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  1. Libraries have to buy their books and presumably also have to pay for access to Pressreader.com for their members to be able to access, so no free lunch there. The benefit to the newspaper and magazine publishers must be that this provides a wider circulation for their titles that they would otherwise not get. For hobbies like model railways, it could also bring new people into the hobby that would otherwise not occur, so that's no bad thing. 4railsman
  2. Provided you are already a member of your local library and hold a membership card, you can get access to a vast range of magazines to view on line. These cover a host of popular categories like gardening, photography, crafts and hobbies, transport,etc but importantly it's not only the latest issue that is available but back numbers too! Unfortunately not all magazines are available from this source (eg BRM) so do check out another source, RBDigital which is only available by linking through from your own libraries website. That is a much smaller offering but does have a few titles that are not available on the Pressreader website. For Railway magazines, click on the AUTOMOTIVE tab (yes, really!) and you will find ModelRail, RAIL Magazine, Steam Railway and RAIL Express but none from the Warners stable e.g. BRM. If you are with East Sussex Libraries, the best option is to use the PRESSREADER facility to get free 30-day access to their 7000+ magazines/newspapers. Here is what you need to do:- 1) Go to https://www.pressreader.com/catalog 2) click the Sign In (top right) This will open the Welcome to Press Reader pop-up. CLICK on the "Library or Group" tab which will bring up a drop-down list of all the libraries taking part. 3) Enter "East Sussex" (OR the name of the local authority library you belong to). This will locate your library. Click on the library name and a new pop-up opens where you are required in insert your LIBRARY CARD number. Proceed and you will be taken to the East Sussex area with 30-days free access (renewable) where you select the publications you are interested in from a list on the left side of the website. 4) Look at all the categories and click on any of interest. This will then load the cover page of all the titles in that category. Clicking on a title will open up that publication for you to read. At the bottom of the page is an index of the main features within the publication which can be clicked to take you straight there. In my view, the best way to view the magazines would be on a large (24"+) desktop monitor or a decent sized laptop rather that a mobile phone. So, all in all a fantastic way to continue to read any magazine of interest without having to go to the newsagents to browse the latest issues. I won't mention how long I have spent on the website reading some of these magazines, so how I will find time after the lock-down ends is anyones guess right now! Enjoy 4railsman
  3. Under the UK Magazines menu of Pressreader.com, both RAIL Magazine AND ModelRail are shown ~ but for some unknown reason they are included under the AUTOMOTIVE tab menu. Weird, but at least they're available!!
  4. RAIL Magazine (and hundreds of other UK Magazines and newspapers) can also be viewed on Pressreader.com for free if you have a current UK County Council Library Account. Backnumbers are also viewable. Just one warning ~ once experienced, you will be spending a lot of time on your computer reading these free magazines. For the best experience, use a large screen monitor/desktop computer setup, 26" is a good size. I wouldn't suggest viewing on a mobile phone! Enjoy.
  5. I designed my own Railway Shed as none of the standard Garden Building suppliers offered buildings with sufficient headroom. What you need is at least 6ft height at the eaves plus the height of the fluorescent lighting in order to avoid hitting your head (it hurts!) when attending to things at the extreme edge of the building. The other thing to remember is that most "off the peg" garden buildings only come with either standard roofing felt or tile-look roofing felt. Neither of these will last more than a few years before needing replacement (although you might be lucky and get 8-years use) before it starts letting in the rain or worse still getting ripped off by a winter storm. When that happens your model railway is likely to suffer from water ingress, probably causing major damage before you are able to make repairs. So, whatever you buy, my recommendation would be to have an additional METAL skin roof installed on top of the initial roofing felt before it starts deteriorating. The sort I am talking about is often seen on farm buildings, both as a roof and side panel. This additional skin is a simple DIY job and will save you much heartache in the long run. The important thing here is to ensure the supplier of your building makes the roof trusses sufficiently strong to enable the roof to take this added weight. Please give the roof specification serious thought BEFORE committing to any new building. Hope that helps.
