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  1. So not wanting to give up on this idea just yet, I had a play around with the return loop on the lower level. Using a pair of peco y points (sl97) and a short crossing (sl93) I got to this: That plywood board is 6ft long, and measuring the width at 4ft I managed to get a 3rd and 4th radius loop along with a short 2nd radius inside. The geometry of the tracks at the bottom of the pic doesn't line up, but flexi track should fix that. Those Y points are about a 3rd radius curve so not too tight, however they do introduce a kink which doesn't flow quite right. I cant think of another option though if I want a double loop.... Now the next problem is the steepness of the incline heading up to the station, if we can figure out how to overcome that it looks like it might work.
  2. Thanks for setting that plan out, that helps me alot. The third upper loop I can do without, but I'd quite like to keep the double reverse loop. Do you think there is any way of moving the points for that onto the curve to gain more room? The upper level looks ok to me, I wonder if it's possible to put the station throat on the incline aswell to lessen the climb? Thanks.
  3. Please excuse the crude MS paint drawing, but this is what I'm hoping to get on a 8x4. I've mocked it up with some of the track I have collected so far and it looks like it will fit, just. Most of the curves are hidden except for the pair on the left side of the board rising from the lower to upper levels. It needs a couple of loco storage sidings adding at the terminus station, but i think it should have some operating potential. Any thoughts guys?
  4. Hi all, picked up an old lima 92 on the cheap but it's missing it's roof details. The pantographs are there, but it has none of the insulators or cable runs. If anyone can help with these, or a cheap loco I can raid for parts please get in touch. Cheers.
  5. That's a good idea using a gentle curve to ease into a sharper one, not all the curve will be visible so that will help with what I have planned. Not having scenery on the outside of the curve wont be too much of an issue, as the visible curve will be in a cutting with a retaining wall both sides. The majority of the setrack curves will be hidden to form a series of return and storage loops, only the ends will be seen. These then exit along the front of the board, and then use the full 4ft board width to gain access to the upper level.
  6. So after alot of searching web stores I have some more brick sheets on their way, it seems due to the current situation all the usual suppliers had sold out. I'm now thinking that some of Peco's OHLE would be a good addition to the layout, a class 90 or 86 hauled freight-liner is something I'd like to recreate.
  7. As above really, anyone have some of these they want to sell? I believe they were also used on the class 20 and 73. Cheers.
  8. Thanks Chris, that's exactly what I was after.
  9. The shots under the canopy are stunning, very atmospheric.
  10. That's a great looking layout. The shot with the 2hal looks very like the approaches to Victoria.
  11. The retaining wall looks great, any more pics of the layout?
  12. Good evening all, hope your having a good weekend. Just a quick update because it made me laugh, it seems he doesn't check his feedback often because my post is still there.
  13. Which looks something like this. I may put another window where the door is or just cover it over altogether, but the effect is there. Obviously the covered stairs will partly fill the gap in the center, but I need to wait for more brick sheet to arrive before I continue. I think a Banner repeater signal will look pretty good fixed up there too.
  14. This old triang model will form the basis for the station building. The plan is make it wider by taking the unseen front side and using it to extend the back wall, the join will be on the passage way through the building. Then I'll cover the whole lot with more SEF brick sheet. I'm using this building as I think the windows have just the look I'm trying to capture, also it will be a sturdy base to use.
  15. Thanks Jim, hopefully it will capture the atmosphere of the old suburban stations in that part of the world, especially once I fit lights in the buildings for some nighttime shots. For the moment the plan is to use the layout for photo's, but I wouldn't rule out incorporating it into something bigger at a later date. The layouts I normally try to build are quite time consuming, so this makes a nice change.
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