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  1. Some Progress on Gort's cottage sized ticket office Laminated sheets for structural strenght Window surrounds A few more details to do before assembly
  2. The main elements of Gort are now gradually coming together. Loads more to be done, but looking forward to it Pleased with Peco code 75 track I keep putting the brakes on against my instinctive tendency to rush to operating trains
  3. Your very kind. Thank you. A childhood spent assembling model aeroplane kits after meccano and lego. Yes plastic card with Balsa used for some of the structural elements in the larger buildings. Balsa is very stable and doesn't warp unlike plastic card when the surface area gets large. Its very useful for roof structures and side wall supports.
  4. Signal box for Gort railway station Water tower for Gort railway station Gort Goods shed as it was circa 1974 These are now ready for decoration and detailing. Then weathering.
  5. Goods shed is ready for decoration and glazing now Loading bay platform for inside the shed
  6. PS: What adhesive do you normally use to glue the brass sides to the plastic body shell?
  7. Thanks Kieran, that's really helpful. Very resourceful too.
  8. Juggling 3 micro projects. Taking a break from the signal box for a while. Time to progress Gort's iconic water tower. I had to guess dimensions as no access to drawings nor a photo that gave a good visual reference against other objects. But it kind of feels the right size. I made up the water tank last night
  9. Nice job Kieran. Do you mind me asking how did you do the tumblehomes?
  10. While waiting for glue and paint to set on other items. Made a start to the facade of Gort station ticket office building. The window surrounds will be tricky to fabricate. Guessed the dimensions as I could not find any half decent photos of this building from this angle (ie perpendicular elevation from track side). The ceilings on the RHS should be about 8ft and 10ft for the centrals section. Another micro project to chug away at.
  11. Getting there. Facias, ridge tiles, guttering, chimney, steps and window pane detail left to do. Might change the roof slat pattern as they seem too big to my naked eye.
  12. Thanks again @roundhouse. Those photos are really interesting. Noel
  13. Surely but slowly coming together almost ready for assembly. Really enjoying the learning curve on this little signal box.
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