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  1. I’m looking to build a N gauge L1 but cannot find a dimensioned drawing online. I know drawings are available in a number of books but would anyone be kind enough to scan one and send it to me as I don’t have any of these in my library, and don’t want to buy one just for one drawing..... Dave
  2. Great idea. I have quite a collection of part used so more than willing to swop! All mainly BR 48-68 of all types Dave
  3. In the 80's when I worked for London Underground our office of 10 people had a healthy interest in news from both TV and newspapers. We came to the conclusion that all news was rubbish as most articles that were about something that one or more of us knew about contained wrong information. The passing of time has not changed my view on this, and the rise of "fake news" depresses me!
  4. Hi Following on from the BRM Virtual Exhibition, where the June website update was mentioned, there is now an August 2020 update on the site, which can be found here https://dwanddrc.wixsite.com/james-street/august-2020 The extensions are going well, and with a new quayside 10' long there will be a big shipbuilding programme. Take a look and let us know what you think! Dave
  5. Thanks to all who took the trouble to reply. I forgot to add that I’m modelling the Eastern section only though. There seems to be a lot more known about those BGs transferred in mid to late 60s than those there around the turn of the decade. The photos I can find in my collection are dated April 1958, May 1959 and September 1960, and all are on the down Golden Arrow, so maybe there was only one, allocated to this service. Frustratingly, one photo shows the front of the BG fairly well but when examined under a magnifying lens it just blurs. It looks to be a fairly short number though. Given this is N Gauge I’ll probably invoke Rule 1 and number them to whatever numbers I have on the decal set. I would defy anyone viewing them to tell me they are wrong! They will spend more time initially working on James Street, which is set in the Midlands, so an E or M prefix will probably be best.
  6. Apologies if this has been asked before but I have no luck when searching the forum using phrases! I am in the process of repainting two Bachman Farish BGs into maroon from crimson and cream and green, and wonder if anyone can tell me what running numbers such vehicles had when allocated to the Southern Region around 1960? I have searched the net without success and also my small personal library, but while I can see such vehicles were in use I can’t see the numbers. I probably don’t need to be too accurate as it’s N gauge but I like to get it right if I can.... As I live in France I don’t have the option of borrowing books from a library so if anyone has this info I would be very grateful! Dave
  7. Hi Compound, thanks for the links to the maps. I had searched that site on several occasions but could not find the area you have shown, just areas close by. I used "Battersea" and "Wandsworth" as search terms so don't know how I missed them. As it's a model trains will run as required, and as there is no facility for lighting, always in daylight! The attraction of this whole area is the chance to run locos of all four companies plus a good selection of early diesels, both on cross-London freight but also on excursion traffic. I can now take another look at how to set the yard out, and it's road access..... Dave
  8. Thanks for the responses. Wickham Green Too - I will try the SECSoc and see what comes from that. SED Freightman - a very useful response. I could see mineral wagons on site in the photos I can find, but also a large warehouse and what appears to be loading platforms. As my model is only based on (and less than half the size) of the real thing then I think a couple of coal roads, a rail connected warehouse, a couple of loading dock sidings and a general road with crane should cover most bases and fit with the bulk of my stock. It's only a model after all so I don't have to be precise, but it's nice to know what I can legitimately get away with. Scrap is something I hadn't thought of though but I haven't the room to do it well. I'll even be strapped for coal storage so it'll have to be representative at best..... I've attached a photo to show current progress. I'm just trying out a few things for rough size before going on to make some better mock ups. The warehouse is being represented by my mock up of a carriage shed, so will end up being about 750mm long in N, so quite impressive hopefully. Dave
  9. Thanks for all your help. An overnight soak in surgical spirit did b**ger all, so I tried hot water. I dipped it for a minute or so in very hot water and lo and behold, it undone. The paint in there was all the acrylic I'd used recently, thankfully no enamel. Now for a good clean and reassembly.......
  10. Thanks for the advice, I will try some of the tips once I've finished painting my garden furniture....! I work in N Gauge and have been making models for many years, and have heard good things about ultrasound baths. However, I do not do a lot of work in brass, where soldering and flux leave many residues. My work is mainly with plastics, so the small amount I do is catered for by soda salts and a good scrub!
  11. Hi Many thanks for all the responses, all most appreciated. The photos from Izzy are good, but I've got all of this apart already without problems. It's getting the last piece out, shown still fixed to the body to the right hand side in Izzy's last pic. I think this is described as the spring guide in the very useful manual (thanks Mick). I've seen a strip down on YouTube so know it comes out, but it just will not turn. The photo attached shows it too. I have removed the needle via the chucking nut as per Guy, in a similar manner to other airbrushes I have used in the past. I have only used cellulose thinners to spray through to clean after painting, or to wipe clean dismantled items, so hopefully I've not damaged any seals. From the exploded diagram it seems there is an O-ring in the spring guide, so clearly not ideal to use cellulose there. I don't have access to IPA being based in rural France, but do have surgical spirit and white spirit as well as the aforementioned cellulose thinners. The idea of leaving it in hot water is something I can try....but looking at the colour (which is a faint maroon which may not be visible in the pic) It may be an earlier use of enamel that is left as residue. If it is then that will be interesting. I don't have an ultrasonic bath, and am not convinced I need one. Well, I've never needed one before........
