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    Railways. LNER really, but Steam railways.... yeah. Hmm. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being an ex railwayman who can’t ever ignore an interest in current railway matters.

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  1. I believe you’re seeing a representation of the connections to Leeds New station (LNW/NE) to the south of Midland station. The lines proceeding straight forward along the board led on to Farnley viaduct and ultimately Manchester. Interested to hear how this will be worked (if it is).
  2. I’m no expert on the area but that looks very much like Boston Stump (St. Botolph’s church spire) just visible over the buffer beam and ahead of the smoke box. From the direction of the sunlight I’m guessing it’s in a yard to the south of the station? Coincidentally Boston goods yard appears to lie in a suitable position. Any Boston experts out there? (Added additional information).
  3. For some strange reason, which I can’t quite explain, this second photo’ seems particularly good. Perhaps because the (problematical) “open” view beyond is totally obscured.
  4. The GNR main line toward Scotland may have made an “end on” junction with the NER main line in that area but some would argue that the West Riding of Yorkshire was the destination of the GN “Main line” which actually got as far North as Keighley, where they had a little used junction with the MR, a company who only eventually built their railway to Carlisle because Parliament forced them to (Shouldn’t play politics with politicians). Thank heaven for that, or we wouldn’t have the S & C route. Anyway, Normanton gets my best junction station vote. On the Midland, end of the L&Y’s eastward route and Hudson’s westward route and a fabulous station in it’s heyday.
  5. Is that a horse shoe shaped wreath of some kind on the lamp bracket of the A4?
  6. Gilbert, The O.S. 25 inch to the mile map appears to show the Northern end of those sidings as being no more than 120 yards South of the (Northern) end of the goods shed if that’s any help.
  7. Clive, I’ve never contributed to your thread, but I always read it! I enjoy it enormously and take great encouragement from it. Please ignore the simpletons, who take pleasure in putting down those they can’t hope to emulate, and don’t deprive the rest of us of the pleasure your thread gives. Phil.
  8. Martyn, I used a thin smear of Araldite on the underside of the rail (as insurance) where the rodding passes under it and have had no problems to date. The rodding should, of course, be clear of the bottom of the rail in any case and pass through a slightly opened out ballast crib between sleepers, just as it does on the 12” to the foot real thing. Herbert.
  9. Gilbert, I apologise in advance but I’m a bit worried about the “slipped” and rapidly recovered coaches from this prestigious Pullman service. Honestly I love the photo’s but what happened?
  10. Nope, don’t think so (unless I’ve done something really bad that I don’t know I did). I had the same problem. Eventually I had to delete my saved link to the site, reload the site again as a “favourite” and now it seems to be all working again. I put it down to this new fangled technology wot needs feeding gold tokens (apparently).
  11. Just a thought, but what else is booked out of Leeds City via the viaduct lines and Farnley Jn? The routing/traffic stop might be to allow passenger traffic to clear via that route (generally considered the principal route) before the parcels follows from the Copley Hill direction.
  12. What goes round comes around. Daily Telegraph reports a “New Idea”. Trains to blow sand on the line to overcome leaf mould adhesion problems.

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      The cut down timber could go to make paper for The Telegraph... News headline.... "following a Telegraph campaign...."

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      Don't tell the Grauniad!

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      Will it get support from the weirdo Barclay brothers?

  13. I don’t seem to be able to find a rating for “ now you’re scaring me”!
  14. “I'm sure I've seen a similar prototype view somewhere or other”. Oooooh I hope not. There’s a nasty accident coming up when that derailed pony hits the S & C next to our photographer! (Sorry Gilbert).
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