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  1. Dear All, I'm not sure if this is best placed here or in the S&DJR Prototype Forum, so Mods please feel free to move it across! As someone of limited knowledge in such matters and yet with a local interest, I was wondering what were the differences, if any, between the S&DJR Bulldog 0-6-0 and it's Midland progenitor. I seem to remember that Nick Ridgeway built such an animal that was the subject of an article in Practical Model Railways somewhere in the mid-1980s, but sadly my copy has long since gone. I should ideally like to create a 4mm version, in Prussian Blue of course, and if those who know could point me toward the best source of information, I'd be very happy indeed! Many thanks and best regards, Mark
  2. Hi Alan, Did you ever get the Cambrian GPV finished to your satisfaction? (And Iron Mink, too?) Best regards, Mark
  3. Hi CKPR, Just found your thread and wondered if you have made progress? Many years since, my dear departed Dad found a Mallard 517 s/h at an exhibition, and snapped it up "for later". Sadly, it never got built, but I have plans/intentions/hopes in that direction, so any clues are a boon! With best regards, Mark
  4. My apologies, Mikkel, I hadn't found the blog..... I'll have a read through now! Best regards, Mark
  5. Hi Mikkel, Me again with another case of thread resurrection, I'm afraid! Did you keep any build notes? I recall from many years ago in, I think, Practical Model Railways, a kit-bash of an S&D Road Van using two Slater's Midland box vans. Excellent work as always! Best regards, Mark
  6. Many thanks for this - I'm thinking/planning on going EM, so would you say the same applies? I'd appreciate your thoughts. Cheers, Mark
  7. Hi Mikkel, many thanks! Years and years ago, I used to build kits straight from the box and be more than happy with the results, rigid underframes, warts and all! With increasing knowledge of the errors in those kits and in r-t-r came increasing dissatisfaction, and the need to amend or correct - I've always been keen to "get it right". There were also many exponents of sprung and compensated underframes writing in the modelling press whose mantra seemed to be "if it's not got suspension, it'll fall over!" So I invested in a multitude of compensation units, etched brass brake gear, axlebox/spring units etc etc, but all that eventually lead to was a form of modelling paralysis. With hindsight, one wonders if the "suspension boom" was more a reflection of the proponents' skills at building a square underframe and laying level track..... But seriously, it is just a hobby (ducks for cover!), and striking the right balance must be the key. If you'll forgive me for saying so, finding someone of your model-making skills who sticks with rigid underframed goods stock is a huge encouragement. I've still got most of the detail parts, so having almost finished a major house move and with a more pragmatic approach, I shall be back building very soon! I'm very much looking forward to seeing more of your work, too With best regards, Mark
  8. Hi Mikkel, Bit late to this particular thread, but I'm only just making a return to turn-of-the-century standard gauge interests, mainly GWR but also M&SWJ and S&DJ. Just wanted to say that this is a superb piece of model-making, and may well be the basis of a similar wagon in my fleet. May I ask, do you always build your wagons with rigid underframes? I'm also most impressed with your red GWR wagons...... All the best, Mark
  9. Hi, Did you ever complete this loco? Would love to hear the rest of the story. All the best, Mark
  10. Dear All, I'm looking for unmade CooperCraft kits for the GWR Cattle Wagon, ref 1010W, and GWR 4-plank Open, ref 1004W to replace the ones I very foolishly sold several years ago! If you can help, please PM me! Many thanks and best regards, Mark
  11. Good afternoon, Mike, further to yours and Hugh's posts above, I had been looking to replace a few GWR wagon kits that I very foolishly sold several years ago, in particular the outside-framed van W/001, and both the 3-plank opens W/002 and W/003. I realise that both David and Dorothy are not in the best of health, so wondered if there's any likelihood of production of David's range being started anew? Thanks for any info! Best regards, Mark
  12. Well done, Rails! This model looks absolutely outstanding. I appreciate that this is something out-of-the-ordinary in the way it's been designed and manufactured, but the fact that the safety loops for the brake gear are actually loops and even the brake block pivot holes are present sets a new bar for RTR rolling stock. The overall finesse makes the couplings even more of an eyesore Its just a shame that I couldn't have justified one as the models so far are far too "modern" for me. I just hope that the previously-mentioned versatility in manufacturing method can result in a model from the 1900-1905 era. Hint, hint..... Cheers, Mark
  13. Hi Marc, thanks for the additional info on the creamery building - I'm looking for something similar for a potential project (to follow the one after the one I haven't built yet!!!). I did see a few photos of "Ogmore Road" and I must say it did look an excellent layout. Good luck with the current venture - I'm following with great interest. All the best, Mark
  14. Hi Marc, following your thread with interest! I particularly like the creamery building - may I ask whether its based on an actual prototype creamery or did you "re-purpose" a more general warehouse/factory? Best regards, Mark
  15. Hi Dan, Sorry - should've said! Either from Bridgwater, Somerset, or Chesterfield, Derbyshire, or all points in between eg motorway services! Hope that helps. Best regards, Mark
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