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  1. http://www.rail-online.co.uk/p634483962/h18b1172b#h18b1172b Here's another one of it with 860. If I were a betting man I'd say the skirts were a different colour but the photo is not entirely conclusive. EDIT: http://www.rail-online.co.uk/p634483962/h179afcc8#h179afcc8 Yet another, albeit even less conclusive. Although 864 is not mentioned, it's the in the centre of the photo. Of note is the two phot's show both ends of 860 have a blue streak where rain water has washed the dirt away on its way down from the nose. 864 has no such mark - all appears brown.
  2. There's a book (forget which one) with a colour phot of it on the scrapline at Swindon and the frames do still appear to be brown. The rest of the loco appeared washed-out blue but below the solebar was all brown. I think the fact all Western and Warship frames tended to get covered in brake dust and appeared to be beyond the reach of the wash plants meant it was not obvious the loco was any different to the rest.
  3. If i had to bet I'd say the nameplate suggests Pathfinder.
  4. I think that was a tour rather than service train. Dad took a few of phot's of it, including a lovely one at Cheltenham St James with D1006 on the tour and a very tatty D1068 alongside on a regular Paddington train - I'd post it but it's his photo, not mine.
  5. I think we may have our wires crossed. The phot of D6973 is with D9544 after the latter failed, not derailed. On the left of the picture you can see railings next to the track and on the right high level sidings. This fits Avon colliery at Abergwynfi, not Glyncorrwg (the latter was in a much more cramped setting). Have a look at http://www.welshcoalmines.co.uk/GlamWest/Avon.htmand the photo of 9678 at Abergwynfi on Six Bells Junction (Y Draig Goch, 21/11/64).
  6. More likely cleaned by said jackets brushing past...
  7. Andy, the first one certainly appears to be Duke - Crewe loco, no stickers, short name, only Western with a name ending in 'E' other than Enterprise. As you say, the second loco gives the impression of D1065's unique cowl and is it is definitely the right end for said embellishment. It has to be said, it's been a bit of an eye-opener to me just how easy some Thousands are to identify with just a few clues - always assumed it was just the Warships that were so easy to pin down. Great photo's, by the way.
  8. Andy, you can rule out D1024 - it was withdrawn in early February.
  9. I'd say the middle loco in the top phot is either D1056 or D1071 as the warning flashes appear to indicate a Crewe-built Western. On the basis the flashes on the engine nearest the sea denote a Swindon-built Thousand, it is one of D1005, D1025, D1026, D1027 or D1029. Great photo's.
  10. I reckon you're right. Definitely a Crewe loco and if you look closely the exhaust only stains the roof towards the coaches so looks like first working.
  11. Public. I would guess it was possibly booked a DMU but hauled due to either shortage of DMU's or capacity issues. The Marches went over to loco & stock around this time for the same reason. Out of interest, are the Cardiff - Crewe trains in the coach working diagrams? Looking at the timetable (it was the first winter Saturday), there are no instances of two down trains being booked into Cardiff within 26 minutes of each other between 13:12 and 18:18 (other than where an HST is involved). Lighting conditions and the presence of what appears to be 1V92 certainly fit.
  12. Just checked Dad's moves and found he had his first Hymek from Neath on 19/04/62 (D7025). They seem to have been pretty solid on expresses by the summer. He didn't have a Western until June '63 (after a few dozen Hymek moves) but they were soon the dominant traction. Danygraig got it's first batch of 03's in the second half on 1959 (D2114-D2127). 08's arrived three years earlier, at Llanelli and Neath.
  13. My mistake - misread the footnote in the timetable. It was a Weston train (no pun intended). Taking into account the second phot it looks a fair bet to have been 13:15 Cardiff - Weston-super-Mare then 16:30 Weston-Super-mare - Cardiff. The latter was due in Cardiff at 18:12. Alongside is a Peak, and the 14:23 Manchester - Cardiff (a fairly soild Peak turn) was due to terminate at 18:18. According to UK Weather, sunset in Cardiff on 9th October is 18:33, so that would appear to fit.
  14. Only problem is, 9th October was a Saturday. I suspect it was the 13:15 Cardiff - Plymouth.
  15. I was on that! We had it Neath to Plymouth, Totnes to Neath. Dad had a cab ride from Bridgend on the return as he was involved in the organisation. Dad has photo's of my brother and I admiring D1023 at Laira after it had gone on shed for fuel. It is one of my few vague memories of Thousands in service (I was only four at the time!). We went to Laira, then the Dart Valley Railway...
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