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  1. I suspect Manchester London Road in the 1950s is not quite the scale you had in mind, but plenty of terminating passenger and goods trains, with plenty more (admittedly not serving quarries - but maybe a colliery or two?) running off down the side.......
  2. Would I be right in thinking that "main line" locos are now preferred for this sort of shunting work partly because fewer and fewer drivers these days have the necessary experience to drive an 08? Are there examples of 86s or 92s doing shunting work?
  3. Aberdonians seem to be having some problems lately in agreeing what to do with their city centre. I think reinstatement of this Turntable underneath Union Street could only be a good thing! http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/2863426
  4. Double headed Class 31s hauling a long and heavy steel train in this excellent BTF Film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t43udJ8IHDM&index=35&list=PLYOAUJoFdNEgJDtl6dVTWIFC1WdN2jjOK Enjoy!
  5. So my suspicion was correct - none at present, one in the pipeline (excuse the pun!). When was the last in operation?
  6. I think this one must be in the running for tiniest gasworks, on one of the smaller Orkney Islands.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shapinsay#mediaviewer/File:Shapinsaygashouse.jpg
  7. Sorry everyone, the link to a photo on David Hey's website is a cracker, but I don't seem to be able to get it to work! Can anyone help??
  8. Altrincham - sort of. http://www.davidheyscollection.com/userimages/0000-01-s-lathlane-altrincham.jpg Platforms 1 and 2 initially ran through to Bowdon station (3 and 4 were always through to Chester) Then after 1931 1500v electrification, they were through to Bowdon EMU shed. Then after 25 kV conversion in 1969, they kinda became a terminus - but then in the mid-70s the crossing was removed and a flyover built. So, kinda, briefly!
  9. Hmmm.....I remember many years ago having a Mini. I knew that little car like the back of my hand, but I was skint, and couldn't afford to replace the backlight behind the instrument cluster when it blew. All very well driving round town, but a trip on an unlit motorway on a dark night proved most unnerving - I'd have said I was good at judging the speed I was going by sound, but it was actually surprisingly difficult...........
  10. I thought about opening the fire door, but a) were there not quite a lot of times when that would be inadvisable, and b) wouldn't it be a blinding light, destroying night vision, going the wrong way? I was reading about the electrical system on the Peppercorn A1, which said the originals had electric light. Didn't the BR Standards too?
  11. Sorry if this sounds stupid, and I'm feeling a bit sheepish having only thought of this in my 53rd year, but how did crews of steam locos before the advent of electric lighting read gauges etc when out in the pitch-dark-middle-of-nowhere?
  12. When and where was the last ordinary timetabled steam heated service in Britain? And the last loco in service with working steam heat equipment?
  13. The Roundhouse in Camden, North London, ( http://www.roundhouse.org.uk/about-us/history-of-the-roundhouse/), where, I believe, Hawkwind's legendary "Silver Machine" was recorded!
  14. Hello all, I'm new to this forum, and read with interest the thread about evocative abandoned railway sites. Got me thinking though - what about those places now full of interest and activity, that were once dead or dormant? As an occasional traveller on the former MSJA line out of Manchester, now a tramway to Altrincham, the former Warwick Road station, now called Old Trafford, features a view of a substantial tram depot. Same thing near the Gyle shopping centre in Edinburgh, not to mention the reinstated route to Glasgow via Bathgate, and the Waverley line coming back to life. Where else lifts the heart with newfound life?
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