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  1. .....and his ear-hole painted green!
  2. Hi Rob, I've not been on from RMWeb for a while, and when I come back I find this latest masterpiece unfolding! Superb, studied, delicate, understated work as always! Kind regards, Mark
  3. Hi Mikkel, many thanks its good to be back! I know many people have had a much harder time of it than Jane and I have had, so we're being thankful for small mercies, and in many respects, its helped to have a bit of a de-clutter and rationalise. For instance, it's made me realise that I'm never going to build that HO scale Colorado Midland layout! I don't think the EMGS are looking for a new Chairman just yet I'm having fun building aeroplane kits at the moment, but the time is coming to restart the wagons. A gentle start by finishing off all those Cambrian opens will be a good way to begin. And I'm surfing eBay to try and replace some of those CooperCraft kits I sold!!! Cheers for now, Mark
  4. Well, it's been nearly seven months since I made any progress on anything railway related. Thanks to Covid in fact, in a very real sense, my railway modelling took a huge leap backwards. I was out of work until early September, and in order to try to maintain a degree of input into running the household virtually my entire model railway collection was progressively sold off. Not that my better half at any time ever suggested that I should do so, wonderful girl that she is. The part-built wagons are lined up on the shelf in my work room but otherwise its back to square one. In the meantime, in an attempt to maintain a degree of sanity in these insane times, I got a few aeroplane kits out of the loft and latterly have bought a few new ones. I've been rather enjoying the experience of building some of these, something I've not done in 25-plus years, even digging out my Badger airbrush from all those years ago. On the bench at the moment I have a Tamiya 1/72 scale Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero, which has been an absolute revelation in quality with incredible detail and amazing parts fit. Now that things seem to be on the up again I've decided to enter the EMGS Chairman's Competition, and I actually hope to do something rail-related. Realistically, it'll be after Christmas, and the first step will be to order some new trackwork and see about those baseboards, and I can also complete all those part-built wagons! Cheers for now, Mark
  5. Hi again, Kevin, apologies for not posting last evening, but unfortunately some family matters took over and I wasn't home until after nine o'clock. The colours I've used are both from Tamiya's aviation range of aerosols. I like the even finish these give, and the choices of colours were merely what appeared good to me eye. Both the colours are available in jars if you prefer to airbrush. For the dark grey pre-1899 livery, I've used AS-10 Ocean Grey (RAF), and for the light grey post-1899 livery, I chose AS-2 Light Grey (IJN). I mentioned the external ironwork and interior base colours above, the internal planks being tinted progressively with a wash of dirty brown-black. The external weathering is by Humbol weathering powders. I tend to seal everything with a light coat of matt clear lacquer, again Tamiya acrylic. Hope this helps! Kind regards, Mark
  6. Hi Kevin, many apologies for not having replied sooner - I've been over on Britmodeller for several months, playing with aeroplanes! The greys I've used for my Cambrian wagons are from Tamiya, from their aerosol acrylic range. I'm at work at the moment, and can't quite remember which it is (I used a similar colour for the light grey for my S&DJR items), so I'll check when I get home to be absolutely certain. The ironwork was Tamiya XF-84 Dark Iron, again acrylic, in the little jar. For the interiors, I used Tamiya AS-29 IJN Grey-Green as the base for the wood colour, then tinted planks individually with a thin dark/dirty wash, building it up in layers to create the variation in tone. Kind regards, Mark
  7. Hi Rob, That sounds like an excellent idea, and I think it'll be a very interesting layout to both operate and watch. I could do with a bit of a Eureka moment myself with a couple of planned projects! I'm really looking forward to seeing your progress and to watching this evolve, so do please keep the posts and photos coming! With kind regards, Mark
  8. Hi Rob, This is going to be another corker, I'm certain! Bude Quay was/is a superbly atmospheric cameo, and I'm sure you'll have little trouble incorporating that ambience into a slightly bigger project. I have to agree that the extra two sidings will make sure it interesting to operate. I'm curious, will the quay siding be operational as well? If it could be ostensibly connected to the rest of the track "somewhere offstage" (there doesn't need to be a visible connection, after all) so that wagons could be worked in and out of the quayside and along the other tracks? Just a thought! Looking forward to seeing your progress. Kind regards, Mark
  9. Very much looking forward to seeing how the new project develops! Any teasers? With kind regards, Mark
  10. All I had was a half-litre tin of rubber with its catalyst, and the same quantity of resin with its catalyst! No equipment as such. For the mould, I used the cut out bottom of a plastic container. I can't remember what the mould-release agent was, probably just vaseline. Popped the pattern into the bottom of the container, mixed some rubber with catalyst, gently poured it over the pattern to a depth of about half an inch, and Robert's your Mother's Brother.
  11. I was going to suggest making one as a pattern and casting some in resin. I made some unusual axlebox/spring assemblies this way some years ago, using a whitemetal axlebox and microstrip to build up the spring. The mould-making kit was a home/DIY affair, with cold curing rubber and resin supplied with catalysts. It worked very well, and the results were excellent.
  12. I can only echo everyone else, and say please don't demolish your existing layouts. Good luck with the new project - I'll be watching with great interest. Stay safe and stay well!
  13. Thank you Alan @Quarryscapes and Stephen @Compound2632 - the left-handed brake is certainly an oddity, but the reasoning is easy to follow as the arrangement allows one-sided brake shoes to work both sides of the vehicle. Looking again at the photo of the Kerry Branch train, the wagon appears to have its brake-gear on the side furthest from the camera, hence the left-handed lever is the duplicate. A gloat photo: http:// This afternoon, I did a bit of raw track-planning for Stage 1 of my project, which has the working title of Llanmaddog. Its inspired by Steve Howe's Lower Rose Goods. What we have are three terminal sidings and a goods loop, the goods shed being situated on the latter, the two lines leading off-stage to the fiddle yard. Stage 2, if I ever get that far, will have a passenger facility inserted between Stage 1 and the fiddle yard. Once I'm happy with the layout, I'll commit the design to paper with a few facilities drawn on..... View from the "front", terminal sidings to the left, fiddle yard to the right, goods shed front right http:// view from the fiddle yard toward the buffer stops, the goods shed will be front left http:// The whole will be about 6ft x 18ins, if I actually build it - next thing will be baseboards. Stay safe and stay well!
  14. Nothing to report other than the arrival of my EMGS track work, and very nice it is, too! I'm looking forward to playing around with a few ideas for a small layout, and with time on my hands from the end of this week - one of the hazards of being a contract worker - I'll be able to hopefully get my ideas to gel. I should also be able to get a few more things done on the growing stock of part-built and almost-finished wagons! Stay safe and stay well, everyone!
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