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  1. At last some good luck with DC Rail 60028! After numerous failed attempts at getting a photo of it, 60028, in the attractive blue Cappagh Group of Companies branding, is photographed at Balshaw Lane Junction running very early on the 6C59 Chaddesden Sidings to Carlisle Kingmoor Virtual Quarry. Chuffed to bits to finally see it . . . In sunshine too!
  2. Good evening everyone. Progress on the layout has slowed down somewhat due to work, decorating and lighter nights and longer days meaning I can get out to do some photography. However, I have put together a short video of a running session I had over the Easter Bank Holiday. Hopefully I can progress with more scenics soon.
  3. An awesome looking 31128 Charybdis heads the 1Z29 Ashton In Makerfield to Crewe Branch Line Society special, The Sunday Yicker over Carr Mill Viaduct in St Helens. West Coast Railway Company 37668 was on the rear. Note the timely water sport action causing some serious ripples!
  4. DRS CATS 68017 & 68005 power the 6K41 Valley to Crewe flask train through Llanfairfechan on The North Wales Coast. Fortunately it had just stopped raining!
  5. Freightliner 70015 negotiates Hunt Cliff hauling the 6F23 South Bank Tees Dock to Boulby Mine.
  6. TPE 802 on a Liverpool Lime Street to Newcastle service passing over Saddleworth Viaduct.
  7. Good evening. Today I have finally got round to building my final Metcalfe low relief which will complete the seaside promenade buildings. So from left to right we now have a fast food shop, Bucket and Spade novelty/gift shop, Golden Sands hotel, a haunted house attraction, Pot Luck amusements, Sea View Hotel, Charlie's Chippy and The Crown and Anchor. Another new addition is the ice cream van. Two other shops are Pandora Fashons and King of Rock right at the back. Here are some photos that some of the day trippers got of GBRf 50049 on a rail tour today.
  8. Good evening. I've not done anything on the layout during the week. I do have some scenic items on order and these Bulkscene Network Rail 1 tonne ballast hippo bags arrived today. They look quite good placed along the track side and in the compound. I also have another Woodland Scenics tree armature kit that has arrived. There are a few other things to arrive next week so I will make a scene and photograph them next week. Below is Freightliner 70006 heading away from the seaside.
  9. Good evening here is a little video of some freights featuring class 60, 70, 37 and 31.
  10. Good evening. It's been a busy week at work once again so limited time on the layout. So below is the seaside area. Here I have put in some extra vegetation mainly to block the backboard between the tigers and shops. I've done the curb for the footpath by the shops. I also turned my attention to the canal. The main job here is to raise the bed of the canal as the narrow boat sits too low. Jobs done:- Canal walling. Decided to use stone as the canal around Wigan Pier is stone and not piling. Made a Wigan Pier - an old set of tracks. Made a wooden pier which ext
  11. That river and dock lands look brilliant Russ shown off with some good photographs. Is the dock edge scalemodel scenery canal piling or did you make it yourself? If it was scalemodel scenery can you easily cut it down so not as high? Thanks. Peter.
  12. Good evening. The tiger enclosure left me with a isolated pontoon of land sticking up so I had to think of a way of carrying it on. So I carried on the retaining wall and added some tall bushes with the vision that behind the bushes the small zoo continues behind them. The class 56 is in the head shunt for the aggregate terminal. So jobs on the layout done this weekend are:- More retaining wall. More ballasting in this area done. Filled the gap between 2 backboards (needs painting when dry). To the left of the tall bushes I think I may have enough
  13. Good evening. Had a hour or so on the layout tonight. Ive done a small section of ballasting. With my final 2 tree armatures I've added some Woodland Scenics fine leaf foliage. I cut off some of the low branches on 1 armature and made some saplings with them. A comment/suggestions recently was to add a load to each skip in the old mill yard so I trawled through my box of plastic bits and cut a load of bits and bobs and glued them in. It all adds to the scene! Other things I can still do in this area are:- Some Network Rail site compound signs. Bits of pallets or other
  14. I will do the same! I used that trick on my skips some years ago and poured watered down PVA over the items but over time the moulds fell out and I lost the skip loads. I will get round to it again. Thanks for the tip and comment.
  15. Good evening. This weekend I finally did the ground cover in the Network Rail compound and the lane leading to it. I also applied chopped lichen and glued it to the banking dropping down to the factory yard. I also finally got some Woodland Scenics fine leaf foliage so i have made a few more trees with the plastic armature i have left and placed them in the same area. Strategically positioned to try and block off the blank blue backboard between buildings etc.
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