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  1. They would have to be moved, but only every few months. Not regularly, and would probably be moved by 2 people, so weight wouldn't be too much of an issue. Dave, as you say, I would use the board as the flat surface and match the framing to it, so the small inaccuracies probably wouldn't make too much of a difference.
  2. cheers - that was my only real concern, but I will ensure it is cut straight to give good square sections.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm currently looking at producing a new, modular layout, using a series of 4 by 2ft boards. Unfortunately, as a student, I'm not in the best financial position, so whilst looking to produce something of highest quality, I also need to do it cheaply. The cost of the sheer amount of timber I would need to suitably brace the boards, makes the project, just at the baseboard stage quite expensive. One solution I thought of was that I have a 1 inch thick ply sheet from a first layout when I was very young, if this was cut into 3inch strips, to make 1inch by 3 inch baton
  4. Looking good, I like the idea of the layout. My only niggle is, that, after planning many such layouts myself, is the headshunt to get into the shed big enough? you talked about the shed serving rolling stock - if a full length carriage or bogied wagon needs to get into the shed, even with an 08, or similar sized shunter, will the move be possible? I will follow with interest!
  5. I volunteer at the Nene Valley Railway near Peterborough, and we have a Swedish B currently out of service, and we are using it as part of a display with our Wagon-lits vehicles, and were just repainting it and replacing the cab roof to preserve the cab. The loco isnt really my area of interest, but I appreciate them, fantastic machines. Anyway... back to your superb layout
  6. Fantastic, thank you! I've done a bit of cosmetic work on a real one - and we couldnt decide on livery, but plain black was my choice - you may of just confirmed this! thanks again.
  7. What a truly fantastic model... Any chance of some pictures of a B class steam engine, if you have one? I have a small personal interest in them.
  8. There was a book called Rail Centres: Peterborough published in the 1980s that is very good for peterborough north, and new england, it is a superb reference if you can find a copy. I'm afraid I cant help more than that, are you local to Peterborough? The Nene Valley railway may have a copy at Wansford, in the shop or second hand bookshop.
  9. craneman - my comment on the NVR crane was not to detriment from the team working on it. I am a NVR volunteer, and know first hand the work gone into it. The comment was firmly tongue in cheek, and was merely aimed at its a shame, seeing as the boiler ticket expires next year, although the crane is now in superb condition. Yellowvanman - loving the picture, real atmosphere!
  10. Madness... Superb though, Looks super, really has a feeling of a depot now. Cant wait to see more...
  11. LMS Ransome and Rapier 40T steam crane No. MP3/ADE331159 at the Nene Valley Railway just a few weeks ago. It had just been outshopped, and it looks very smart in fresh paint, shame it took them so long to do it! Tom.
  12. wow, that is fantastic, even at this stage I can see where everything fits into the old Peterborough I have seen from books and pictures in my brief research of the topic. I look forward to more!
  13. lovely photos- espcially the Sepia ones - they really create the atmosphere, and pick out the detail of a steam era shed. keep it up!
  14. fantastic, really captures the feel of a locomotive depot. love the slanting shadows cast by the roof beams on the walls!
  15. brilliant - thanks for the pics! I look forward to more progress!
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