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  1. Yep, that's the pic I tried to link to.
  2. There were also wagon turntables in the sheds nearest the running lines. Here is a link to one of the trains passing Stamford brook, a nice manageable size.
  3. Another station worth mentioning is High street Kensington. It had 2 through platforms, 2 terminating platforms, and a substantial coal/goods yard accessed via a double kick back from platform 4. Depending on the period it also had a overall roof, later just platform canopy's. There was also what appears to be a loco siding behind platform 1 for a time. Passenger stock was a little limited, but there were regular short coal trains from the midland region. It has quite a few things in common with minories, though just not the track plan.
  4. Another from the USA. When you think your trying to fit too much on your 6' x 4' board.....
  5. That's excellent, thank you. I never got to see the layout in person, and the station was the part I couldn't find a clear pic of.
  6. I agree, chasing 2 mile freights has no interest for me but things like this I find fascinating. The whole Utica sub division is full of interest, but the brewery with street running ticks all the boxes. For those that haven't seen them here's a couple more vids that show just how tight that curve is, they even have trouble coupling the cars because of it. I've not seen proof, but I'm told an SD40 has been in there.
  7. You could try a thin wash of a sandy color to bring out the mortar courses, then see how the rest looks.
  8. Not to far away is this setrack point and 3rd radius curve.
  9. There is also this video of it moving across the main lines on the dollys. It also shows all the bolt holes visible where the fairings at either end of the loco have been removed, not simply gas-axed off by cowboys as some people have implied. It should also be clear why they were removed.
  10. If anyone has a few of these they want to sell please get in touch. Cheers.
  11. This is a base coat of halfords khaki, then dry brushed humbrol 29 earth brown, then a few light dusts with a matt black spray.
  12. Holborn viaduct has been visited before in this thread, so I'll suggest Richmond as another terminus with through lines. On the subject of Blackfriars, I often thought modeling the inside of the trainshed itself would an interesting idea for a micro layout.
  13. I've been playing with idea of making the 2 goods warehouse sidings a higher level than the station, not only for interest but also to help with viewing. By using the nature of the kickback headshunt, I think I can get up to 15mm of height by the time the tracks level out at the warehouse point. West Kensington coal yard used a similar arrangement for trains to access the yard. As long as I don't bring the station roof/canopy's further out than the goods warehouse viewing shouldn't be too bad. Nothing set in stone yet though, I'm just posing things on a board at the moment to see
  14. What a great idea for a layout, loving the level of detail your building for this.
  15. Not quite, but class 15 and 16 diesels are a good equivalent. Looking at it I wonder if the goods area would be better if it was raised above the station area slightly, I could move the headshunt point back a little to gain height.
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