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  1. Not sure if this is allowed but I'm sure it will get removed if its not ​ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3p39MuIfaA
  2. Scrapped the whole idea because if I add anything to the front of the baseboards reaching over will become a little challenging
  3. Im planning to have a "merry go round"in and around a coal mine what is the tightest rad I can get from code 75 is it 18"if so Im one happy woody
  4. Work on my layout has moved on a little with the instulation of some platform lights and the second station building is now in place which also has had lights fitted.I have scratch built a toilet block for one side of the station as I was getting to many complaints from passengers who said they where forced to use the train toilets in the station which we know is a bad thing.Santa has told me Im getting a class 47 "Fire Fly" in swallow livery and 3 choclate and cream coaches for my G.W.R Pannier to pull along with two large plastic storage things to keep all my trains and coaches in.
  5. Clerk of the railway has to come and inspect the new railing don't think he was very impressed
  6. The idea was that the lower base board would be that thin I could cover it with grass and the like so you would not see it at all
  7. Hello all Ive had a bit of an idea to hide the front edge of the baseboard and would like you opinion on it. My board is 9mm ply with 50mm supports all the way along the front edge good for a solid layout but not so good to look at. So my crazy idea was to build a roadway for cars coming off the layout and in front of the supports and going into a tunnel. I will have to use retaining walls as well and make a second base board for the road to run on but I think it will look a lot better than bare wood(The wifes not a big fan of bare wood) What do you think????
  8. As I said this station has lights and more on the way,wires in the background look a right mess but I expect I will get around to pulling them down through the base board one day.
  9. Progress so far on the layout as you can see this is my station and its all I'm doing for the moment as I found out with my last layout I had too many things on going and nothing done. I have scratch built the platforms and the canopy's(which now have lights) I'm also going to make another Metcalfe station building for this side to match the other one.The foot bridge is a Peco/Ratio kit that's a work in progress as I had to buy 3 kits and put them together to go across 4 lines and 2 single lines. The back ground is not going to stay like it is as I don't think I have every seen snakeskin sky
  10. Sorry it should be BASE boards(I hate spell correct on iPhone)
  11. I've just started a new layout with 9mm plywood base boards and I would like to ask am I ok to use pva for the Ballest and other stuff on it?.Not sure about it soaking in and warping the boards is there something to seal them or is that a bit to far?
  12. Thanks tor the reply's and yes Mike it my first time with flexi track and Peco will have a look at the track cutters,I use needle files everyday in my job so that's not a problem.
  13. Do you have to cut this track to get the size you need as I can only find it in 1 yard lengths
  14. I just been looking at the peco track 75 and I cant find any short straights it seems like they are all a yard long and also no single or double corners.How then do you put points and the like in unless they all have to be a yard apart.Can you cut the track or what? Im a bit lost
  15. I have had nothing but trouble with it. Don't know if its the pva or the damp or the cold but it seams to grow and shrink as and when it wants to.Had a day running the trains and all was fine no derailments or stop/starting no problems at all the next day had loads of problems as if it was on a different track altogether. Because of this Im switching to a cork based layout not that Im an excellent or experienced modeller but its the last straw
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