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  1. I’d actually lost the fence ‘wire’, but found it as I cleared the desk at the weekend so finally ticked off another job. The fiddle yard was landscaped as you can see a large part through the bridge arches. Fence needs a coat of paint and the red oxide doesn’t take well to the girders and the coaling station was recommissioned as well. Thanks for looking.
  2. All building work now finished! The office from the goods shed was completed last night and finished this evening. I have some vehicles to weather down, and probably some goods to create and detail along with a few other snags and figures but it’s almost time to clean the track and run something. Crane is almost complete with steps added to the platform, and for anybody making the yard crane, look for the truss rods taped to the back of the instructions! I must have picked up other similar (short) wires. The kit probably goes together better and you don’t end up modifying the kit to fit and correct your own stupid mistake! Thanks for looking.
  3. Back in action thanks to the postman yesterday. While I was waiting I rearranged and added some kits and bits I had hanging around. I wasn’t happy with the goods yard area to the right of the brewery, it was too full and didn’t look natural, and after a late night working out what to do, cracked open a Peco yard crane (has anyone made this as the instructions say? The truss rods are too short and I had to shorten the main beam)(also if you haven’t made it operate, put the thread on the drum before assembling) This filled the space and made the area look like it might actually function. To negate the length of the retaining wall, the corrugated sheet came out this afternoon and a roof added to cover the side door of the brewery and give some cover in the yard. Flashing added to the pipe and the gantry was finally glued in place. The near side also got some treatment. Half the hard standing along the front edge was removed, it wasn’t working anyway and the gantry sat on it which looked odd. This left a longer area to grass over, and I’d been batting the idea of a signal box around in various places. I had the Metcalfe (Goathland) signal box, which is a lovely kit, but after I made it the colour didn’t gel. It was carefully disassembled and I remade the outer walls in a colour nearer to the rest of the layout than it was, it also lost a bit of height while I was at it. It looks a bit more rundown, but it fits this area a bit better now. End in site now... Thanks for looking.
  4. Thanks to both of you, I really appreciate it. It’s coming along now, and I’m hoping to be finished in a month (even though I’m waiting for glue at the moment!) or so now the big bits are close to finished. I love the Metcalfe kits, they’re quick to do and you can adapt them easily. I’m going to miss doing this when I’m finished though. Thanks again. Yesterday’s work when the glue ran out...the standing in the foreground was a hangover from when there was a bridge here. I decided to break between the loading area and holding spur. I used a couple of containers, weathered them heavily and put them in place to look abandoned. I think there’s going to be a crane on the spur, but I had it earmarked for a covered goods area earlier. The crane might have it though, the gantry support isn’t far away and it might look better being a bit dilapidated in this area. I think some serious weeding is needed, but not in the normal sense... Thanks for looking.
  5. Even without the lighting that’s a great backscene. Nice job on getting rid of the sharp corner. Charlie
  6. Thanks Steve, great suggestion. Almost there with this now, just the capping and a sliver of roof. Thanks for looking. Charlie
  7. Thanks Steve, that’s a great idea. You’re right on the corners, I added them to the original warehouse yesterday, so they will tie in nicely here. It’ll continue the pattern of the right hand side a lot better as well. That’s tomorrow night sorted! Thanks again, Charlie
  8. Turning the corner at the end after some extensions to the warehouse. Now a single chimney stack in the corner to hide it, corner covers on the brickwork, and a small section of roof to join the others and make it look one building. Then I spent some time looking at the short end and used the second warehouse leftovers to make a 2.5D back scene. It’s the same windows as the rest, just a piece of black card behind to make it look the same, stands about 5mm proud of the backscene. It will have capping stones and a door to bring it in with the rest. The A frame took a beating this week, looks like it got knocked on the floor and then stood on, whatever happened it was in several small pieces. Got it back together but the air was blue. Soon be on to the small stuff! Thanks for looking.
  9. Saturday always seems to be a day for the backscene. The last sections of retaining wall are in, issues with fit required a sharp knife. The second set of gates has been added and is now drying before greenery grows up this afternoon. The chimney was been slightly slanted to rest against the wall, but it looked better without the gap. The weathering looks a bit severe here, but that’s for this afternoon. ... This afternoon flew by, need to get the weedkiller out, but the brewery buildings now done. Today’s section... Nice bit of sun... Over the hedge from the allotments... Corner warehouse now...not much, some re-gluing, one new tile section and the jury’s out out on the chimneys. Thanks for looking.
  10. Thank you both, I’m afraid the seam is my fault, it should have a hoist, and could have been avoided in my bashing. I took an easy way out in it! Thanks again.
  11. Except for the additions in the previous post, which will be done once this is fixed, this is almost ready to go into place now. The awful seam down the end is covered, not an ideal but it does add a bit of interest to a blank wall, doors and shutters are now in place, the loading platform was build from several layers of card before gluing scrap textures onto it. All the roofing and tiles are done, along with some leading work. Barge boards are on now, some bits of glue and weathering to do, and a couple of seams to hide, but I’m mostly done here. Time to move further on.... Thanks for looking. Charlie
  12. I’d go for the bridge too, it looks like you’re planning for an embankment which would help hide that it wasn’t going anywhere. Looking forward to seeing this when it’s finished.
  13. Thanks both of you for your kind comments. I hadn’t thought of any of these and my thoughts on the pipe entry were a bit clumsy in comparison. Motivated now to get this finished! Thanks again.
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