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  1. I spotted this the other day and thought that looks great, disappointed to find the file is no longer available, has it been released anywhere else?
  2. Whats that one, not heard of it?
  3. Hello all I am looking around for an alternative DCC controller following the apparent failure of my Bachmann Dynamis and the SPROG 3 looks the favorite moving forward. I have plans to develop a layout and a test track, will I need two separate SPROG 3s to make this work or am I able to share the software between two different computers? (test track attached to desktop computer and layout will be a laptop). Shane
  4. IF anyone was to band together to offer to buy the IP and the .STL file for the APT I would be willing to invest in that project with a view to getting them made. That said I have also been encouraging DToS to approach another manufacturer and hopefully restart the project with them.
  5. Ah just spotted this, explains why I did not hear anything back about new payment process, if it possible yet to do DD payments?
  6. Hi all I have two Bachmann Class 221 Voyagers and both are exhibiting the same problem of slow running with a full load of 5 cars. I would like to try servicing them myself to see if it has any effect. Does anyone have any guides or advise on servicing them? Shane
  7. Not sure there is a need, I aim to start batch printing in next few days.
  8. I'm not sure yet ed, I'm going to source wheels tomorrow and do a test build of what I've printed then try and calculate the cost of the print. It does take time to do the bits individual;y so I will be doing batch prints of components to hopefully speed it up a bit. The MOST it will cost is £70 based on what paul was charging but I have a feeling it will be less as I am not charging for my time but any surplus will go to a preservation project I'm involved in. Shane
  9. A lot of components, now to verify I've printed the right quantities then test build. Sadly test build has to wait until Wednesday evening.
  10. Great project? I'll hopefully have the first full set printed today, will be doing things slightly different for future batchs but the basics are there.
  11. My 3D printer has arrived and test prints will be started tomorrow (Thursday)
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