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  1. I absolutely agree about the street on Pempoul. Which shows, I suppose, that a great piece of scenic setting need not be of Chiltern Green size. I think I recall the Ashburton you mean (was it the one with a sort of ingenious semi-scenic fiddle yard?), and agree about that too. Personally I'd set Petherick quite high, was it one of the first to show the Pendon-style railway in setting on an individual scale?
  2. I agree about S, a nice size, not too big but easier to get motors into small prototypes than 4mm, easier 3 link couplings etc., though I'd like to see a few more etched locomotive (and coach) kits, just to give a start.
  3. I remember too (I was 13), I recall the ice inside the bedroom window (no central heating either), and also the best bit - the school bus froze and couldn't be moved at all.
  4. I wholly agree about Ruyton Road, a favourite since I saw it in MRJ in 1994. Marvellously rural feel in a tiny space. I'm glad it is still around.
  5. My nom de forum reflects my main lifelong interest. So people get tired, when we see period archery in a film, of remarks like "he'd never hit anything with a release like that", "rear elbow's far too low", "the bracing height on that bow is much too high".
  6. That may be so in some (many?) cases, but I have had experience sometimes of 'non-engaged' (ie non-railway-keen) people at shows, and they are often much more engaged by model landscape or buildings than anything moving. I remember the first such time, I talked my new wife into going to a show in London c1980, I wanted to see Tregarrick, but it was Axford she liked, where the railway was hardly obvious and while, it being Dave Rowe, some things did move they weren't the attraction. (She was non-engaged, we had been engaged but were married by then!).
  7. Thanks again. That is a crucial point for me, as the sort of prototypes I would be thinking of would mostly need drivers smaller than the 4' 7" that seems to be the smalles in the S7 list kindly provided above. If I do muster the decisiveness to make this big change obviously my very first act will be to join the helpful S7 group.
  8. Thank you. A post above mentioned a re-profiling service, useful perhaps if one needs a wheel that is not made properly for S7 (like the Manning Wardle ones I mentioned), is that done via the S7 group or a member thereof? I am asking as I am tempted by 7mm (partly for the usual reasons af ageing eyes etc), and having done P4 would prefer the finer standard, but I have no facilities to turn my own wheels.
  9. Thanks for the reply. You don't say they're OK so do I assume that the normal Slaters FS drivers are not compatible with S7 track, even on the S7 axles? At the moment I was wondering about wheels for the Slaters class K Mannng Wardle kit (or maybe the S&D one), which I don't think are available in true S7 form?
  10. A quick question that I have wondered about if I may. Slaters sell S7 length axles for their 7mm drivers, are the wheels of a fine enough profile to work properly with true S7 track when so set?
  11. 16mm is spot on 5ft 4in in 3mm scale. (5X3 = 15 plus 1mm, 4" in 3mm scale)?
  12. Even with the 00 ones the size is as for 3mm scale, and looking just at a couple the packet in the picture is marked as Romford and 3SMR (3mm scale model railways). Odd that the are labelled as Romford, if they are not the same profile as old Romfords or RP25 Markits?
  13. Thank you, fortunately I do like building things, I'm just a bit hesitant about the combination of a smaller scale and ageing eyes. Oh, you didn't say, what are the couplings? Re the gwr.org list, isn't there a society etched Metro kit? (And is there the Brynkits 64xx?)
  14. You're tempting me about the 3mm scale alternative (considering the bery limited space I have available). Have you a picture of the 3mm 45xx you colud post, I'd like to see it? Do you mean the Brynkits ones (including 74xx) are available through the society stores now? They weren't in the catalogue last time I looked at the website (I've had vague thoughts of 3mm scale for some time). One last question if I may, what couplings are you using, I can't see too clearly on these photos? Many types seem over-prominent on 3mm models, but yours seem quite discreet).
  15. I see what you mean, but I have thought that subtle weathering can be harder to get right. in some ways I reckon it's easier if the effects (rust, dirt etc) are obvious, in my case it was with the last years of the Cavan and Leitrim rather than BR. On the other hand I'd suspect that effects enough to tone down toy-like brightness to look used without over-doing it might be harder (though I've not done such a prototype myuself yet.)
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