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  1. Can't say I was ever bothered by the NRN or GSMR, you either answered or you didn't! I even remember speaking to a signalman approaching a red and having to ask him to repeat as the AWS horn stopped me hearing what he said. I don't feel that it was a problem as long as you were in control of the train when you answered, of course that was only holding a phone to your ear not looking at a screen. The phone I disliked answering was the train to cab phone on the TPO's that was nearly always a complaint of rough riding and accusing you of going too fast!
  2. Couldn't agree with you more - DAS sounds like something else that makes me feel even happier with my decision to take redundancy/early retirement!
  3. If you've been following the gypsy patch lane Bridge saga, this a long link but if you follow it to the end you'll see that bridge is finally in place http://www.stokegiffordjournal.co.uk/2020/11/08/gipsy-patch-lane-mega-bridge-move-trouble-soft-ground/ Some interesting pictures taken during the process too
  4. It was extremely rare that a loaded vehicle went to a wagon shops for repair. If a fault developed en route that required a wagon being stopped (red carded) then the C&W mobile gang would attend and make it fit to travel, if the wagon still needed further attention it would be green carded and go to shops after it was unloaded.
  5. Don't quite understand what you're saying there - surely TTG 47 in the original post meant two tone green? Are you confusing green and grey?
  6. Yes that's the one. You can use any of the car shop red primers I prefer to use Halfords, but to save me driving if I'm in a hurry, I have a small car parts shop within walking distance, they have sold a few different makes of paint but are currently selling Holts paint and I've found their primer to be very good.
  7. The EWS one was a sticker applied over the top of the old one, and was quite often partly peeled/ripped off
  8. I was trying hard to remember where those "flat" pins were used and I'm pretty sure that you're correct Jim
  9. Not knowing much about PWay I may well be shot down in flames, but it looks very much like a door pin from a wagon to me, it probably fell off of a wagon and was picked up by someone who not knowing what it was hung it there, and as everyone who has walked past it since haven't known what it was either they've left it alone. If I'm right it's probably been hanging there for many years without reason!
  10. There are many reasons why there are more than two in the cab - I've had five in with me on a couple of occasions! It doesn't affect the drivers view at all and even if you have two people sat on desk on that side it's still better than the very restricted view you get on some of the latest build of units! As for concentration it's probably reduced a bit with all the chatting that is undoubtedly going on, however rest assured the others (especially traincrew) will taking notice of whats happening, especially when the AWS gives a warning. Not sure when/where this photo was taken, but
  11. You've answered yourself here, the brake on dogfish and sealions - and most vacuum wagons- was pretty unpredictable and often just a touch of the brake handle was enough to bring you to a stand in a heap! So the straight air brake was used, and as you said the worst thing on a ballast drop was to stop. Edited to add Vacuum was a nice brake when working well and was good on coaching stock
  12. Having sat in shirtsleeves with my feet in the window many times whilst looking at the P Way scowling back at me with rain running down their necks this made me laugh. Thanks also for confirming what drivers often suspected -that we were kept waiting at the marker boards for no reason! - though I would like to think i was one of the more helpful ones
  13. There's seems to be so many questions to ask, an old hand manager (where are you Mike? ) would've had a field day at an enquiry about this one.
  14. Pretty sure Ian's referring to the lettering printed on the side of the wagons. Which is probably quite accurate for the models! It should actually read 31 metres, so I'm sure there's an opportunity for Railtec to make a few quid
  15. Sky news reporting only 12 on board - 6 staff and 6 passengers Although one sadly reported injured fatally
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