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  1. The Germans used a lot of horses as well for transport., many of them purchased from Ireland. The British army was highly mechanised, in fact it was ahead of even the USA on that matter. A lot of the surplus horses were sold to Irish dealers who then sold them on to the Germans.
  2. Afternoon all from Estuary-Land. A bit late on parade but a big shop in preparation for the long weekend left me knackered so an eyelid inspection was required. Now to catch up on RMweb and Farcebook.
  3. On the BBC Breakfast show this morning there was a government minister talking about the energy cap and she kept mentioning the Labour leader Ed Miliband.
  4. I noticed in some of the photographs that part of the Monaco circuit once had tramlines.
  5. Morning all from Estuary-Land. I just couldn't get to sleep last night and didn't nod off until almost 2 am. Not helped by Arthur Itis banging on his drum. Still can't stop yawning so a bit of eyelid inspection is in order.
  6. * BUSES Routemaster, B type and Opel Blitz.
  7. An interesting story about the winner of the first Monaco GP. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Grover-Williams There is a better article in today's NY Times but it's behind a paywall.
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