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  1. Before the advent of RHTT trains when we had sandite locos , it was done by the driver via a switch on the drivers desk and there were trackside markers to show where to drop the sandite.
  2. The operator actually doesn't need to lean out of the window to control the jetting - just occasionally they have (or used to have) problems connecting the remote
  3. Yes alongside the driver there is an operator - not a member of the foc, it used to be serco but l finished a couple of years ago so not sure who they work for now ( Jim?), And that operator turns the jetting on and off according to a mileage tick sheet, via a remote control panel - which they often have to hold out of the window to get a radio signal!
  4. My last tube was the same too, had to throw it away and bought AK modelling putty instead which seems ok so far
  5. Some car paints actually come with a little brush in the cap so that you can decant a bit and use it as touch up paint.
  6. https://www.networkrailmediacentre.co.uk/news/drivers-warned-to-not-jump-the-barriers-at-essex-level-crossings
  7. The brakes can be applied from the rear cab without a key, and other things could be played around with such as the AWS etc, but if someone cannot be trusted to be left alone in the rear whilst doing a run round/shunt then they shouldn't be on the foot plate at all!
  8. It probably does and I'm sure in such situations, with kids, enthusiasts (and cameras!) wandering around I would've changed ends too, but what I was saying is they don't all need to change ends
  9. To be blunt It's a preserved railway, they will be volunteers basically playing trains, so they are there because they want to be. Do they need that many in the cab - No. Do they all need to keep changing ends - No.
  10. Looks superb - clearly done by someone who has looked at the real thing What did you use for the oil ?
  11. When I was on my MP12 I remember at the start of the course we had an introductory talk from an inspector - who it was has long gone from my memory - and I remember him saying 'and when you finally pass out and start road learning, please don't take the p*** too much and please come in least two days a week' ! Gave us a laugh at the time but I think we all knew he was being serious
  12. In BR blue days we didn't change ends for shunts unless we had to!
  13. I also remember the cafe well And I can't tell very well from the photo but is that 'sidesaddle'? - i remember him well too!
  14. 101


    I don't know how much it is either but I remember doing ballast turns there - two weeks on the trot some 10 or 15 years ago - and it certainly feels a lot when you are stationary or dribbling around the curves at 2mph or so I also remember it was bloody hard to reach up to the handrails of a class 66 on the outside of the curve too!
  15. But you dont get into a lorry and drive it flat out until the last second you can brake for a traffic light and then slam the brakes on! Which is basically how many trains have to be driven to keep to time (although in saying that a lot of schedules are getting slacker nowadays). I'm sure most train drivers could manage with being given anything and told to get on with it if they were able to just dawdle around. I'm afraid you just can't compare driving a road vehicle with a train.
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