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  1. Pond life, must put some ducks in here or even a swan
  2. Yes they look stunning. The culmination of a dream for the Tesla of the model rail hobby, disruptive, innovative, game changing. My orders haven't arrived yet hope they turn up in the next few days.
  3. Thank you. Unfortunately I had not yet received an email reply to my email query yesterday, just rudely deleted posts. So after reading the link above the answer seems to be July or August next year for the class 37. A simple direct 3 word date answer would have sufficed and been more helpful rather than me having to read through all that. Such delays are first world problems. Will enjoy class 37 whenever delivered. Will be back home in a week, so looking forward to getting a taste of your first ever loco models, the CIE 'A' class. A taste of things to come and the culmination of a dream hatched by four guys. Thanks btw for the helpful tip off 7 years ago, saved me a packet.
  4. Thanks. I didn't receive an email. So after reading the link above the answer seems to be Q1 2022 for the Deltics. Looking forward to them, I can retrieve some of my old BR outline coaching stock to run with them on kingsbridge.
  5. Hi Guys. To save me reading back through the thread, any update please when the AS class 37 pre-orders are expected to ship to customers? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Guys. To save me reading back through the thread, any update on when the AS 'Deltic' pre-orders are expected to ship? Thanks in advance.
  7. The forum has become virtually unusable in the past few weeks with pop up adverts and I've notice some features such as 'like' options have gone. Has RMweb gone the redtop tabloid route? A shame, too much hassle to read this and far too much hassle to bother contributing.
  8. Started working on the lighting circuits, they are powered from the DCC bus.
  9. Gort ready for the next phase which is electricity poles, lighting, trees, station fencing and road weathering. And then finally servo operated signals. This will take some time. ToDo Electricity Poles about the station area Lighting - inside the buildings and street lamps Deciduous Trees Station fencing Road weathering Point rodding along the loop Layout and this scene was inspired by a photo in the wonderful book "Rails through the West" by Jonathan Beaumont and Barry Carse. Gort circa 1970. Buildings scratch built using plastic card and balsa using old photos to work out the building shapes and sizes. Gort had two iconic features, its dominant goods shed and its water tower. Scene based on photo from Book "Rails Through the West" upon which this layout was built. Alas the HLV in 1970 was not fresh out of the carriage paint shop at inchicore (note to self weather that soon). Looking forward to the final mile. But the divil is in the detail, not gonna rush the final few furlongs.
  10. Yes understand that, but it's been 7 years since I was told a proper RTR Irish A class was on the cards. Back then I was about to buy 6 SF A classes and a friend of a friend told me to hang on as a proper A class was coming. So a seven year dream for me to get these epic locos. I understood the genesis of the plan to one day produce an A class model was born 7 years ago. Epic achievement by all concerned, the culmination of a dream I'm sure for your team. Congrats to all.
  11. Happy Days IRM A class locos due to arrive with customers in the coming days Epic climax of an amazing 7 year dream. [EDIT] Announced only 3 years ago, its D-Day next week.
  12. Jonathan where did you source the uniformed LLPs? They look great.
  13. I've 3 of those IFM kits in storage ready for next winters building fest. Too much stuff going on this summer to spend time at work bench. I plan to tweak them a little with things like sprung corridor gangways, sprung buffers, kadee's, passengers, lighting, and some roof vents.
  14. Ps. The IFM PR and laminate don’t look half bad at all. They fit right in.
  15. Those photo sequences better than watching a TV series. Stunning, love the storylines.
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