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    Railways, particularly the Whitby & Pickering, Sand Hutton and other narrow and miniature railways. Researching early railways. Occasional modeller of narrow and minimum gauge currently in 7mm and 1:24. Currently working on a 4mm/00 shunting plank

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  1. And it is mildly irritating for pax when it is done as you see it, forget it is locked, and walk to the nearest door when boarding or leaving. Habit I guess from a lifetime using Mk1s. As on the local EMUs there only are end doors going to them is instinctive.
  2. Nice bit of press news about the Rowntrees version. https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/24251609.york-normandy-veteran-ken-coke-presented-model-his-train/
  3. So another one to add to the NYMR’s run something into the ground then dump it list.
  4. What is the background; is it just the NYMR needs the money it will raise or is it a basket case job? Do they have decent non-steam cranes as alternatives for lifting in the civils yard where cranes are useful, arguably essential? Seems yet another potentially useful asset just ignored by the NYMR.
  5. Possibly the few that double up as school transport. My memory is that school buses need to have them fitted but I could be wrong.
  6. I think there are two factors here: 1) if it is a daily risk in widespread use you know about it/how to avoid it. Still catches a few but … 2) same risk problem, but rarely experienced by most people nowadays as life has moved on, will catch a higher % of those exposed to it. Some risk assessments may invoke over zealous responses (the one’s the press love to mock) but in general the vast majority of Health & Safety reactions do improve safety and work place environments. CDL has grown on me and I have changed my attitude to it, same with window hanging now so much of the network, including heritage lines, is festooned with things like trailing brambles etc. Even back in the day if I was standing at an open drop light my hands would be on the frame part of the coach not the door. My own risk assessment similar to ORR’s = doors are dodgy, ameliorate the risk.
  7. Summer weather must be getting closer, the first outdoor modelling session of the year done. I have a feeling it is psychological as when I worked on the full size railway (about 12 years volunteering on the NYMR) it was most often outdoors. Two tasks completed. One a sprat and winkle measuring jig based on the one @mullie showed on his thread. Link here as per my post of 4 Oct 2022. That added to my programming track. First step use some hardboard strips to make a flat platform at rail height level then two bits of 6mm ply, the top one incorporating the 20deg slot. The second adding what I intend to be a small loading platform/buffer stop. Ideally it needs a fixing screw adding once the glue has fully set. A bit of sanding, shaping and adding paint and scenic coverings still needed. The project keeps getting sidetracked but it isn’t dead.
  8. From doing shows and events, not just model railway related, for three or four decades fully concur. A nice sunny day and people make their leisure trips to an outdoor attraction; a dull and damp one they still come out but do an indoor attraction; if it is scything down or blowing a hoolie they stay at home. I have done several events over the years where if I hadn’t been “on the team”, and therefore committed to being there, I wouldn’t have gone myself.
  9. We have added improved signage and still get asked!
  10. Fully concur. When I do my watercolouring weathering demo I have a stock of completed projects on show. On the Saturday morning I have a set of wagons primed only and also some unprimed ready to do. I can then show how easy adding the over layer is and/or depending on what they have asked prime one. That can dry to join the stock later and I can then move on in best Blue Peter fashion to do the one I primed earlier for phase two. If necessary at a two day show prime a few more late on Saturday to dry off overnight ready for Sunday. I am demonstrating the technique, which is what I am there for, so that the person asking the questions might then go home and have a go themselves. I am not there to do up a string of wagons or whatever for my own layout. Any I do finish in the quiet hour towards the end of the day are a bonus. I think I am there to show people how it can be done and if they want a go let them, rather like a teacher in a school class, I am not there to be head down and actively doing it with no interaction, with no explanation of the whys and wherefores We have all seen examples of the head down working on the project demonstrators - they are not actually showing anybody anything to learn from as they do not provide context or guidance to those wanting to pick up the knowledge.
  11. Many also always seem to have a grandfather who drove or fired (the) Flying Scotsman. They never seem to know whether that was the locomotive or the train. I suspect also even where it is true (the locomotive) it was something like 50 yards up the shed road to say they've done it or some other move around the shed as a just passed out fireman or similar. At the risk of thread drift. I worked on the clerical side in the Police Garage 55 years ago straight out of college as my first job, I did once drive a police car a short distance up the car park to move it as it was in the way - I can legitimately say I drove a police car at work, but a big difference between that small yard shunt and being a traffic cop.
  12. There is an excellent BR era film on YouTube about accumulating delays. Sadly I can’t remember the name so can’t post a YT link.
  13. I’ve pondered replying for sometime. The area we had for the SLS was unsuitable for a crewed stand but ideal for a static stand, think roadside advertising hoarding for an equivalent. The stand that was usually there was merely relocated slightly (the leaflets drop spot). By taking it we didn’t displace any actively crewed stand of whatever type and gave the show some income. Due to lack of volunteers to crew an active stand an advertising slot was all that was possible. Not ideal for us either but you can only have a Society stand with a crew if they are available.
  14. Just discovered that a track joint has moved and will need a tweak. I think it might be some shrinkage of the chinchilla dust ballast as it dried out after the PVA application. Hopefully a drop of boiling water on the spot and a tweak with a screwdriver will fix it. The joint is formed with one of the plastic, insulating, fishplates. The 4mm version of a ganger or two with crowbars or in the modern era a tamping machine. It wasn’t there before ballasting. Update - fixed yesterday (11 Apr) as per thoughts above.
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