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  1. Nope, don’t think so (unless I’ve done something really bad that I don’t know I did). I had the same problem. Eventually I had to delete my saved link to the site, reload the site again as a “favourite” and now it seems to be all working again. I put it down to this new fangled technology wot needs feeding gold tokens (apparently).
  2. Just a thought, but what else is booked out of Leeds City via the viaduct lines and Farnley Jn? The routing/traffic stop might be to allow passenger traffic to clear via that route (generally considered the principal route) before the parcels follows from the Copley Hill direction.
  3. What goes round comes around. Daily Telegraph reports a “New Idea”. Trains to blow sand on the line to overcome leaf mould adhesion problems.

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    2. DonB


      The cut down timber could go to make paper for The Telegraph... News headline.... "following a Telegraph campaign...."

    3. Hroth


      Don't tell the Grauniad!

    4. Horsetan


      Will it get support from the weirdo Barclay brothers?

  4. I don’t seem to be able to find a rating for “ now you’re scaring me”!
  5. “I'm sure I've seen a similar prototype view somewhere or other”. Oooooh I hope not. There’s a nasty accident coming up when that derailed pony hits the S & C next to our photographer! (Sorry Gilbert).
  6. “Try looking at the bigger picture, it may change your perspective a little”. See immediately preceding posts!
  7. Tony, I can't personally verify this but am basing it on the information given in "Mile by mile" by S.N. Pike MBE (allegedly with input from railway staff) which states Stoke summit to be 345 feet above sea level and the highest point between London and York. The "highest point on main line" is given as being the summit half a mile south of Penmanshiel tunnel at a height of 400 feet above sea level.
  8. Sir! Sir! I'm not arguing sir, but isn't Stoke summit's only claim that it is the highest point of the ECML in England. Penmanshiel (definitely on the ECML) is apparently slightly higher above sea level.
  9. Wossa layout then? I tried the googly thingy and it just kept asking did I mean layabout.
  10. May one enquire of those who know the working practices at Peterborough at this time what that tender (bunker?) is doing less than a carriage length from the rear of the train departing platform 6? Has it "banked" the train away on its north bound journey or is this permissive platform working taken to extremes?
  11. May I be the first to thank Mr. Dubya for reminding us (during the absence of his duck-ship and SOSJ's rapid development) of the true virtue of this topic.
  12. Yeth. And I'm only thixteen. ( sorry, just had to finish the gag).
  13. Bridlington? Only a bit down the coast but still firmly rooted in NER territory.
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