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  1. That's a brilliant idea Charlie and I will keep an eye on the website. I'm definitely interested in the Northern 142s and possibly the Northern 156s too. Exciting times. Kind Regards, Danny. Fantastic suggestion. Just been searching on Flickr and the 156s have worn the Northern Serco Abellio purple livery and branding since at least 2010 and I believe some still do in 2020, so that's at least a span of ten years in operation in this one livery. During my searches I have seen the Blackpool North blind quite a few times, so that's a really good suggestion. Kind Regards, Danny.
  2. Thanks for confirming. It's brilliant to see 37s on the mainline in 2020, especially rescuing other locos and stock. Who would ever have thought it!? 716 has had a busy week with the route learners/refreshers and it had a trip to York and back to Stowmarket with three RHTT sets. Kind Regards, Danny. You're more than welcome my friend. Good to hear that 059 and 069 will be back in use with DRS after been on hire to Loram Rail Operations. I hope all of the 37/4s are safe and it would be brilliant to see 405 return, especially for the Stowmarket RHTTs, and it's the last active Compass liveried DRS 37, now that 259 has been stored. Kind Regards, Danny.
  3. Thank you for confirming Charlie, and brilliant photos. Believe it or not I don't have any recent, if any at all of the Northern 156s. I believe last year, I can't confirm for this year that they were working the Leeds to Southport and Southport to Leeds services. I also believe that last year at least they did feature on other workings out of Leeds but I don't know which ones. Does anyone else know, or know of any other workings/services that the Northern 156s currently work on or have recently worked? Depending upon the recent and current services the Northern 156s are working I may be interested in either a branded or unbranded one. Very exciting times, especially with the Northern 142s in the pipeline too. Do you know when the Northern 156s are due to arrive and do you have an update on the ETA of the Northern 142s? Thank you in advance. Kind Regards, Danny.
  4. Was this 716 that was out and about? Thought I saw some photos of it. Out of interest Russ do you know which 37s have been allocated to the Stowmarket RHTTs this year? If we see Intercity 37419 on them, which didn't feature at all during last years season, after it's repaint at Loram over the spring/summer of 2019, I may be tempted to buy the Accurascale model. It's a shame we won't see 259 and 409 because they have recently been stored at Kingmoor and reports are suggesting 405 at Gresty Bridge isn't returning, unless you know any otherwise? All three of these have featured on the Stowmarket RHTTs in recent seasons. Hope the operation went well and you are keeping well. I will look forward to yours and others updates on the Stowmarket RHTTs as well as the photos and videos too. Thank you in advance. Kind Regards, Danny.
  5. Maybe not but is their any harm in asking Charlie to confirm or deny my thoughts? Also with Charlie announcing that their would be three Northern liveried versions of the 156, I wondered if they would all be the same livery but with different running numbers and destination blinds, or potentially two or three different liveries across the three models. I'm asking because the Northern 'spirit' livery is not the era that I model, so I wouldn't need to buy one/any, and with the Serco Abellio both branded and unbranded now been replaced with the 'white' livery this is technically not current, so I may decided that I don't want to buy either of those liveries even if they were available, if for example a 'white' current liveried Northern 156 was available instead. Kind Regards, Danny.
  6. Don't quote me on this, but from what I know each TPXX works as a set continually. I am sure their are x13 sets known as TP01-TP13, each rake contains five coaches, with x4 MK5s and a DT (Driver Trailer). Obviously coaches and DTs have individual numbers and identities. At the moment because only x3 or x4 sets are required per day their shouldn't be any need to remove coaches from sets and I don't believe their has been so far, given that their will be x9 or x10 other sets available. That's not to say swopping of set coaches can't and won't happen in the future though, especially as more sets are required in traffic. As far as I'm aware I don't know of any particular site that lists the contents of each rake of TPE MK5s, although I could be wrong. EDIT: Their are x52 TPE MK5 coaches and x14 DTs with one acting as a spare. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Danny.
  7. Hi Charlie, I hope you are well? This is excellent news. I am particularly interested in the Northern 156s. Have you decided yet on which Northern liveries will feature in this batch? A few I can think of is the blue and green Northern 'Spirit', Northern Rail Serco Abellio purple with branding (as pictured above), Northern Rail Serco Abellio unbranded and the latest Northern Rail white. Have you also decided on any running numbers, station destination blinds, and if they will have pristine or weathered finishes on the Northern 156s? Thank you in advance. Kind Regards, Danny.
