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  1. Thanks! I’ve really enjoyed trying out some new techniques with doing them! I suddenly find myself eyeing up more vehicles that need the blue and white treatment!
  2. The cobbles look fantastic and I really like the band room! Really nice modelling!
  3. Still need some touching up, but quite happy with the results! The makings of a small fleet!
  4. So I’ve decided to park the cabin issue for the moment. Many thanks for those of you who got in touch, you’ve given me plenty of food for thought! In the meantime, a couple of additions! I found a Tube Lines Transit Connect that is actually coloured just like a Balfour Beatty Van, I’ve sourced some decals and got the T-cut at the ready! The second addition was a complete surprise! Found this plasser unit for £20 on eBay! It will also be receiving similar Balfour Beatty treatment
  5. Yes, I think health and safety man would have a fit over that! Anyway, thanks for the responses everyone, I quite agree that the cabins balance the scene well alongside the sentinel. I'm considering using the SMS cabins instead of my 3D prints as my research seems to indicate not many double stacked offices have the double doors like mine
  6. I’ve added a temporary back scene, think it suits the scene well. One thing I cannot decide on is whether to have a single cabin or a double stacked! Possibly a less is more situation maybe? Anyway, I’d definitely like to hear thoughts on this one! Single Stacked Double stacked
  7. I was just wondering what will be on the transfer sheet with the blank BCT one and how easy they are to fit to the destination blinds? I would quite fancy a number 9 as this was my old bus in the BCT livery, so I'm debating whether to get the BCT blank version or the West Midlands variant
  8. The latest update on the layout! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12L4jZf2fZQ&lc=z22qtdsz2z3vttc0racdp43bnq20mtqiedhyqdyoz2hw03c010c
  9. I’ve added some ground cover around the arc welding scene and it’s now all glued into place. Quite happy with it.
  10. Hi Marlyn, I personally used the ‘Wills Modern’ range for this set of fencing. Quite happy with them to be honest, highly recommended! Joe
  11. Done quite a lot this evening, track weathering, concrete handstand is and the ground for the arc welding scene
  12. Thanks everyone! Another thing that I've tried my hand at for the first time is 3D printing. I designed a low relief site cabin on Sketchup and exported it as an STL file. Thankfully my colleague at work has kindly printed my design on his 3D printer. I look forward to painting it up and putting it in along the back scene.
  13. Done some ballasting, quite happy with it but definitely needs to be made very mucky! I also love the Balfour Beatty sentinel, so glad I got this little loco!
  14. Really like this idea! I suspect a lot of rust will be present!
  15. Managed to get a snap of the welding in action, quite pleased with how it’s came out!
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