  6. Melmerby The barcode is also known as UPC and is the specific barcode shown on the vast majority of goods that go through a lot of channels before reaching the end user. The code is numeric. What is needed is a database that someone has designed for that product type or within the EPOS used when the item gets scanned at the warehouse or till when you offer to buy the item. Some mobile phone apps like CD/DVD/Movie or Book catalogue apps have a builtin scanner facility that links to IMDB or Amazon for example. The QR scanner you are referring to is usually used to take you to a location where further information can be obtained about the product or service you are viewing. Hope that helps
  7. You might want to read the responses I got to my thread "Cataloguing my own model railway collection" which was srarted on January 1st 2020 on this forum. It can be found at https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/150359-cataloguing-my-own-model-railway-collection/ Hope that helps.
  8. Personally, I think one of the main issues with this thread is the lack of visibility on the forum index. Because the thread was started some years ago, newcomers to the BRM Forum probably don't find it when they could most benefit from it. I suspect that most of the regular posters are now those people that have bookmarked the page since newbryford started the thread after the original Bargain Hunters thread was closed down through inappropriate postings. On the other hand, maybe it's time to move to Bargain Hunters Mk 3 with much stricter control of what is deemed acceptable and have that new thread started as a Major Topic which has its own Heading on the BRM Forum Index Page. Could AY please consider whether this or a permanent link is possible from the main Forum Index. Thanks to all who take the trouble to post these true bargains, whether they are railway items or items that railway modellers need in order to follow their craft.
  9. I do hope they can get the payout from the insurance company that all too readily took £30k of their money. If not, I hope they "name and shame" the company involved both in this forum and in the wider public media. The service I have consistently had from Bure Valley Model Shop over the last few years has been first class and the order always comes extremely well packed. In support of them, I have just placed a £250 order for a couple of 00-gauge Dapol flying banana railcars! I do hope that others reading this will also support Andrew Barnes, the owner of BVR and the model shop.
  10. I'm usually a dedicated "00 gauge modeller", but this offer was far too good to refuse, so as of now they are down to just TWO sets left after my purchase.
  11. This thread now runs to 118 pages and is well past its sell-by date with many comments totally unrelated to actual "bargains". Now we are in a new decade, it would seem to be a good time to close this particular thread and as wirey33 suggested, open a new thread of Strictly Bargain Announcements 2020 just for this years notifications, and have the moderators set it to automatically close on 31st December 2020 as the Strictly Bargain Announcements 2021 thread automatically replaces it. Making it a "Strictly" Bargain Announcements thread would enable the moderators to automatically remove any response that fails to comply with the original stated aim of the new topic. Comments anyone?
  12. On my smartphone, I already have an application for my DVD and Blu-ray discs and am looking for something similar but purely for model railways. Does anyone know if there is a model railway database application (specifically for locomotives including EMU and DMU's) that can scan the UPC barcodes of the models you own and that also provides a good description of the product? I know the model railway retail trade uses the UPC system of barcodes for their stock control purposes, so maybe they can help me find a solution to my cataloguing requirement. Please circulate this post to anyone you think may have the answer to my dilemma.
  13. I took advantage of this for my grandson earlier this morning for £99.50 including delivery. https://www.hawkin.com/harry-potter-hogwarts-express-Hornby-r1234m As of 12.35pm today this set was still available for £99.50 which includes the Hornby Midimat and comes with free delivery. The same set was/is available from the normal model railway outlets WITHOUT the Hornby Midimat. The difference is in the Hornby Part Number. The sets at Hawkin are R1234m. The normal sets are Part Number R1234. That last "m" in the part number is very significant and is the one that contains the midimat. Hope that clarifies what you will actually receive. Happy New Year to all.
  14. Guess that's why no GOLD MEMBER logo/medallion appears on the posts of Phil Parker, Steve Cole and Andy Y ~ they haven't bought into it.
  15. Ray Rippon was also the best place to buy pre-cut copperclad sleepers in 00-gauge, for building home-made copperclad trackwork. I'm not sure whether they actually manufactured them or bought them in from someone else, as the product didn't re-appear elsewhere after they closed down. I still have some of these components left and last year made some more trackwork for my new layout. The copperclad sleeper strip was still in pristine condition some 30+ years after purchase!
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