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  1. Hi Rob, That sounds like an excellent idea, and I think it'll be a very interesting layout to both operate and watch. I could do with a bit of a Eureka moment myself with a couple of planned projects! I'm really looking forward to seeing your progress and to watching this evolve, so do please keep the posts and photos coming! With kind regards, Mark
  2. Hi Rob, This is going to be another corker, I'm certain! Bude Quay was/is a superbly atmospheric cameo, and I'm sure you'll have little trouble incorporating that ambience into a slightly bigger project. I have to agree that the extra two sidings will make sure it interesting to operate. I'm curious, will the quay siding be operational as well? If it could be ostensibly connected to the rest of the track "somewhere offstage" (there doesn't need to be a visible connection, after all) so that wagons could be worked in and out of the quayside and along the other tracks? Ju
  3. Very much looking forward to seeing how the new project develops! Any teasers? With kind regards, Mark
  4. All I had was a half-litre tin of rubber with its catalyst, and the same quantity of resin with its catalyst! No equipment as such. For the mould, I used the cut out bottom of a plastic container. I can't remember what the mould-release agent was, probably just vaseline. Popped the pattern into the bottom of the container, mixed some rubber with catalyst, gently poured it over the pattern to a depth of about half an inch, and Robert's your Mother's Brother.
  5. I was going to suggest making one as a pattern and casting some in resin. I made some unusual axlebox/spring assemblies this way some years ago, using a whitemetal axlebox and microstrip to build up the spring. The mould-making kit was a home/DIY affair, with cold curing rubber and resin supplied with catalysts. It worked very well, and the results were excellent.
  6. I can only echo everyone else, and say please don't demolish your existing layouts. Good luck with the new project - I'll be watching with great interest. Stay safe and stay well!
  7. Thank you Alan @Quarryscapes and Stephen @Compound2632 - the left-handed brake is certainly an oddity, but the reasoning is easy to follow as the arrangement allows one-sided brake shoes to work both sides of the vehicle. Looking again at the photo of the Kerry Branch train, the wagon appears to have its brake-gear on the side furthest from the camera, hence the left-handed lever is the duplicate. A gloat photo: http:// This afternoon, I did a bit of raw track-planning for Stage 1 of my project, which has the working title of Llanmaddog. Its i
  8. Nothing to report other than the arrival of my EMGS track work, and very nice it is, too! I'm looking forward to playing around with a few ideas for a small layout, and with time on my hands from the end of this week - one of the hazards of being a contract worker - I'll be able to hopefully get my ideas to gel. I should also be able to get a few more things done on the growing stock of part-built and almost-finished wagons! Stay safe and stay well, everyone!
  9. Phil, Those are excellent vehicles, and the FR always makes for interesting prototypes! The odd number of laminations is intriguing, and not something I would have thought of as being a contributory factor in maintaining the stability of the model. Have you tried the same method on any 4mm scale vehicles? Cheers, Mark
  10. Just to prove, if only to myself, that I haven't been entirely idle on the model making front, the Cambrian Railways wagons now have buffer housings, approximately 50% of their ironwork has been "blacked", and brake gear is mostly prepared. I'm hoping to get them finished this coming weekend! Lol! I've also put together a couple of PO coal wagons, one Wheeler & Gregory and one Gloucester RC&W, both Cambrian Model Rail kits. The latter is almost finished pending a fictional livery that I alluded to previously. I've finally also ordered some trackwork from the EM
  11. Spare sprues would be a help.....! Not sure about PECO supplying them, might be worth an email
  12. That's what I'd planned to do, although I'm not sure what to do with the Parkside O11/O15 kits afterwards...... Looking forward to seeing how yours turn out!
  13. Thank you, Mikkel, praise indeed - the Tilt Waggon still amazes me - I'm really not sure I could replicate it any time soon! I know exactly what you mean about waiting - I'm a perpetual tinkerer and if something is frustrating me at all, I keep going back to it and fiddling, usually with disastrous results Leaving anything to one side for that length of time isn't easy, and I did keep picking up these and inspecting them closely. I've taken a bit of time out of today's working at home, and applied a full set of transfers to the 3-plank fixed side, the CAM (feathers) RYS to another
  14. Thank you, Adam, that's praise indeed! It's my plan to renovate/upgrade the completed standard gauge wagons, and to finish the part-built wagons which are mostly the broad gauge ones (I'm also thinking about re-joining the Broad Gauge Society!), so one day it'll get done! I hope your little one went back to sleep alright! Some of my happiest memories are of night feeds and cuddles with my three when they were tiny. Kindest regards, Mark
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