  8. Thank you both very much for the replies and the information. I really appreciate it. That explains why I was confused, with the TOPS codes been similar. I'm not surprised that Cavalex have opted to porduce these with a few different versions to model and they span 40+ years in most parts of the country on MGR workings. It's also beneficial that their will be the Hornby offering and new Cavalex offering, because for those potentially that can't afford the Cavalex models (no offence to anyone at Cavalex, I'm thinking of children and younger modellers and collectors), the Hornby models will be ideal and for those that want further variants, super detailed models etc then the Cavalex models will be ideal. Unfortunately, due to me not modelling BR days and not EWS in the early 2000s, I don't need any of these models, but I know that a new HAA has been long awaited by modellers and collectors, so I wish Cavalex a huge success with this one, as I am sure they will be and I will look forward to following the thread from the full announcement this Sunday to the arrival of the wagons. It's also brilliant that so many modellers and collectors have got their wish and I know many people will be really happy with this announcement. Thank you. Kind Regards, Danny.
  9. A fantastic announcement Cavalex. I wonder if anyone could help me though because I'm a bit confused. Are their two types of the HAA wagon? I ask because on Flickr their are some modern green Freightliner variants as well as the old, smaller BR types which were used in BR days been hauled by Class 20s, 31s, 37s, 56s, 58s and 60s etc. If their are two types I am assuming that Cavalex are producing the older and smaller used during BR days with BR traction? The images above would certainly suggest so. I ask because I would be interested in modern Freightliner variants but not so much the older, smaller types used with BR traction, because it is out of my era. Thank you in advance. Kind Regards, Danny.
  10. I do understand your point and 025 is a good one to have because it's been on hire to Colas for over four years now I believe, something which initially was only meant to be short term. The Basic/Plain livery on 423 really is nice isn't it and it suits the loco well with it still having the wipacs, and it's the latest corporate DRS livery too. The only modern Accurascale 37s I haven't already ordered and don't plan to at the moment are 419, 425, 607 and 97301. I am going to wait in the hope that we might see 607 in appear in Compass livery in a future batch, and even though the heritage liveries on 419 and 425 are nice they just don't cover the time frame of operation in these liveries for the stock I want them to run with. So I hope Accurascale will treat us to some Compass 37/4s at some point and I may be tempted to upgrade from the Bachmann variants. As for the NR 97/3, I'm not really sure why but it just doesn't massively appeal to me. I think it's the fact that the real life loco rarely moves from Derby RTC so in order to be current apart from Network Rail stock which it occasionally runs with, their isn't much scope to run it with anything else. Regardless of this though I am sure the Accurascale model will be excellent, as are all of their products. It's funny you should mention this because I was thinking about the amount of liveries they have worn recently. The 37/4s have certainly carried a wealth of liveries. Kind Regards, Danny.
  11. I have 610 on order because I just couldn't resist the BR Blue small logo livery. The fact that it's in ex DRS now HNRC owned and Colas hired condition is brilliant too, because it will give me plenty of scope as to what I run with it on the layout. I have 419 and 425 in Compass by Bachmann so technically I don't need either of the Accurascale 37s in their latest heritage liveries. 419 in Intercity Mainline is tempting me too, but largely it has seen use in DRS Compass livery with DRS, so I may hold off both Accurascale 419 and 425 in their heritage liveries and see if they release one or both of them in Compass in a further batch. Kind Regards, Danny.
  12. It does look nice but I think I prefer the Intercity Mainline livery on 37419. Kind Regards, Danny.
  13. Maybe 405 is for store soon then. Although is was status N and in the active XHAC pool the other day when I checked, and even though it was still at Derby at that point it was still in the active fleet pool. Unless it is still in the active pool at the moment for the transit move to Gresty Bridge today and it will be stripped for parts and spares when it arrives. So storage to the XHSS pool and removal from the active fleet could soon be upon it. Kind Regards, Danny.
