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  1. Terry look on post 261 the dragon is coming out of the gents loo. Hope all is well with you.
  2. If you spend all day on the train then you do not get off and spend money in the shops. A bad business model for a preserved railway.
  3. That looks about right. I had at first glance thought that you had knocked up the houses in plasticard since our get together. That would have been most impressive! I have shots of the prefab at Duxford if that helps. Richard
  4. The key is to keep all buildings in one design, either paper or plastic IMHO. However, for me it has to be plastic for as TG has pointed out inks can fade and, more importantly to me, is that weathering plastic is so much easier and if a mistake is made can be more easily corrected with a repaint than on paper. Richard
  5. Can't comment on accuracy as way after my time period, but a lot of effort there spider and a lot of toothpaste too. Does it make the sets smell nicer?
  6. anyone know what the dimensions are on a typical victorian 2 up 2 down? I was thinking about 18ft by 16ft or is this way off? i need them for the town board which is yet to be built beyond the station
  7. and now some figure getting up to show antics, anyone for a knobbly knee contest? OOOH and a yellow coat or two. you have done well. Richard
  8. the wagon works have been in full swing. First up a D13 done as an insulated van. i am pleased how the spot has come out. It was a piece of masking tape placed on paper, hole punched and the chad retrieved from the hole punch. then stuck on the side before over spraying in grey. ssshhhhh.... the brake gar appears to be different but then if i dont tell you then you wont notice. The next wagon is progressing therough the works. It is a Mousa Models kit. the packet said it was a D16van, but the etch says it is a D14 and it clearly does not have the outside bracing of a D16. A surprise but then i will have to re order to get the D16. The kits go together so well i would recommend them to all. The only other unbuilt one i have is a D17 and that has just entered the works so i will need to get more. Good thing a birthday is coming up. The loading dock is cut out and is awaiting filler and plastic sides. i shall do that once i return from the UK where i intend to get more plastic cement as the stuff over here seems so savage it melts the two components rather than just the seam. Will all three wagons be finished before i fly? Richard
  9. The next one might have to have the vermilion ends for a bit of a change. As for the lamps, changing lenses is beyond me.....the colour of the lamp i could change. Richard
  10. no warflat will be brush painted as i like the wood too much to risk lifting it with masking tape, as for the figure i can't be totally sure, he was in my people box, he was white metal so i think he wasa dart casting. They certainly do a great guard pose, but i used him in another brakevan and i could not have all my guards identically posed. For that matter i can not have all guards out so one willbe built with the guard in the cabin, maybe with the door open. .....that means modelling the interior too.
  11. a layout with a lot of retaining walls, i think i know of another one like that, not a million miles from here. Also do not worry about the time frame, i am 7 yrs into a 10 to 15 yr build. it takes longer from scratch, but it makes it different from the rtp offerings that duplicate each other out there. Richard
  12. And the silence is broken. Due to needing to paint and transfer the model and little spare time to do so as it is coming to the end of the year here. Here it is finished and ready to take its place in the fleet. I tried to have the guard looking at something on the brakevan, or just watching the ballast go by. The side lamps are cut down Hornby ones. some pictures suggest they should be black/red? the steps end. what next? i ought to do the woodwork for the loading dock. Richard
  13. Progress has happened on the behind the scenes siding. Unlike Granthams mine does not have a fancy traverser for removing wagons. yes i know the retaining wall is wonky, the wood underneath shrank as the air is so much dryer here than in the UK Just like the atmosphere of this next picture even without any trains in it. The crane has been bedded in. And the real reason for slow reporting. Now i have a beefy US soldering iron i can brass model again. A GCR brake van from Mr Bedford's Mousa models range. Goes together well and he has great back up service as i had a question about the build which he replied to quickly. I could not ask for more from a kit supplier. (therefore any mistakes with the build are all my responsibility) Now for the painting, the fitting of wooden floors and a guard. Richard p.s. ignore the small dragon, it is my father in laws contribution to modelling i think he thinks the old country has dragons because that is how it is portrayed by Hollywood. Where as we all know that is not true........except in Wales.
  14. this looks a great start, i am surprised at how much packing is needed. I will bear it in mind when i start on mine. are you going to remove the guard irons on the bogie at some stage? Richard
  15. I feel your pain, having to lay all the point rodding on my layout.
  16. In plan 1 you could keep the line going from cardington st to the bridge over the railway, that would straigthen up your baseboard edge and make it easier to build.
  17. Several projects are being run concurantly. The dock i feel needs extending and turning around to make it fit better into the scene. The crane is moving and getting a base as all seem to in prototype photos. Before and after shots. The ballasting is done and now a loook down the layout from the station end. Still have the goods yard to finish. The hidden branch is getting a back board, it will stop derailing trains jumping off the baseboard and as it will be done as a retaining wall it will harmonise with the front for those who look through the gap. And i have started work on a brass kit for the first time since moving as i have invested in a USA compatable soldering iron. More when it is finished. Richard
  18. If you really want to build on your own, build in the states - you have little choice. A lot needs scratch building as small items would take several weeks to get here and postage costs are high, so it is easier and faster to make your own. I have actually enjoyed the liberation of self building since moving Dettingen layout to the states.
  19. It comes off sideways. That is why the sides come down as not everywhere had an end loading dock. Have a great picture of a GCR OCT being loaded with gun and limber from the side 11th August 1914 on the Warrickshire railways website. (looks like i will be building another one then! I really should cast a master then. On my trawl around i did see some that were earth with a face on the track side as if the original builders had shifted all the dirt from leveling the site and deliberately put it to create the height differential. It would also break up the flat earth look of the last 6 feet. Though a new facia piece would be needed. It would have to come back down at the bridge end.
  20. I have mocked up a mk2, sorry the photo is slightly blurry, it protrays the idea though. Thank you for the comments, all your concerns had to some degree been bugging me too. By widening it i have been able to increase the length of platform without increasing the overall length. I could make the ramp shallower, what is the norm? 1:10? 1:20 I did not envisage it as a cattle dock because of its semi-urban setting, but then there might have been a slaughter house near by. It was more for getting things out of vans, Fish in that instance or cars off OCTs, the edge being used for transshipment to cart or lorry. I had also thought about a low relief warehouse, but at the front. Would it really work? i am not convinced as of yet. Richard
  21. Yes i had been thinking that, its length is set at three wagons long which in my view it needs to be, so it is only the width that can change. Half again or double?
  22. It has been a little quiet on the posting front. However, ballasting does not lend itself to works in progress shots. It has certainly tidied up the station throat and goes through off scene, which will be tied up with its own retaining wall/ sky An allows interesting shots down the branch. I am starting to play around with a cardboard prototype of the possible loading dock. This allows, fish , milk, and cars to be dropped off. I have not found a GC one to copy other than Calverts wodern affair which would be too flimsy for cars and has no ramp. Too big? Too small? Too thin? there at all? All ideas welcome Richard
  23. Count yourself lucky in the states super and awesome get used all the time, and if you are really lucky you get a super awesome, as if inspiring God is not enough, you have to inspire him a lot. When these two words are used on the BRM dvd then you know the English language is on the slide.
  24. This is some superb modeling, I will certainly steel some ideas for building all the GCR coaches that I need.
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