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  1. Lovely little diorama: 56031 Class 56 arrives at Leamington Spa with 1Z38 - the Midland Executive railtour by themightyhood, on Flickr The bashers hanging out of the coach windows are a nice touch you don't see modelled often.
  2. I have no idea about this loco, but it looks like someone went "hmm, let's see what we get if we can combine large logo without the actual large logo, Railfreight red stripe and a dash of Regional Railways light blue for good measure".
  3. It's the "New Shuttle", a dinky little gadgetbahn tacked onto the sides of the Shinkansen viaduct from Omiya Station, to the north of Tokyo, see e.g.: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ファイル:New_Shuttle_Ina_Line.JPG First stop north of Omiya is the JR East railway museum: https://www.railway-museum.jp/e/
  4. The scratch-built shed provides a convincing background for the Duff. 47711 'COUNTY OF HERTFORDSHIRE' CLAPHAM JUNCTION 21.3.94 by Matt Towe, on Flickr Trackwork is top-notch too.
  5. Wonderful thing, the internet. I've acquired a few random "Rule 1" models only to later accidentally stumble upon a photograph validating their presence on my layout.
  6. This also works the other way, sometimes stuff goes up at a price way below the normal market value, I've got a few bargains that way. Personally never had any problems with second-hand N gauge from Widnes/Liverpool, a large part of my British fleet comes from there. It does help if you study the photos carefully and know what bits should be on the loco.
  7. I thought it might be Centro at first glance, but the green doesn't look "strong" enough, the lower stripe seems thicker than on the Centro livery and it doesn't have the yellow square Centro logo panels on the sides. I wonder if it's just the normal "Provincial" pale blue which has become discoloured? This is what the Centro livery looked like in my memory: 150122 Barnetby by British Rail 1980s and 1990s, on Flickr
  8. Tokyo, 1990. I think I've seen this in slightly later videos too.
  9. Some rather blurry film footage from Snow Hill at about 5:18 here:
  10. A pair of orange-painted Class 50s hauling a passenger train down the middle of an urban road? For certain values of "Class 50".
  11. Came across this Flickr group: British Export Trains
  12. A bit late to the party but that's a Berlin tram (refurbished Tatra) on the former east Berlin network. https://moovitapp.com/index/de/ÖPNV-line-62-BerlinBrandenburg-1663-852203-581778-0
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