  14. After been at Derby RTC Loram for over a year, since at least May 2019, 37425 is now in Regional Railways livery after having an overhaul and exam, and has today been released back into traffic with DRS. It has been in the convoy of the 0Z83 Derby RTC to Crewe Gresty Bridge DRS with 37069 hauling 37401, 37405 and 37425. 37401 and 37405 are also DRS returnees on this movement following repairs at Derby. I understand 425 shall now be in traffic for the foreseeable future with DRS, whilst 401 and 405 have received repairs to keep them going for a bit longer. Although their were suggestions that 405 was to be stored a few months ago, but it is now looking like it has been repaired once more, possibly to keep it in traffic for the 2020 RHTT season which is due to commence soon. The boys and girls at Loram have certainly been busy recently with three DRS 37s returning to traffic in one movement. It is very rare to see several 37s return to traffic in one day, on a solo movement to Crewe GB. Welcome back! Kind Regards, Danny.
  15. Congratulations Paul and welcome to the Accurascale clan from both the team and us as customers. I'm excited to see what models Paul will support Accurascale in bringing to the market. It looks like their are more exciting times ahead for Accurascale as a company, it's growth and development and us as customers. As always it's excellent to see Accurascale striving forwards despite the current global challenges. Kind Regards, Danny.
  16. Thank you both for informing us. I have just read the press release and it's really sad news for GC, their employees, potential customers and us in the modelling, collecting, spotting and photographer community. It's a real shame because I was looking forward to seeing an increase in GC services, seeing the photographs and videos online of these Class 90 loco hauled services and I was hoping for a GC Class 90 by Bachmann in OO Gauge at some point. Kind Regards, Danny.
  17. Accurascale, I have come to the conclusion that you are mine and many others dream manufacturer! These 37s are looking absolutely fantastic! Just taking one look at the photos, and I can immediately tell that this is the definitive 37 that modellers and collectors have long been awaiting. The communication between yourselves and your customers, is equally as fantastic. A small delay of a few months is a massive win for such a large project, in which no two 37s are the same, especially amid a global pandemic. I'm going to let you and everyone else into a little secret. I was selfishly, secretly hoping for a small delay of just a few months as you have coincidentally announced, to justify ordering DRS 37409 in BR Large Logo Blue. I say this because had the first batch of 37s still been arriving in Q1 2021, I may have struggled to justify another 37 especially just after Christmas, but with my birthday been in May, which is also in the second quarter, I will ask my family to buy this DRS heritage liveried tractor for my birthday. Win, win as they say! You are all doing a brilliant job and I can't wait for the next 37 update. Is it too early to start asking about when batch two will be announced and start wishlisting Kind Regards, Danny.
  18. Thank you for the update Accurascale. The amount of detailing on these coaches is incredible. That coupled with the 'flicker free' lighting throughout is going to make an already incredible rake of coaches even more impressive. Waiting a few more months for the MK5s is fine. I am sure that they will be well worth the wait. Kind Regards, Danny.
  19. It's a shame that the sprockets are not sold separately and that the bogies are £40. As you say, you didn't pay much for the loco in the first place, so £40 is quite expensive with that mind, I suppose it depends as to if you want the loco to be potentially be a runner again, or if you aren't fussed about paying the £40 for the bogies then you could just demotor it, and it would look fantastic for a double headed train or consist. Sorry you haven't managed to fix it. Kind Regards, Danny.
  20. Thanks for the photo and the info Jim, even if the branding in the photo is Fastline and not DRS. From this we also now know that Fastline hoppers at least as per the photo have seen some use working out of Shapp, presumably with DRS traction, as per the photo and caption. You have actually helped me with the answer to another question too. I was wondering the other day when DRS 37601, 603 and 604 were repainted into DRS Compass, because I have trawled the internet and for these three 37/6s I can't find anything to suggest a particular month or year. But from this photo I now know that both 603 and 604 were in Compass by October 2010 and back out in traffic, so this is excellent, thanks Jim. I was looking regarding these three locos potentially been produced by Accurascale at some stage, within another batch. I have been making notes about the time span in which each modern 37 has worn each livery. Kind Regards, Danny.
