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  1. That explains it then, still seems a long time to keep a single line in situ that’ll never reopen again! Fantastic image, I’ve always been fascinated by the pictures after closure of wire less gantries and trackless formations.
  2. I’ve always been fascinated by the Woodhead route even though I’m too young to remember it, after scrolling through Flickr for hours looking at photos, I’ve always wondered why br took so long to dismantle the route?
  3. I’ve been following this thread since the start, looking forward to seeing the finished layout, wish I had the motivation to start all my layout plans instead of stashing stock in boxes, keep up the great work. ben
  4. I’ve been following this thread since it started it’s amazing how far it’s come along in such a short time, keep up the good work Ruston. The wagon scrapping area you could have some grounded mineral wagon or van bodies, I’ve often thought of using spare Airfix mineral wagon kits on my own scrap yard layout If I ever get round to building it. ben
  5. This is a stunning micro layout kevo, it’s amazing how it just feels and looks just right compared to bigger layouts. ben
  6. Just been reading through this topic this morning and after a little search through google I’ve come across this https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/15422663416/ if you read the comments it appears 76015 definitely was in use along with 76040! maybe one of the two made it to man pic ? ben
  7. Thanks for the replies, I may use the coles crane then, I’m sure I saw a picture on Flickr with a similar crane to the Dapol model at t j Thomson’s Stockton scrap yard ben
  8. Hello I’ve been playing around with a few ideas for a small shunting plank based around a scrap yard, most scrap yards have gantry cranes or some type of crane, I’m wondered could the Dapol dockside crane be used in a scrap yard with a little modification? thanks ben
  9. Hello Are there any oo gauge dumb buffers available to order online ? Similar to the link below http://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/industrialcranes/h1b641080 Many thanks Ben
  10. I'd never thought about using the Dapol dockside crane, well I look forward to your next post Andy, have you seen the link below before plenty of prototype pics http://www.railalbum.co.uk/industrial-railways/queenborough-intro-1.htm Ben
  11. Brilliant work Andy I'll be watching this thread, looking forward to seeing your progress, I've always wanted to model the steel works at sheppey or the line towards the wharf so far I've got as far as collecting a few items of stock. Ben
  12. Super work brown bear have you got any more pictures of the n gauge model ? Always fancied a small shunter shuffling a few mineral wagons around... Thanks Ben
  13. I've replaced the buffers with these http://www.lanarkshiremodels.com/lanarkshire%20models%20and%20supplies%20website_108.htm there non working but look better than bachmanns attempt to me, never been a fan of there buffers, just means you have to sand down a bit of the buffee beam to get them on, it's a bit of a pain but I think it'll be worth it once it's done. The weathering looks superb even if it's factory applied with a few bits removed. Ben
  14. Superb work lapford34102 its amazing how a few little bits make such a difference, I especially like the weathered, I've got a Bachmann class 03 that I'm in the process off replacing the buffers not intirelly happy with them. Ben
  15. Hi Peterpiper I'm planning to either scratch build something that looks like an engine or leave it as it is with the engine removed for some other use, trying to model something similar to this. https://www.flickr.com/photos/masonphenix19/8065047848/in/gallery-adogriff-72157631810584609/
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