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  1. BANKING FREIGHT UP THE 1 IN 50 OUT OF BATH GREEN PARK Freights had to be banked up Devonshire Bank through Devonshire tunnel on up Lyncombe Vale to the entrance to Combe Down tunnel where the gradient changed to 1 in 100 down and the banker dropped off returning to Bath Junction under protection of the 'Bath Banking token' Over Watery Bottom viaduct with Mogers bridge in the distance just before the entrance to Combe Down tunnel Under Mogers bridge and the banker comes to a stand watching the guards van disappear into the gloom of Combe Down tunnel. The banker is allowed 14 minutes for the push up the bank and return to Bath Junction T The view from the guards van as it enters Combe Down tunnel and the banker comes to a halt
  2. I seem to be posting in 2 different areas on the RM Web. For all the latest videos from BATH GREEN PARK go to BATH GREEN PARK 7MM on Youtube
  3. Some more shots of BATH GREEN PARK station
  4. Thanks for your kind comments. It is one of those jobs that I had been putting off as such a large project. What got me started was the Gauge 0 Guild Virtual show October last year where one of the demonstrations was for 3D printing. This opened the door to have the pillars made plus I was introduced to someone who could laser cut the bowstring girders and the horizontal 'X' beams and suddenly it all came together. 4 Months in construction but it has been a game changer for the layout. Am very pleased.
  5. SEPTEMBER 2021 VIDEO Its taken since mid August to put this video together and edit but finally here it is. A broad selection of weekday and Summer Saturday workings from the 1957 timetable including the Pines Express. Freights both up and down the S&D and on the Mangotsfield line and some ‘on shed’ shots. Watch out for banking up the steep 1 in 50 through Lyncombe Vale with train engine 7F 53802 and banker 4F 44560. Both R/C battery operated and with sound. I hope that you enjoy the latest video from BATH GREEN PARK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHUbtMpVDBo&t=3s
  6. SOMERSET & DORSET RAILWAY IN 7MM SCALE Ivatt 2-6-0 4MT 43012 as built with double chimney and allocated to Bath Green Park in the early 1950's
  7. Ivatt 2-6-0 4MT 43012 As built with double chimney and allocated to Bath Green Park in the early 1950's
  8. BATH GREEN PARK in 7mm THE UP MAIL 92205 arrives 18.56 platform 2 on Bath duty No 2, the 15.40 UP MAIL. The loco alternating daily with Bath duty No 1 The Pines Express and gives the loco a lighter duty on alternate days as Bath duty No 1 comprises 2 trips up and down the line in 24 hours, nearly 300 miles. The UP MAIL so called as it conveys mail in vans attached to the front of the train which are conveyed on to Bristol connecting at Mangotsfield station with the northbound mail train from Bristol. Such was the importance of this train on the S&D that it had priority over all other movements on the line and nothing was allowed to delay it. It is of interest that the corresponding DOWN MAIL was the 2.40 off Bath, a freight train with the empty returning vans attached at the front for the trip south. Now try to picture a mail train comprising a 30 or 40 wagon freight. Conjures up an odd picture but that was the S&D!
  9. BATH GREEN PAEK in 7mm scale Somerset & Dorset Railway Just finished building the train shed
  10. BATH GREEN PARK UPDATE MARCH 2021 Spent the latest lockdown doing one of those jobs that has been on the cards for years! Green Park train shed. 4 months in the making just putting the finishing touches to it now
  11. THE SOMERSET & DORSET RAILWAY OCTOBER VIDEO FOR THE GUILD VIRTUAL SHOW In case you missed The Gauge '0' Guild Virtual show here is the direct link to the latest video from Bath Green Park. A preview of most types of movement to be found in and out of Bath both on the S&D and the Midland main line. Sit back turn up the volume and ENJOY Andrew https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kzayQw-aAU&t=1491s


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  13. Sorry for the delay in reply. I'll see if I can load up a generic track plan. In the meantime here is the July video just posted at the weekend. Sit back turn up the volume and enjoy ……..
  14. I've only just seen this run of posts on S&DJR layouts and would like to mention my 7mm offering of BATH GREEN PARK Here is the link to the latest video for May 2020 ……….
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