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  1. Just wanted to round this topic off with an update. The power supply I am using is an HP one from an old laptop so my guess is that it is suitably regulated. The power supply is working and I see no side effects on the DR4018. Setting up a small route in JMRI to switch crossovers works well with the default delay of 250ms between triggering outputs. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Thank you for that. I have been using ADS-8fx but I broke one of the outputs when I was dabbling with frog polarity and suffered a short. I know the DR4018 does not have any frog polarity facility. I have been doing the polarity from the switch on the seep motors or using Gaugemaster DCC80s. I did have pairs of points for crossings being controlled from a single ADS-8fx output but realise I cannot do that with the DR4018. I am controlling everything from JMRI via DCC++ and was going to insert a short wait between the crossing point changes.
  3. I have just purchased a DR4018 to drive 8x PECO and Seep solenoid point motors. I understand that, for best performance, I should use a power supply external to the DCC bus and that the range documented in the manual is 12-18V DC or 12-18V AC, 3 amp max draw. I have an old power supply lurking around which is 18.5V 3.5A DC output. Could this be used safely with the DR4018 or is the extra 0.5V going to break it?
  4. Hi, I am unable to access the jmri.org site. It tells me the following .... This site can’t be reached jmri.org took too long to respond. I have tried this from 3 different devices on two different networks (home and work) ... it worked from both previously (maybe 6 months ago) Is anyone else seeing this issue? Thanks
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