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  1. Surely the obvious solution is for MRJ to be nationalised? Craig W
  2. I completely forgot I posted that on here Compound... thanks for the reminder. I am a shocker at trying to update things everywhere so I concentrate my efforts on my workbench blog on the S4 Forums. My In laws, who moved in with us about 5 years ago have both passed away this year and I have been very up and down with things as a result. The creative juices are finally starting to bubble again so I must get on and get into things again. Craig W
  3. I view locos as things you use so that you do not leave a sweaty finger print pushing coaches and wagons around. Craig W
  4. The brake gear was not replaced, DC3 usually stayed as built unless later vacuum fitted. it conformed to requirements so there was no real benefit in spending money to replace it . The ends illustrated were rebuilt from the 1920s into the twin vents and they were near universal by the post WW2 years, probably even earlier. Craig W
  5. Would Sir like a cheese platter with his whine?
  6. Shellshock, Really nice to see a Finney build and a P4 one at that. I had one of these built for me by John James in this condition, it really does look good. I am not sure if it is camera distortion, but to me the cab seems to be leaning ever so slightly backwards - it may be worth checking Regards, Craig W
  7. It will remain relevant if you buy it. As others have mentioned, the society stores stock many items quite a lot of which can be used without issues in the other 4mm gauges. The forum is one of the best and the society magazine is on par with many commercial magazines. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Craig W
  8. It is a conversion of an existing 3 plank D wagon. No wagons were built new in this form. Conversion intended for carrying firewood. Regards, Craig w
  9. The O13 wagons were fitted with DC2, so no O13 from this underframe! Regards, Craig w
  10. The iron work on the O3 and O4 5 plank open wagons was a flat section - as on this model. From O9 onwards this was changed to L section and this continued down and curved around under the door to a mounting on the underframe. If you look at a photo of an O11 or O15 it is very distinctive. It also has a side diagonal with curved feet whereas O11 and O15 have straight feet diagonals that are at a different angle. The body is probably closest to an O3, the first of the higher sided 5 plan wagons which have a wider top plank. Whether these were ever fitted with DC3 brakes is another matter as they were built with DC1 or DC2 Regards, Craig W
  11. It appears to be a curious hybrid of O4 ironwork and body mounting with O11 body height, plank spacing and underframe. Interesting. Craig W
  12. No they won't, nor will anybody else. Because if these are successful it shows that "the market" is happy with a freelance fantasy. Why would anybody bother doing research and trying to make things right? Apparently, when you go further back in time making things up is more acceptable than it would be for modelling the current era or anything back to the 1950s. I have no beef with Hattons doing these, they are the ones putting the money up. But this is not a step forward in the RTR availability of pre grouping. If anything, by satisfying a perceived thirst for 4 and 6 wheel coaches it will fill the void. Craig W
  13. The one I linked to is a full panelled version of the EHO, these had all been rebuilt well before WW2 and they are also produced in the "as delivered" livery. Granted, they are not 1870s-1890s vintage stock, but I am really scratching to think of much in the way of RTR UK rolling stock that is accurate even for the 1910-1920 period. Regards, Craig W
  14. We actually have a pretty keen group of local modellers who are producing early NSW rolling stock now. Still a way to go but getting there. Here is a link to a Passenger van produced by SDS in early condition - injection moulded RTR. This aside there are kits being produced or that have been available. The Hattons coaches would probably exceed the loading gauge by the time you took the scale difference into account sadly. http://www.sdsmodels.com.au/xehop.htm Regards, Craig W
  15. Terry (NSWGR 1855) is a modeller of the NSWGR in HO scale and a pretty accomplished one at that . On my reading of things, he purchased a Single and wanted some coaches to display behind it. Plainly, the Hattons ones will not satisfy him. Making suggestions or comments about things is perfectly valid though no matter how much some may dislike the idea. Here is a youtube video of a DCC fitted loco on the layout of NSWGR 1855. He has done plenty of kit building and wanted something simple for once! Craig W
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