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  1. Got one on my workbench. Length is 155mm. Height from platform to truss girders is 45mm.
  2. So, a passenger train travelling over a set of trailing points in the facing direction. An exception to the rules? Also happened on a daily basis at Halwill Junction. Number 16 points if I remember correctly.
  3. Just going back to the Settle-Carlisle. There used to be a Hellifield to Hawes train. So how did that get across to the branch at Garsdale?
  4. Peco Y point nearest camera, then set track.
  5. I just tried it with a class 20. Same result. If you are using scale couplings then the only way I have been able to negotiate it is to uncouple and then propel. I do have some mineral wagons fitted with Kadee couplers and they work fine, but of course the buffers are not touching at all and that may not be acceptable?
  6. I have just tried my Heljan class 40 over a set. The locomotive makes it ok, but if you have anything coupled to the loco, then that buffer locks and derails every time.
  7. Just an observation. I just wired a tortoise on the work bench to a pair of AA batteries in series (3V) and it drove across ok. Not very quickly but 3V is enough.
  8. And you are using a DC power supply?
  9. So, you have 3 wires then? One from each transformer and a third from where the two transformers are connected together (a centre-tap) ? And you are connecting one wire from the centre-tap to say terminal 1 and one of the other wires to terminal 8?
  10. Well just fitted mine with a loksound decoder. Jerky at low speed and poor top speed. I disabled the bemf settings on the lok programmer as advised earlier on this list. Now runs beautifully.
  11. One of the 5 coach formations that was running in August 1983 was: 34529 7930 7928 24857 24679.
  12. Well I spent ages in the shed yesterday with this fault. I have another Hex frog juicer further along the layout and it has two unused outputs, so I ran a couple of long leads from that to the 2 problem sets and the fault disappeared. So it would seem that the fault lies with the original Hex juicer. I am going to swap the outputs around today to see if its just the output 5 and 6 that I have been using that are at fault.
  13. Hi Mick, Thanks for the reply. I swopped the feed wires over and that instantly cured one set of points. Progress! On the other set, the fault still seems to exist, however with my multimeter set on ac volts, I have a potential difference within the common xing itself. Suspect one of those really thin wires under the peco point may have come adrift. Would that cause the failure do you think?
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