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  1. Well doesn't time fly, and what strange times we live in. Here is an older version of the above Squidlet examining the night sky through his binoculars:
  2. "This doesn't look like Sodor any more" said Annie with a worried tone in her voice. "My axle boxes are getting all hot and bothered", complained Clarabel.
  3. Wonderful thing, the internet. I've acquired a few random "Rule 1" models only to later accidentally stumble upon a photograph validating their presence on my layout.
  4. I thought it might be Centro at first glance, but the green doesn't look "strong" enough, the lower stripe seems thicker than on the Centro livery and it doesn't have the yellow square Centro logo panels on the sides. I wonder if it's just the normal "Provincial" pale blue which has become discoloured? This is what the Centro livery looked like in my memory: 150122 Barnetby by British Rail 1980s and 1990s, on Flickr
  5. Tokyo, 1990. I think I've seen this in slightly later videos too.
  6. Some rather blurry film footage from Snow Hill at about 5:18 here:
  7. A pair of orange-painted Class 50s hauling a passenger train down the middle of an urban road? For certain values of "Class 50".
  8. Came across this Flickr group: British Export Trains
  9. A bit late to the party but that's a Berlin tram (refurbished Tatra) on the former east Berlin network. https://moovitapp.com/index/de/ÖPNV-line-62-BerlinBrandenburg-1663-852203-581778-0
  10. This picture puts me in mind of some grand Victorian-era masterpiece with an incongruously placed Pacer thingy and a gronk.
  11. I'm happy with the earliest available version.
  12. C13848 and C13847: looking at the destination blinds, presumably those units could only serve stations with up to about 6 letters in their name?
  13. Err, weren't they built in Germany in the first place?
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