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  1. As Paul says Barriers weren't required when shunting, but to muddy the waters a bit if you are modelling a discharge point, some of those required a reach wagon which you could include for an extra bit of shunting, they were attached between the loco and train before the train was placed for discharge, and removed again before the train departed.
  2. North Filton Platform was actually used by passenger services up until the mid eighties - 86 I think - for Rolls Royce/British Aerospace workers, and IIRC the final reason for closure was officially given as lack of lighting
  3. Drivers would basically read whatever they picked up, and when working into a terminal station like Paddington you would usually walk through the train and pick a few up. Messrooms usually had a mixture of papers and magazines on the table. Also the Sun fell greatly in popularity amongst union members during the miners strike and again after Hillsborough and even to this day many drivers will throw the Sun into the bin if they see it in a mess room.
  4. Another idiot trying to earn a Darwin award! https://www.itv.com/news/london/2017-05-17/man-lifted-into-the-air-after-getting-stuck-in-level-crossing/
  5. Yes without the key the selector is in 'off' not 'engine only' and cannot be started
  6. Was that the RL set that had two big screens showing front and back and swivelling seats inbetween?
  7. I reckon the things already living in most 66 cabs would've given Covid a good fight anyway!
  8. Not sure how they can keep the job going with those sort of restrictions though - what's your Taxi policy now Jim? I spent half my life in taxis over the last few years
  9. Sorry I know it's serious, but that made me laugh - I had visions of one of you hanging out of the back cab shouting! - good job the second men have gone too !
  10. But what everyone is talking about is one figure, are these measurements from official drawings or from measurements someone has taken from a particular vehicle? - there will always be a difference in buffer heights due to loading and/or tyre wear (and suspension wear), but as long as the difference remains in the allowable range between max/min, which as I stated earlier in the thread, in my time on the railway was (basically*) 3'6" to 3'1", then things are ok *Different classes of vehicles had different allowable ranges but all within the 3'6" - 3'1"
  11. You used to be able to get a green signal straight into a terminal platform, can't remember when that changed - possibly after the Paddington sleeper incident?
  12. @Rugd1022 Probably the wrong attitude but what a load of ########! I guess was one of the old BR Dinosaurs that the new breed of managers were happy to get rid of - but I'm glad I'm retited or I would've been on the 'carpet' almost permanently with management like that! And they probably wonder why they get little respect from those below them!
  13. Sorry didnt realise that, when I was told it was being terminated at thingley I assumed the wires went into Chippenham at least - the masts were being prepared/ going up before I retired couple years ago
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