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  1. Aye and I expect the site manager will be requesting a raise very shortly if it remains like that!
  2. Here's a video of the build from start to finish!
  3. The new Bachmann Class 158 is superb!
  4. Made up with mine in Regional Railways livery. I think the lighting looks spot on! I'm hoping they follow it up with Central Trains at some point!
  5. Absolutely! I was gutted they got put back 12 months. I'll definitely be picking up a couple of these!
  6. Some final overall shots! Spot the difference!!!
  7. My boss knows of my little project, in fact it was his 3D printer that printed the cabin for me! I'll certainly take it into work for sure to see what they all think! In the meantime, I got the fancy camera out and have had some fun taking some shots of the final piece. Finding it tricky to decide what to use in the final submission! I've taken quite a few and have realised I will need to do a couple of posts due to the 10mb limit on posts!
  8. Must admit that it’s very satisfying to seeing it in a cake box for the very first time! What are the rules on locos for the final submission? I have the Sentinel and Plasser which were both projects which resulted from this build. Would love to have a photo of each in the final submission, but will otherwise just stick with the Sentinel.
  9. The backyards look fantastic, really well detailed!
  10. I really like that. Perhaps a welding effect from inside the workshop might look effective?
  11. Apologies for lack of content over the last few weeks, time seems to have crept up quickly! anyway, here’s some snaps of what I’ve been up to. I’ve decided to go with a single cabin but raise it on some concrete slabs.mi feel this balances well with the Sentinel. I’ve also started on my stack of sleepers and added some much needed signage. I’ve also stuck my fence in and added some weeds in behind. The on-site labourer clearly needs to get the strimmer out as it’s starting to creep through the fence! Just a pile of rails to go now!
  12. Thanks! I’ve really enjoyed trying out some new techniques with doing them! I suddenly find myself eyeing up more vehicles that need the blue and white treatment!
  13. The cobbles look fantastic and I really like the band room! Really nice modelling!
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