  21. Thanks for posting this photo Tommy. I never knew that the HYAs had carried DRS branding. I don't suppose you have details of or can remember anything about the working/s that you saw the DRS branded HYAs on, any headcodes for the working/s, what traction was hauling them and roughly what time the DRS branded HYAs were in traffic/in service? I am now most intrigued, because been a big DRS fan I never knew about this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Danny. Well I never! Not sure how I didn't know about this, but this is a really interesting development. What's even stranger is that I have bought several different rail magazines for years, I have been a member of many info/gen sites for years, and I have been on Flickr for seven years and I haven't know about this. You would have thought I would have known about this before now. I wouldn't mind but I have no idea as to when, what flows and and as to what traction have actually hauled these DRS branded HYAs, so it's not as if I can accurately search for any further details online. Just checked on Flickr searching both 'DRS branded HYA wagon' and 'DRS branded IIA wagon' for good measure and not one result for either searches. This continues to be interesting. Kind Regards, Danny.
  22. Haha... 1. KUA Twin Pack 2. TPE MK5a Pack 1 3. x5 Class 37s (423, 602 to become 605, 606, 608, 609, and of course 610 which won't show here because it's an Exclusive for Rails) 4. x1 DRS PFA Pack 5. I did buy the second loaded DRS PFA pack from the first batch, but from an Accurascale stockist Kind Regards, Danny.
  23. I don't blame you making up for it with the batch of TPE due for delivery soon. The TPE livery is superb especially on the 68. I'm the same, I mean I probably won't be able to afford any of the CS MK5s or 92s to go with them, but if I can't I will have been fortunate enough to have plenty of other stuff. Had the 20/3s and 37s from Bachmann and Accurascale not all been arriving between December and March I would have had some spare money, but not to worry because the 20s and 37s are two of my favourite classes of loco. I have LTM 718, Night/Day & Rainbow 720, LTM 721 and Maritime 727. I like all of four of the liveries but I have to say 721 does look splendid, I think the colourful tube map works really well on the white background. I would say it's my favourite out of the four, and the other three are equally as good, I'm not even sure if I can separate them for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. Kind Regards, Danny.
  24. I'm about the same but across different items from Accurascale. When I have ordered a sound fitted 602 that will make my total order of 37s up to seven, but I also really would like 409 in BR Large Logo Blue too so if I do have the funds I will most likely buy that one too at some point. Thanks Dave and it looks as though we are both buying the same models. The modern image 37s do wear some really nice liveries, and the fact that Accurascale are capturing many of them in the first batch alone is testimony to the fantastic manufacturer that they are. I have a big interest in DRS and their Class 37s, so when these were announced it was like all of my birthday's and Christmas' had come at once. I can't wait until they arrive and we are all posting photos of them on our layouts and in our cabinets. They sure will be brilliant. Yes they deserve all of the thanks they get for the Class 37s especially because we have needed a definitive Class 37 for many years, and to see a wider variety of 37s produced that the other manufacturers tooling doesn't incorporate such as the original 37s and 37/6s. Plus with Accurascale we get so many other lighting and DCC features with them. Kind Regards, Danny.
  25. I couldn't agree more mate. Ultimately certain manufacturers that deliver models with QC issues and errors etc will lose out to manufacturers like Accurascale, because modellers and collectors will mostly opt for quality, especially when at the moment their are so many models on the market available. We all have to become more picky and choosy about what we buy because no one can afford every model that they might like. DCC features are so important now, the Accurascale 37s are going to look fantastic with so many lighting options, including for different running modes, day and night time running and even the control desk is going to be lit up, as well as the engine room I believe. That is quality and value for money all rolled into one, and the icing on the cake for both Accurascale and us is that the 37 is hugely popular with so many different noses, grilles, liveries and operators to model. I don't think I have ever seen the Touax HYAs, but I have seen plenty of rakes of the GBRf HYAs passing Church Fenton and Monk Fryston. If you get the Touax pack to mix with the GBRf pack it will add variety which is prototypical, because I was watching videos earlier which showed at least two different liveried HYAs per rake. It seems the most common mixed together are the GBRf and Fastline liveried HYAs. I believe I have seen this configuration in reality too. So your TPE 68s will be slightly different to the ones I will have. I will have 019 and 023. I did want some of the CS MK5s and a 92 or two to go with, but I just can't afford it at the moment, but I will be happy regardless because I have quite a lot on order, and we can't have everything can we. I have to seen I would be keen to see the Cemex wagons produced. Maybe Accurascale will produce these in the future too. For now the GBRf HYAs and other liveries are brilliant. I have seen photos of the LTM 66721 tube map liveried 66 atop a rake of these wagons, from a few years ago and it does look like a very smart train to see in reality and replicate in model form.
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