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  1. Each to their own! I think it looks like the best thing I've seen since an ex-works green Class 40, and it gave me a chuckle!
  2. Thank You! As succinct an explanation as you could hope for as to why public transport infrastructure needs to be in public ownership, for the benefit of citizens, not shareholders.
  3. Happened regularly with trains reversing in the loop next to Skelton Junction, South Manchester
  4. Thanks - I looked up Mentor, but it appears to date from 1973. I'm sure I saw a film of a very similar coach being used on the wcml earlier than that. I could be wrong!
  5. Used to monitor pantograph wear from a window on the roof - presumably rendered obsolete by video recording? And was it ever used on 1500v dc overhead equipment, as well as the 25 kv?
  6. Thanks for all the responses! So in answer to my original question, an 86 and a 90 were never possible in multiple, controlled from one cab, but lots of other possibilities existed, and happened. Thanks!
  7. Sorry, I realise this must have been asked before - can all 25kv AC electrics operate in multiple if needed, eg 86+90? Thanks
  8. There's a loco in the sidings I think - the bottom of your photo faces east (did you turn it 90 degrees?), and there is what looks like a loco in the sidings on the way to the station
  9. Sorry if it's a silly question, but Class 08, 09 etc have a load of metal boxes / doors to cubby holes on them, and Class 03 generally seem to have none. What do they contain? Thanks!
  10. Basically as I understand it, notwithstanding the aspiration to save fuel on the poster above, when locos couldn't be trusted to restart (I'm sure I remember 47s having crap battery problems), they would be left running. So a universal policy wasn't possible.
  11. The most incredible thing about the 50s is the proportion of them that have survived, despite their apparent many technical problems
  12. Ah yes, how trains in the 70s were enlivened by the presence of our cousins in the football fraternity. And how many similar tales could I tell....
  13. And back on topic (ish).... As far as I know there was just one example of 1500v DC traffic between the Altrincham lines and Woodhead lines at Piccadilly (or London Road, as it was called when it hosted the two 1500v systems) - sort of. This was during WW2, when the prototype Class 76 (later named "Tommy" after further adventures in Holland) was tested on the Altrincham line. Photos are as rare as hens' teeth, presumably because of the elevated levels of secrecy in wartime. Good page on it here; http://www.lner.info/locos/Electric/em1.php
  14. Fair point, I see that. The rebuilt 73s must be assumed to be lined up for sleeper duties for the next 10 years at least though - during which time it must be doubtful that any of them will connect to a 3rd rail. There must be some sort of record for a locomotive in daily service, equipped to use, but never using, an optional power source.....
  15. I'm just astonished that these 3rd rail hybrids were chosen for operation in Scotland, for use on trains that do operate on 25kv OHLE, but never go near a 3rd rail. Surely an efficient electro-diesel approach would have been the creation of a 25kv / diesel hybrid, obviating the need for a loco change at the end of the wires? And is it right that the 73s on the Inverness portion don't even contribute to hauling the train, and are effectively just used as ETHELs? The whole thing just seems eccentric!
  16. Do the Class 73/9s in use in Scotland retain 3rd rail electric capability?
  17. Electric Blue wins by a country mile!
  18. Just seen an article on the Torygraph website, mainline running apparently on hold while brakes are "fine tuned".........
  19. You would never guess from the aerial view on Google that there had been a dual carriageway there. Quite a contrast to the trackbeds of closed railways, which are often easily discernible on Google earth, even if only through subtle differences in vegetation.
  20. Would it not have been a sensible move to leave one traction motor in place, so the units could move themselves (but not haul anything)?
  21. So after these locos were converted, could they no longer run under their own power?
  22. That's interesting, thanks. Anyone able to hazard a guess as to the proportion of freight drivers passed for 08s?
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