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  1. Just about finished rebuilt IE/IR Dutch GSV (exCIE) kit suitable to run with my Bachmann/MM IE/IR mk2a coaches. I seem to be collecting GSVs and EGVs Like brake vans, I just like them, they ran with every train and had purpose in the moment of people and/or goods.
  2. That layout is fabulous, more akin to film making standards of modelling. Every time I see it I am bowled over. It just reeks of city railway atmosphere. Anthony Smyth posted pics over on FB group of his recently weathered spoil wagons, stunning change in appearance for the better. His sublime weathering soften the bright yellow plastic on the eyes and make the models look extremely desirable.
  3. http://www.derg.ie/albums/workbench/IMG_7412.jpg
  4. RPSI Dutch GSV just about finished, only weathering to do. An enjoyable SF kit http://www.derg.ie/albums/workbench/IMG_7412.jpg
  5. Well Kieran, cleaning out a barn yesterday with my wife she found a bit of tubing that got repurposed. At least something will be behind the windows.
  6. Cheers Kieran, not sure yet. Rummaging around tool shed looking for tubing that's the correct diameter.
  7. Cheers Jonathan. Progress continues. Ready for glazing, buffers, chassis re-fitting and weathering. Might even try lights. A brace of Dutch
  8. RPSI Dutch GSV nearing completion after painting. Varnish, Decals, glazing and weathering left. After receiving advise from a higher authority I decided to invest in one of these. So far its proven silly smooth to use and ultra easy to maintain compared to the inexpensive £20 air brushes I've used this past 36months. The nozzle cap and nozzle are all push to fit, so easy to remove the needle from the front for cleaning after a session. Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CR Plus 2 in 1 ( 0.2mm & 0.4mm )
  9. Two variants of Dutch GSVs nearing completion on the bench. First is a rebuilt Dutch GSV IR/IE tippex Livery to run with Bachmann/MM Mk2a non-aircon coaches with the dayglo orange shade. It was an Irish Freight Models resin kit. The second is an SF kit built as an RPSI Dutch GSV to run with the RPSI mk2 set. A few modifications such as keen sprung corridor connectors and white metal buffers, both Kadee's of course. Fuel tank plus a pair of sprung keen corridor connectors to replace the resin ones that came with the kit. Bogies were resin kits with Hornby style TLCs snipped off and replaced with Kadee no 147 draft gear box couplings.
  10. Looks great. Almost worth buying a cheap Lima 201 for €50 to cut it open and place one of these engines in it as a static display in a loco works. Do you mind me asking where did you get accessories such as the mechanic figures, hoists and working platform? The whole ensemble looks great.
  11. Cheers Kieran. It turned out ok'ish in the end. I reverted to reverse masking for the next project.
  12. 1-2-3 CIE Supertrain or IR/IE Tippex? Tippex it is Phew - you just never know how a paint job is going to turn out until you remove the masking tape Varnish + Decals next, then off with the window masking As Ted said to Dougal "Careful now". Off with that reverse masking.
  13. This recent first mk3 respray has given me an appetite for some more. Another sinful piece of mk3 modernity, alas redeemed on the right by an RPSI Dutch GSV kit in progress. This mk3 will be tippex but using revers masking once again instead of waterslide transfer stripes. x From disaster a few weeks ago to redemption below with the second attempt Removed the mess, cleaned the resin body with spent nuclear fuel this time, re-primed, re-sprayed, and this time the masking did not pull the paint away. Waterslide transfers for the white stripes instead of my usual reverse masking for spray. Next up a kit bashed EGV from this Lima mk3 sleeper coach donor, which has been wasting away in my attic since 1980. Lots of cutting, sawing, filing and filling to do. Therapeutic though.
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