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  1. Yeah for some reason after ww2 the British army decided to revert back to putties. But they weren't the same as the pre war ones, they made them shorter, about a third of the length, the same size as the ones the commonwealth forces where using. I'm not really sure why they did this but they where still in use into the 80's I believe.
  2. The 37 pat uniform didn't really come into effect untill 1940. All of the bef that left for France in 1939 where still wearing the 1922 pattern uniform. Though some small numbers did have 37 pat webbing and where issued with bren lmg's but by no means all. In fact the 22 pat tunic was still being manufactured into the 1960s as I used to own one that was made in 1961. The current one I own was made in 1943 and was still in major use for ceremonial duties as well as for the military police. Putties where still in use in 1940 but where phased out by the British forces mostly after that. Though al
  3. Yeah it will do most things, my boss is letting me make some new hornblocks for my jltrt pannier kit tomorrow. It's a lathe with full milling capabilities too. I will attach a picture of some new wheel studs and nuts I made for my ww2 Bedford lorry. It will still do tiny parts but as was already mentioned finding them can be a challenge! Also the nuts where done complete, including the hexagon in one operation. 12 minutes a piece, and 3 and a half minutes a piece for the studs.
  4. As abit of a comparison this is the lathe I use at work.
  5. I got a reply a few weeks ago after enquiring about the a8 kit. He's not been well for quite some time so patience is a must I think. He did take a while to get back to me though.
  6. There's a short tank one at Oxenhope on the kwvr, is that the same?
  7. I bought a full set of castings for a 2251 to upgrade my Bachmann model.
  8. Brilliant work as always pad. Brilliant work as always pad.
  9. That's fair enough, like island I didn't know what the differences where but it all makes sense. Thanks for the info. David shackleton
  10. I've got two at home waiting in the hope you will do a chassis kit for them... Haha. I wonder if there is much difference in the bodywork between a 45xx and a 44xx, maybe you could do a conversion kit at the same time. I don't know that much about the 44xx's, only that I fancy one.
  11. Hi I've built a couple of your chassis kits for gwr locos before in EM and they are great, would you consider doing one for the Bachmann 45xx prairie or a Hornby 61xx or churchward 43xx? Regards David shackleton
  12. Are you using the cast hornblock that came with the wd? What is the axle hole fit like? The ones that came with my 8750 where that baggy on the axles the could have been thrown in. Dave
  13. That's the impression I have got western thunder. The pipe seems to run around the front of the firebox and into the valve behind the injector on the fireman's side, it appears the the valve is also located slightly below that of the fireman's side injector. From what research I have done so far, it appears that all of the 36xx, 37xx and maybe even the 46xx have this mod. I am continuing to research this however. I will continue taking photos whenever I can. Hi Tony. The plan was to drill a hole in the cab floor or to drill and tap a block of brass and glue that on top of the floor casting. I
  14. I got an email today from jltrt to say my parts are on the way. In the meantime I did a little more detailing, this time on the bunker. I had to make the lamp bracket on the top of the bunker myself as there is no allowance for this in the kit. Dave
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