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  1. Nearly finished the build of my Tamiya Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf F. I replaced the two MG34 with Aber turned offerings as they are so much better (albeit at a price). The link and length tracks are very good and quite easy to assemble. I thinned a few pieces down but the whole kit is very nice. In a couple more days I will start painting. Having a good time, a change does one good! Regards, Craig W
  2. It is very good to see a Iain Rice edition of MRJ and I love the kitten. 282 has just arrived in Australia and is my lunch time reading today. Regards, Craig W
  3. For those inclined towards the P4 or EM path, I ordered a body shell and tender (as spares from DCC supplies) and they arrived yesterday. The body is complete and painted whilst the tender is a complete tender. As I have a separate chassis kit arriving soon, this is a far simpler approach. Regards, Craig W
  4. I have an Iwata HP-C plus and a Custom Micron plus a graphic artist compressor that I can use indoors with out shaking the house down. Did that lot cost me a bit of money? Of course it did. I use both air brushes regularly and have never had any sort of problem. When you enjoy using a tool because it does everything you hope for (and more) you soon forget about the price. Craig W
  5. My copy has arrived in Australia. Tt is a wonderful book and a very fitting tribute to one of the very best model railways (and it's creator) I remember seeing Aylesbury in the history of model and miniature railways when I was about 10 years old (my Grandparents purchased it weekly and gave me the bound volume for Christmas) and have loved it ever since. Buy the book, I promise you will enjoy it! Regards, Craig W
  6. I have always been interested in military modelling and history. I have a very large collection of books and quite a stash of kits too - German WW2 ground forces are y area of interest. I have been putting off building AFV's to concentrate on railways but just felt like I needed to do something different. This is the relatively new Tamiya 1:35 scale Pz. Kpfw. IV Ausf F. It s a very nice kit and is going together nicely. I have replaced the MG34s with machined ones from Master Models and will probably refine the tool clamps a bit but am trying to stop my urge to get carried away. In truth the k
  7. There does seem to be some variation in finish on the 3d printed vans, I am lucky that I have two very good ones. I will certainly get a couple of the GER vans as well, maybe a pre grouping open wagon next? Regards, Craig W
  8. My photo was taken under my desk light with my iphone. There is no discernible stepping on either of my samples regards, Craig W
  9. My two SECR vans arrived today. After having a look at them I decided that there was no time like the present to attempt a P4 conversion. P4 wheels rubbed against the lower part of the W-iron but a few minutes with a dental burr in the Dremel solved that. After this I refitted Gibson wheels (I used spoked ones) and the wheels turn smoothly. The wagons run reasonably well though not as smoothy as a wagon fitted with bearings in my opinion. I have noticed that the roof does not overhang at one end. A few minutes with styrene will solve that and there is no slot in the coupling hook for the links
  10. As I mentioned previously, my order was a substantial one - 150 GB. Having been a satisfied customer of Eileens for quite a few years I felt they deserved a fair go especially when they had explained the source of the delay and how overdue some of their orders were. Today though, I arrived home to find a parcel with everything I ordered. As soon as they get an export process in place again, I will be back. Regards, Craig W
  11. They just put them in different coloured boxes and have other people fawning over them. Craig W
  12. The Engineering prototype looks great and I am glad I have ordered two. The one thing that sticks out to me is the join in the cab sides at the rivet seam. It looks overdone to me and should be a little less obvious. The dome and chimney are very nice and being moulded as part of the boiler (?) has given them a nicely refined flare and join with the boiler. Well done, this is looking very promising indeed. Regards, Craig W
  13. Something a little different. Tumbarumba is a town in the deep south of New South Wales. The branch was opened in the early 1920s and flood damage provided an excuse for the railways to suspend services in 1974. As was usual for here, the line then sat in a state of suspended animation with nature - and farmers slowly reclaiming the right of way. I went for a road trip there ain 1985 and spent quite a few hours walking around absorbing the atmosphere of one of our "pioneer" lines. This is a scan of a slide and is on the road leading into the town. The level crossing is still marked but the loc
  14. I have a very substantial order that I paid for at the end of November. Waiting for Gibson wheels since then. They can't help it if they cannot get parts from suppliers. Sit, wait and be patient. Regards, Craig W
  15. I went to a friends wedding a few years ago and took my camera to take a few photos. As it was a waterfront wedding I took my 24-70 and 70-200 lenses so I could take a couple of coastal snaps. 30 minutes before the wedding the professional photographer called in sick. Guess who played fill in for the night? The processing was never ending but they were delighted with the results. Never again though and certainly not as a paying gig. I like my photography and model making as hobbies! Regards, Craig W
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