  12. Hi I have done a fair bit of spraying of acrylic paints recently using my Iwata Neo and I now realise from reading other posts on here that this can be more of an issue with rapid drying than enamel. I took the front end of the airbrush apart without problems and cleaned it throughoughly with cellulose thinners. However, I cannot undo the section at the rear which contains the spring and the pull back lever. I tried using a small amount of pressure from a set of pliers after several sprays of WD40, but all to no effect. I can see traces of paint on the lever which suggests there could be paint on the inside causing it to lock up. My question is: is it safe to immerse the rear of the brush in cellulose thinners to disperse any paint on the inside, or is there anything such as seals etc that could be damaged by the thinners? I can't find a good exploded diagram of the brush either to determine what is where. Any help greatly appreciated! Dave
  13. Hi Does anyone have any photos or information relating to the type of traffic and buildings at Wandsworth Road goods yard. To be specific, I'm talking about the ex-Midland Railway one to the NE of the ex-LCDR line from Victoria, just after this line crosse the line out of Waterloo, on the opposite side of the line to Stewarts Lane depot. I've got the 1895 track plan from the Middleton Press book for the area, I've got some colour photos of trains on the line in the late 1950's (the period I am modelling) where you can see rakes of coal wagons, lots of buildings of all shapes and sizes, but nothing specific to the site. I cannot seem to find any photos of the yard itself taken at any period despite numerous internet searches, so can anyone help point me in the right direction? I am in France so can't use UK libraries (plus we are all on lockdown anyway!) so any help will be greatly appreciated Dave
  14. Looking forward to being there with James Street - come and see us near the BRM stand!
  15. Looking forward to being there with “James Street”
  16. We had a great time at the show with James Street. From an exhibitors point of view the club did a great job of welcoming us, much better than some other shows. It was an honour to receive both the Past Chairman’s trophy and the Best in Show as voted for by the public. Steve is finally getting recognition for all of his hard work. Once again thanks to all involved for a great weekend Dave
  17. Looking forward to being there with "James Street". You won't be able to miss us, as we are layout A, just inside the entrance door...... Lets hope it all goes well.
  18. The award-winning N Gauge layout "James Street" will be one of the layouts appearing at the Broadstairs show this coming weekend. Any RMweb members attending are more than welcome (as always) to come and have a chat! Broadstairs Model Railway Exhibition Sat 17th November 2018 - Sun 18th November 2018 St Georges School, Westwood Road, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 2LH OPENING TIMES: SAT 10am-5pm, SUN 10am-4pm ADMISSION: Adults £4.50 Concessions £4.00 The Isle of Thanet Railway Society present the Broadstairs Model Railway Exhibition 2018. This take place on the weekend of November 17th/18th 2018 with more than 18 layouts and 12+ traders taking part. The show will be in a large Sports Hall at St. Georges School, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 2LH. Free parking will be available and the is hot food available. CT10 2LH
  19. "James Street" will be there after it's success at Warley last year, so please come and introduce yourselves! Looking forward to a good show Dave
  20. Thanks to all the replies so far. I have registered on both Britain from above (thanks Pete 75C) and National Library (thanks Keith HC) - Eardley looks like all dead end sidings in various fans, and appears to have some form of headshunt to drive into before reversing in from what I can make out on the photos. I will need to explore the maps site a little more but what I found of New Cross Gate looked interesting, if a little old for my period (I forgot to mention the layout is set broadly 1957 - 1963 to take advantage of the marvellous stuff available in N these days. It is 13' by 3'-3" and is a folded figure of 8, VERY loosely based on the area mentioned!)
  21. I am building an N gauge layout very loosely based on the area around Stewarts Lane and Factory Junction, and will not be having a fiddle yard. Instead I want to have my stock on view and to that end I would like a rake of five or six carriage sidings to take both EMU stock and loco hauled stock. My problem is that I am not totally aware of how these would have been laid out on the prototype. I know that if they were close to a terminus or main station it would be easy to reverse stock into sidings. I am aware of a couple of SR locations (Micheldever and Eardley) which might meet my needs but I cannot find any plans. On my layout I can only drive into the sidings, but have room for a long headshunt in the opposite direction to the sidings, meaning a train could pull in, a shunter could attach to the rear and drag the stock into the headshunt, allowing the loco that drew the stock in to depart. I suspect this is not prototypically correct, but cannot find much on the internet in the way of plans. Given that I live in the Correze in France my access to the UK library system is non-existant, hence this call for help!
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