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  1. Thank you, Kevin. It is from a company called Serious-Play Scenics ( https://www.serious-play.co.uk/), A mate of mine had it on his wargaming board and I thought it looked a bit like buddleia so asked him where he got it from. The purple one is called 'Purple Berry Bushes'. It is incredibly fiddly but, when it falls off, it looks natural in a way....you still end up cursing it when you are trying to place it and bits keep falling off!
  2. Thanks for the comment, TechnicArrow. To be honest, they were just taken with my trusty Samsung S8 phone and then edited in the standard Microsoft Photo viewer. I haven't got the patience or technical know how to do anything more than that!
  3. Updates have been very much non-existent for the last few months - Covid has, sadly, wrecked its havoc on work and my finances. I'm sure I am not alone. However, things are on the up and, new job, better finances and more impetus should see a bit of work restarting in the next few weeks! Hurrah! First on the agenda is to finally get the fiddle yard board completed and to get that sat in place. Going to be quite basic to start but will evolve over time, I am sure. When that is done, the back scene will be completed/extended to run the whole length of the layout. The new one will be
  4. Typical summer's evening in South Wales, Ian!
  5. Atmosphere - that was the name of the game. The grime, the smell, the noise! Love it!
  6. That's awesome, much appreciated. I was a bit too young to bunk sheds in the 1980s - I could do Bristol Bath Road as my Grandad was a Driver there and we had a friend of his, another Driver, living next door. We did have a Police Summer Holiday initiative that ran in the late 80s where BTP used to organise tours to various shed throughout the UK. However, the 1990s were a bit different - I was old enough and 'confident' enough! I need more 37s, too. Need more of everything! The Heljan Peaks are looking good so I'll have to get one. A bit of variety from 45036 with it
  7. Sunday's were always a good day to try and bunk loosely guarded sheds and stabling points across the rail network in the 1980s (I never did, Guv! Honest! ). So with the yard quiet, I had a 'bunk' of Llantisilliant to get some phots! In reality I just wanted to try some new filters downloaded on to the PC! 1) From the footbridge after arrival at Llantisilliant shows 37270 (CF) nearest the camera. 2) 37187 (LE). 3) 37270 (CF) showing that it has had a heavy week on the coal. 4) View from the buffer stops - 37187 with 37270 behind. 5) 37180 'Sir Dyfed/C
  8. I might have to look into that. I just used the bog standard editor in Windows. Gareth
  9. If only, Ian. Dirty lense on my Samsung S8! You get the same effect! The Samsung has some great filters too, but I tend to upload them up onto my PC and then mess around with a couple of editing programs on Windows. Do you just use filters on an iPhone for your pics? Yours seem to capture the environment really well. I did a vid of 45036 moving off shed with just its headlights blazing through the dark, plonked it on my PC and messed around with it....looks like it could have been recorded on VHS in the mid 80s on a dark, dank evening!
  10. Had a bit of running tonight in the fading light (and rapidly diminishing battery on my mobile). 1) Evoking the old Fujifilm 110 photos of the 1980s! 37306 and 45036 await their next turns. 2) Having been prepped for a service to Gwaun-cae-Gurwen, the headlights of 37306 pierce the gloom of the yard. 3) 37187 arrives back in the yard after working a local speedlink trip from Severn Tunnel. 4) 45036 patiently waits for prepping to work the ABS service from Llantisilliant to Toton.
  11. There's an offer I wouldn't refuse! Very kind! Beyond that, I hope you do get a chance to take it out this year. They shouldn't be cooped up in a garage for too long, it does them no good. I loved the classic. It was only a UK2000 but was running at 280bhp with very little in the way of extravagance. Sadly, the previous owner had had it in a garage for a long time and the sills and wheelarches had rotted on the insides. Me being naive, as it was my first, didn't notice until too late. Got it repaired and it was like a new car - 2 years later the gearbox went! Found the newage at garage i
  12. That is one awesome piece of kit. I believe I have seen it in a couple of mags over time. I would love an all out track car but I would never get the chance to use it. I did drive the Pro R WRX STi around Castle Combe and thats probably as close as I will get! My Aunt used to race (Sierra Cosworth) and I would have loved to have done it myself. I do miss my Classic, it was nowhere to that level, but the newage is a little too refined at times. You don't get the same 'feel'. The classics are just something else. If I didn't have other such expensive hobbies then I would probably tr
  13. What progress, mate. Looking superb. The new 'fuelling/servicing' point reminds me a little of the shed at Leicester. Every layout needs a demic HEA!!
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