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  1. I wish I was involved in the club in order to extend such an invitation, but alas I'm just a visitor to the show each year. It may be worth contacting them via their facebook page though.
  2. You are indeed right, it is a Railbus rather than a Pacer, although the fact that either made their way across the pond is remarkable and not really in a good way. It's almost as remarkable as the fact we still have pacers on the uK network today, despite much better rolling stock being condemned and cut up as replacement stock is built.
  3. This seems to be the only image i can find on the interwebs of the Pacer in use in America, However, Donoteat and co cover the history etc very well in the latter part of this video,
  4. Would be good to see this at the Lincoln and District show, which actually takes place at newark showground, so easily within your ideal radius for exhibiting.
  5. I'm really sorry to hear this, I looked forward to seeing this completed one day, but alas it's not to be. Anyone thinking of purchasing, I can attest to Rich being a standup guy who can be trusted completely, I know this from personal experience (having had some HO stuff a couple of years back,) and the prices will be fair I am sure.
  6. Best of luck with this one, I'd love to have some 1/29 scale for the garden
  7. I still dream/hope for the Thomasville NC camera to come around again on the free feeds, as much as i enjoy them, i can't quite justify a subscription for the infrequent use i have of their cams (probably view once a fortnight if I'm lucky atm).
  8. Nice operations update, it's great to see people enjoying their layouts and not just focusing on new purchases or builds, (although they are equally great to see).
  9. That last picture is excellent, not many people would take on the task on modelling a mine under the baseboard like that.
  10. Somewhere pretty cool regardless of where you are.
  11. Interesting concept, something i'd not have thought of, I look forward to seeing more.
  12. If that is the layout up to date, then i'd consider putting some kind of bead around the outside at least, to help prevent trains launching over the edge on those curves due to overzealous driving. Other than that, a great start out and something you and your son can enjoy for many years to come no doubt.
  13. That's an epicly big building, laid like that with what I guess is an 00 layout in the background.
  14. I look forward to seeing the latest plans emerge into a physical layout
  15. Wow, that rewrites the history a little, Promontory being lauded as the first Transcontinental railroad and I, like many others i suspect are unaware of the truth, (or falsehood,) of this.
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