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  1. Also on the workbench this evening was the trial fitting of some brass sprung UIC buffers to a Lima Ferry wagon. I need to add some correct sized wheels, then re-set the buffer heights and widths. Here is the before picture.. Now the 'first draft' with the replacement buffers... Some additional fettling is required..
  2. I am determined to get the LSWR van finished.. The second end was added and some wood strip sanded down to create the timbers on the end, here having a test 'sit' on the underframe.. Here is a side view..
  3. The Underframe had some fettling to allow it to be fitted to the body. Although the Slaters underframe had wooden solebars, I have decided to recreate a diagram 1408 steel underframed version. The front of the solebar will be smoothed off and a cosmetic steel solebar added... The underframe assembly will be split down the middle and each section screwed in place to the body. First dry run against the part built body.. I need to check the ride height as the buffer height is very important.
  4. First 2 axleguards in place. They need to dry overnight before adding the others. Showing the WB increased to 10’6” This is the body waiting for its final end to be fitted.
  5. While the body is assembled I was thinking of the underframe. I had a Slaters Midland Railway Van, a bit short and maybe a touch too early for me. It was an ebay purchase with defective buffers. The underframe timbers were quite deep, but it would be my donor. I stripped off the underframe and reviewed the parts. The wheels stood quite a way off the axle boxes, so snipped a bit off each axle stub and cleaned the ends with a file. The sole bars are moulded as a channel, so the lower web would form a good location for a new part to join the solebar sections. I had a measure and drew up a plate that would give a nice set the underframe timbers at the correct width and allow the increase in wheelbase from 9' to 10'6". The first axleguard has been cemented onto the base and the parts rest on a square to harden.
  6. The cold weather is here... I always seem to be sorting out stuff. There’s so much of it... Work has been quite intense, but interesting. I’ve had a couple of trips to the Mendips so cannot complain. On the modelling front l have re-activated my LSWR van in card. The intention was to use a wooden core, for stability and weight. As my woodworking skills are poor, I improvised. These 3 parts will form the core. Craftily joined with card to create a solid with square corners. It’s amazing what you can do with PVA and a load of clamps. Tomorrow the sides and ends go on.
  7. The Grain and Feed Mill is being re-worked.... Some roof work tomorrow.
  8. I found a couple of part built kits. So place marked them on the baseboard.
  9. This is my crude effort.
  10. Friday Night is Railway Night I took my 4 corridor coaches to a friends layout to give them a run. Turned on the lights and assembled them in the track. A Heljan 31 to start, then a Black Five. Everybody was impressed. I looked at the height against the 31 and have to lay on the track to spot the extra height.
  11. Here are a couple of shots from the Worthing Show. My second opportunity to operate this inspirational layout. Here the Yard Pilot is shunting, lovely loco to use. A bit big for the need. But very nice. Then the Hudswel Clarke Estate loco. A busy scene. Big thanks to Chaz. Plus his team.
  12. Just back from a great day at Telford. Look what’s getting shunted into Brighton Works.... Well done to all the team.
  13. Today at Telford I am looking for brick paper or styrene, manhole covers, drains and other detail parts.
  14. Staying near Telford ready for Guildex. Need to have great will power. My list for wagons is only buffers and etched brakework. Maybe grey paint and decals.
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