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  1. This is where I’ve really struggled, but happier with this than anytime previously. I’ve built the crane housing by adding windows to a Wills lamp hut, inverted the walkway along the crane and removed the original crane platform. Looking in Monk Bar models this afternoon made me dig out a Metcalfe brewery warehouse, and it might be combined with a workshop. I think I’ll remove the rear two columns of windows and replace with brick to allow for a clean join between the two. The brick section join could be covered by a down pipe. Some greenery between the bridge and the warehouse will hide the backscene a bit more, and I’ll put in a gateway somewhere behind the crane to give entrance to the area and also to the large factory by going under the bridge. I’d like it to look like it could work. I don’t think I’ve posted a picture of the whole thing recently, so here it is... Got a good 2’ to go at now, which will be nice to work on when it’s not so good outside. That bridge might get finished at last, it’s been like that for too long now. Then just the section to the small factory to develop. The front concrete apron is more than likely going to be a covered platform of some type, but that will wait to the end. Thanks again for looking.
  2. Seems like an eternity, but the Christmas break gave me a push to do something. A strip of LEDs is hanging over it at the moment while I decide on how to mount it permanently. Christmas delivered several workers for the allotment and waste ground, so they received a quick wash along with the pigs and took up residence.. I saw the frame for the warehouse crane while browsing and decided that it was the way forward and I’ve just knocked it up after tea. Away for a few days so the painting will have to wait. Managed to finally pick up some plastic for the drainpipes as well, so these will now move forward. Looking at it now, some of the paper is beginning to come away, so an hour with a very fine brush is needed. The factory has gained a chimney, and the area to its left will gain a crane, based on Daisyfield overhead by combining the ratio overhead traversing crane and a converted lamp hut. I picked up the Metcalfe fire station as well, with a bit of modification I’m hoping it will help fill along the back. Happy new year all, thanks for looking.
  3. The last couple of locos I bought were diesel, but it looks like I’ll be running more steam eventually. It just seems to be heading that way. A few more bits to do, the shed at front left is still not compete, maybe a bit of loading to be done at front with a bit of open shelter, nothing too heavy though. The loading platform has been fully assembled and painted, all the goods need to be painted up, might stick them together in groups so that it will be easy to change over and place on wagons. Small stuff though, better keep going...black and white today. Thanks for looking.
  4. Well, work got the better of me, but I was determined to get somewhere so 30 minutes on Tuesday to build the crane (what a great kit), sprayed it Wednesday morning before work, finished first swipes at weathering last night. Looks like it could be a derelict, so maybe using some ratio ‘halt’ platforms perhaps as a newer drop off point. Lets me make the ground between crane and bridge waste ground, so maybe some abandoned rails and other rubbish. Letting it settle for a day or two now to see how it looks later. Built up a hoist for the coal yard, just waiting for it to dry before finishing. Better get that factory finished... Thanks for looking.
  5. Thinking about things a couple if days ago to possibly move the crane platform from the right hand end to the left. Finally got around to it today and replaced it with coal staithes, which makes better sense as it had been looking like that area needed a function anyway. The crane platform does the job, now just need to fit a crane. While I was at it, one of the buffer stops was loose, and took the opportunity to move it forward 2”. Adds a bit more of a busy feel somehow. Factory not moved on anymore yet, but I’m pleased with the area now as a whole. Things will slow down a bit now as the holiday is over, but I’m aiming for 30 minutes a day for the sake of sanity! Coal staithes Crane platform Repositioned buffers Thanks for looking.
  6. If it could go wrong today, it did. Straight edges were easy, corners were another matter, 50% of what I cut were wrong, then the replacements were also reversed, so I had to have a third go. The inclines were just as bad. At least the side door went to plan. On to the greebles now... Glad today is over... Thanks for looking.
  7. Tiles done via scalescenes, lacking some lead work, capping stones for edges in progress, extra roof support needed and then its the extras. Thanks for looking.
  8. Working on the roof while waiting for windows to dry and struggling with a couple of options. First up was the position of the long roof. I could place the apex at the same position of the backscene, which was the original intention, then had the idea of moving it forward slightly. This will hide the join with the backscene as it will appear that the the roof slopes away and the apex will be higher, does give slight issues with the intersection of the roof at right angles but I can live with that. While messing with that, I saw a couple of the retaining wall supports and thought about combining them in as chimneys, making the warehouse more of a factory. Does have the benefit of hiding the corner of the backscene. The mock up is shown, undecided on this, one for tomorrow. Overview Looks like the factory is supporting the backscene! Thanks for looking.
  9. Thanks to everyone that’s taken time to look at this and click, it’s really helped me push on. Worked on covering the exposed edges today, managed to overlay parallel lines behind the texture before printing which gave me a score line and 2 cut lines to work to, scored with a cocktail stick before folding and cutting from the page. Added a bit of powder to add depth. Still got the last panel to do, more windows needed, finish the interior as much as it is, then downpipes and roof. Bit behind schedule but never mind. Thanks again for looking.
  10. Main door just finished. Looking at what to do with the windows to make it look less derelict. Updated after tea, added rail for door, printed a strip of random photos and mounted inside first floor to break up the bleakness inside. Thanks for looking.
  11. Thanks for the kind comments, glad you like it.
  12. I like to make look functional if possible, so I’ve added a door for vehicle access in a suitable place. Some examples show a sliding panel in front of windows, so I’m going for that. Most of the windows are now in place and all but the roof levels are glues in place. End panel tomorrow, sliding door, roof and corners to cover yet followed by down pipes and details. Thanks for looking
  13. Warehouse coming along, ran out of windows so time for a break. No major calamities today, most parts were reusable though I had to go to the reserve for a couple of parts. One panel is temporarily in the wrong place, it should be at the end and a door panel needs to be put in. New quoins need to be cut, getting straight edges along with a straight fold for such narrow pieces is a morning job. Thanks for looking.
  14. Doors now complete Back to the windows, Thanks for looking.
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