.uk/index.php?/topic/354-the-dorking-garden-railway/&do=findComment&comment=20296 and a linked video here: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/136029-Hornby-dublo/&do=findComment&comment=3948748
  13. My HD 2-6-4 tank was fortunately converted to 2-rail about 50 years ago by a commercial concern. Yesterday she was out enjoying the sunshine on the Dorking Garden Railway: There are a few more photos here: https://www.oogardenrailway.co.uk/index.php?/topic/354-the-dorking-garden-railway/&do=findComment&comment=20296
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