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  1. It is a shame you cant have an aluminium foil helmet as an icon.
  2. In addition to 1, Number 78 is preserved at Thirlmere. The 8 in the class were built in the mid 1870s. 78 was on display at Enfield Loco depot from the mid 1920s and wen the site was used as the first by the Rail Transport Museum she became part of the collection. Regards, Craig W
  3. Airmail - especially for books has gone through the roof in the last few years. I purchased a copy of LNWR wagons recently and the post was 27GBP. The VAT on your side is a bit of a whack extra though. That being said, paypal is very generously collecting GST on all imports for our Government - even on things that are GST exempt! Regards, Craig
  4. Kev, If you locate the book here and they won't ship to the UK PM me. We can exchange details and I will buy and ship for you. Regards, Craig
  5. Apparently it only works one way. I have ordered things from the UK for about 35 years with no issues. I would expect "add to cart" works exactly the same with shops this side of the globe. I have the book, it is lovely. Purchased it after camping for a week and riding on the Walhalla Railway. Regards, Craig
  6. The wheels are likely to be chemically blackened and the result is usually a lighter colour and a sheen. Unforgiveable is perhaps a bit of a stretch. It is not all that hard to airbrush or paint them really. I know, should be done on an RTR model that costs etc...... Regards, Craig W
  7. My modelling interest lies in 1920s GWR and also industrial. As I aso model to P4 standards there is not a great deal of RTR that interests me although Hornby have tempted me with a few industrial locos of late. There is not much rolling stock that fits though but the Oxford 12T tank wagon did catch my eye. My impressions of Oxford models to date have been rather mixed. Mixed enough that I have not felt inclined to purchase. The tak wagon did look good though and receipt of the model from the UK showed that Oxford really have lifted their game. I ran a ruler over it after checking drawings and
  8. Yet freelance passenger coaches are welcomed with open arms. Go figure. Craig W
  9. I am going to be a bit different to the norm and suggest The Martin Finney range of kits as models that have stood the test of time. The earliest models date from the 1980s. They raised the bar on kit accuracy and quality at the time and even now are still up with the best. Regards, Craig W
  10. When exhibitions start up again keep an eye out for those that Mr Coopercraft is listed as attending. He will often have sprues for sale. I have a friend in the UK who has purchased in this manner for me and I now have 18 x 4 plank wagons that i have accumulated. I only purchase the body sprues as i replace the underframe totally with Morgan design parts and make a new floor from Styrene. Regards, Craig W
  11. Not only Auscision though - all the Australian manufacturers supply "high end' products. But because of the size of the Australian market they have prices that UK modellers would gag at. Craig W
  12. Absolutely nothing. That is the process that Guy Rixon and Bill Bedford use. Printed bases and turned steel rams. I tried some Bill Bedford 3d printed axleboxes and springs a few years back and was not impressed. But printing has improved a great deal in that time and 3d printed springs, axleboxes and buffer bases are my standard items in kit builds now. Craig W
  13. I have posted this in a couple of other places so some of you may have seen it. The last few years I have been buying negatives on Ebay. Nothing serious and no plans, just things I like. A few weeks back this negative turned up and I was lucky enough to win it at a sensible price. While you see a few BR era negatives come up, pre nationalisation Goods wagon negs are not real common. Hence my excitement. The subject in question is a Mink C from Lot 528, built in 1906-1907. The centre body side bracing has been changed and is different to all other photos I have seen. The van behind
  14. Warren is in a Facebook group called GWR modellers. He posted about the 7mm scale 15xx he is releasing and was asked if he would be prepared to do it in 4mm scale. He indicated he would if there orders for 25 kits (I think) Suffice to say that there was enough interest. If you email him there might be some available - I am not sure. Delivery is imminent. Although well outside my era of interest I like the look of the 15xx and wanted to support someone prepared to do this sort f thing. That is my excuse anyway. Next up looks like it will be his W12 cattle wagon reduced to 4mm scale. There are g
  15. Warren Shepherd has released a limited run 4 mm scale etched kit. Looks like a 4mm scale GWR W12 cattle Wagon will be next Regards, Craig W
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