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  1. Tokyo, 1990. I think I've seen this in slightly later videos too.
  2. Some rather blurry film footage from Snow Hill at about 5:18 here:
  3. A pair of orange-painted Class 50s hauling a passenger train down the middle of an urban road? For certain values of "Class 50".
  4. Came across this Flickr group: British Export Trains
  5. A bit late to the party but that's a Berlin tram (refurbished Tatra) on the former east Berlin network. https://moovitapp.com/index/de/ÖPNV-line-62-BerlinBrandenburg-1663-852203-581778-0
  6. This picture puts me in mind of some grand Victorian-era masterpiece with an incongruously placed Pacer thingy and a gronk.
  7. I'm happy with the earliest available version.
  8. C13848 and C13847: looking at the destination blinds, presumably those units could only serve stations with up to about 6 letters in their name?
  9. Err, weren't they built in Germany in the first place?
  10. FWIW this info is from the March newsletter: https://us8.campaign-archive.com/?u=f24e36cafcafabf07d09722c1&id=340d4864ef
  11. 'Victim fashion': Netherlands rail defends controversial campaign amid backlash
  12. Graffiti artists trying not to be seen when hit by train, inquest told Lots of talk of "painting" and "artwork".
  13. I can't help with the UK, but here in Japan they wouldn't count as plastic recyclables. Have you thought about selling them? There is some demand for empty boxes.
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