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  1. More Sunday ballasting. Another 2 platforms done and the area that was the center road
  2. Managed to get the track sprayed with rust and then sleeper grime. Used a new airbrush (Iwata high performance plus from eBay) . Made spraying sleeper grime possible without masking. Have now experimented with woodland scenics stone ballast secured with Klear which seems to give the look I desire on one of the platforms. Now everything is tested and sill working so time to ballast the lot. Just in dilemma whether I do the signaling first?
  3. What colours do you use on this Rail Blue look if I may ask??
  4. Worked on the power cab fine on test. Seems to be the railcom issue. Need to work out how to turn railcom off as the ESU unit doesn’t allow that change in the quick menu
  5. Hi Guys, Do you have any advice on this thread??? Just have an issue with the address on a 156...thanks
  6. Now maybe.... Announced https://www.facebook.com/suttonslocoworks/
  7. Have a question if anyone can help. Fitted @legomanbiffo sound chips to both cars supplied by @charliepetty Programmed them to a 4 digit address on my old powercab (both with same address). bow when I put them on the layout with my ESU system the railcom says it cannot have 2 decoders with same address?? Any ideas what May be the best way round this?? thanks russell
  8. @Trains4U just fired mine up today and after nearly 10 years in a box, it runs a treat. However do you have a copy of the sounds and function keys still? Can’t find the paperwork Russell
  9. so the Hurst option or bashing are still the only options... thanks for the info
  10. hi all, some great info here, thanks to all. Am I right in thinking a TRSB in Swallow is yet to be produced by Hornby. any ideas what options are open, so far I only found a blue grey 3 car pack thanks Russell
  11. Also been getting the ECoS set up. i love the fact I can load the icons to make it very easy for to find locos. Setting up a.m track plan was a little challenge but once you get the hang of it, it’s fairly logical
  12. The main scenic boards seen looking towards the station. The industry sidings discussed here will be based on the Cobra building at Wakefield. I am now slowly working on checking the running of all the lines into the station. Came across some dodgy wiring today so this week will be trying to debug and tidy the last couple of boards wiring. The last photo looks out from the station. Platforms are numbered 1-6 (from the right in the photo). 1,4 & 5 will mainly handle dmus. The gap between 4 and 5 will be a disused middle road. I wanted to have the center road but unfortunately the baseboard joint offered no possibility to lay the point. there is also a short siding for a station pilot as I have a large selection of 08’s. This will be used in conjunction with platforms 5 & 6 that will also have prxeös traffic. Platforms 2 and 3 have been modelled to take a cross country HST set or even have a loco run round or a new loco attached.
  13. The board that links front to back so to speak has 2 short sidings. I had planned to make a small shed or stabling point, however I have run into a problem that the curve into the sidings from the fiddle yard is too tight for a Bachmann 37. I need to check a couple of other locos but I think co-co arrangements will struggle. If this is the case then I will most probably create 2 sidings for DMU’s there is a y point on the main as this was the only way I could get access to all fiddleyard roads. I would want this on an exhibition layout but as it will stay at home it will be fine hidden by the scenic break
  14. All points are powered by tortoise motors decoded mainly by DCC concepts ADS decoders
  15. So with the last year causing some restrictions in working and a workload from the past 10 years being a little less, it thought I would finally get something done over the past year on the layout that was thought about here the boards are from an old n gauge project and I added to it to take the layout round the room. The first photos show the fiddle yard during testing. The main storage roads are Peco flexi track but I linked them to Tillig Elite with the peco multi code joiners.
  16. Interesting. Definitely a hobby business by the way it was packed and send but good to hear he offered the landscape ones. I never thought of it and have already posted +ve feedback. I need to look at the sizing in advance if I reorder and then would probably message in advance to be on the safe side
  17. Very fast delivery actually from Greece, so not sure where the China part came in on the Email description. A nice bundle of A4 sheets, my only criticism would life would have been easier if they were landscape and not portrait orientation. However the colouring is great, a nice mix and I think fairly close to what I need. I will make up some test walls in due course. Now the interesting and clever part (it took me a couple of days to realise as I never looked at the back.) It is textured as the photos shows. So when you look from the front side you get some feel rather than some photo papers that I dislike. However it wasn't until I turned it over that I realised the pattern doesn't match the bricks and is actually just wallpaper (which is what the ebay description says). The great thing is you turn it over and as the wall print is so 'busy' you cannot tell from any normal viewing distance and you really have to stare to notice. Thanks @Ben Alder for the recommendation. Will post some wall pics when I get that far.
  18. i really like the look and qty to price it was a no brainer. Will see what turns Up.
  19. This looks interesting, just a little concerned about a seller in Greece and supplier from China, but at that price it may be worth the risk shame there are no pics, as the brickwork below looks good. The only issue here are the stones are uniform in size unlike the brickwork in Sheffield. will see if I can find some bigger pics, thanks I always wonder what the photo quality will be like on a big scale, whether it then looks to artificial or flat thanks not heard of there, will look at their site
  20. Hi everyone, I like the look of wills SSMP200 https://www.gaugemasterretail.com/magento/model-railways/wills-brand5/wills-ssmp200.html in order to recreate retaining walls like Sheffield (Shown here) However the sheets are only 13cm long and I am going to be needing at least 12 foot plus I intend to use the same material for the platform sides. Does anyone have any other ideas, either embossed or photo realistic options. I tried slaters and evergreen but could put really see anything suitable. I am not up to date with all the options or companies in this space. thanks Russell
  21. Got it thanks. The point is actually more or less off scene so I’ve made it too complicated. In reality thinking about it, the point isn’t there and the 3 aspect is the first one In a series of blocks after leaving the station so the signal doesn’t really need to be linked to the position of the point. If the point is set against it (which want be seen) then in theory it’s just a red as if there is a train in the next block.
  22. Hi everyone i am looking for the easiest way to achieve this: I have a Y point that allows access from fiddleyard to the up and down lines. I wish to place a 3 aspect signal prior to entry to the fiddle yard. I am planning to purchase an AD2FX as there are only 2 points on this board. If the point is set against, signal should naturally show red. When open it should then change to green. As train passes it should then default to red and then run through amber back to green unless the point gets changed again. My questions: 1: I assume I would need some form of detector? 2: Can the ECoS programme this sequence or will it need an additional module. Thanks to any experts who can help make sense of this Russell
  23. Has anyone done a comparison of the Backmann and Dapol one? I understand the Dapol one is a few years old now, any pros or cons?
  24. The Cobra facility at Wakefield is for sure looking like at an inspiration but I also like the photo above from Cardiff. Having seen the different amount of traffic that seemed to go into Cobra, this could be an ideal solution. Was there a kit or ready made version of this building? i seem to recall seeing it somewhere, no idea why however? Pikestuff unit seems to be similar
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