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  1. That's looking like a great canvas and I can see many hours of fun working those spurs
  2. Whilst I can't offer any inspiration for the new board, I do like the sound of it, a separate scenic entity which utilises the space of the old one as a fiddleyard and visa versa. Waterfront can be a hard thing to do in a small space, but by no means impossible and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
  3. That could be very useful as i do have a slight leaning for older passenger cars, even though they do not fit in with my model railroad at all
  4. I would tune in, but it seems I have to sign up to the NMRA to see the live convention?
  5. i was actually referring to Express Hobby, although I didn't make that clear. The link for who's hobby will be helpful regardless as i've not visited their site before, Caboose's website is etched into my brain as I'm a long time fan of the "What's Neat" show, ironically they don't sell caboose industries throws, (which although I know they're separate companies, I think of the throw switches as a staple of US modelling).
  6. Ultimately it's your railroad and if you're happy with the track you have, then I'm all for seeing it. As you stated, it's not a permanent layout and I'm not convinced that hand built track is needed, unless this was planned as a test bed for a larger layout and you wanted to practice hand laying track.
  7. I haven't had time to watch any streams lately, but that is certainly interesting. I'd have expected Intermodals to still be rolling
  8. Do you have a link to their ebay store please, i have never worked out how to search for sellers on ebay, only items
  9. Oh wow, I didn't realise that either, I guess I haven't looked at a turntable since Hornby's one many years ago, what with my being a died in the wool diesel fan, I never had need of one when modelling UK railways, likewise my favoured era/location of US railroading, turntables don't exist, (except at Salisbury, NC at the railroad museum).
  10. Epsom and Devon are a bit too far for me from Lincoln, Armitage is drivable though.
  11. I just looked on there and cried inside at the prices..... it may be custom stuff, but oh wow, it is a premium.
  12. Not to sure tbh, if I can get the darn thing to install for the second time, (installed it through Epic, now uplay insists I install again through them,) nearly 60GB at a time is no fun, even on my supposedly superfast broadband. I figured I'd look around the game and see if a scene presents itself, much as you have here.
  13. Looking good Daniel, I'm currently downloading the second game as you've inspired me to take on a new model of my own.
  14. You've made a great start on this, already putting my own Inglenook to shame, (mostly as it's sat untouched for way too long now).
  15. I'm still around, browsing the forum from time to time, sadly I don't have the time I'd like for modelling. My focus is still very much on US outline stuff though.
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