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  1. After waiting for new stocks to arrive in UK, I now have received these fishplates from Gaugemaster and I can wholeheartedly recommend them. Well worth the wait and now recommencing my foray into 0-gauge with renewed vigour! Many many thanks to daifly for posting the details of the Atlas #170 rail joiners (see post of 23 January 2021.
  2. Anyone have any updated information as to when the EFERail tubestock will be in the shops. The Bachmann website has been showing the ETA as "Awaiting" for the last few months?
  3. Thanks Dave for taking the trouble to elaborate and also illustrate how the Atlas rail joiners fit this bullhead rail. They look superb and just what I need ~ I certainly didn't want cosmetic rail joiners. Much appreciated. Brian (aka 4railsman)
  4. No, John, as this is posted in the 7mm forum it is clearly O-gauge Bullhead Rail flexible track I was referring to. The Peco SL-E791BH point I originally quoted is also an O-gauge product, so I can't see how you thought I was referring to OO-gauge. My box of O-gauge flexible track was made/distributed by the original (ie not the current owner) of C&L who were then based in Bristol and which I bought from them at a stand at a local model railway exhibition (remember them?) some while ago. 4railsman
  5. I used Peco code 75 fishplates on my 4mm trackwork and still have some in my spares box. These are far too small and certainly will never be suitable for use with O-gauge C&L flexible track. I did try them after reading your post, in case they could be the answer, but unfortunately not so. 4railsman
  6. I have already tried opening the Peco SL10 with small screwdrivers including those in a jewelers set. The metal is very hard to adjust by this method, hence the need to find a practical alternative. The C&L flexible track I have was from the Bristol C&L that I obtained at a local exhibition, so current stock on sale might possibly be of a different rail section. I have tried to look at the current C&L website but it is very poorly designed and have not been able to see details or indeed, any dimensional information of the rail sections they are using. 4railsman
  7. Thanks for this suggestion. When I can find a uk stockist of these rail joiners, I'll give them a try. Besides Ebay which you mentioned, Gaugemaster also distribute them, but they too are also out of stock at present.
  8. I'm having extreme difficulty in finding suitable fishplates (aka rail joiners) to suit C&L Finescale bullhead rail flexible track. Have tried to use the Peco SL10 but these are too tight despite trying to open them out slightly; although they do fit the Peco SL-E791BH Medium Radius, Right Hand Bullhead Turnouts that I have bought. What do other forum members use to join their bullhead section flexible track? 4railsman
  9. After this 4mm range of point kits is finally on the market, will it be possible for O-gauge Finescale point kits to be produced from the same designs by just adjusting the image sizes in a similar way to when we print out on our home printers?
  10. I'd love to have an effective 00-gauge track cleaning wagon. But my problem is that on my layout, over 90% of my track is 4-rail (London Underground style) with the two power rails raised 1mm above running rail height, i.e. similar to prototype. If anyone knows of a 00-gauge track cleaning wagon that will work on my layout, please post the details in this thread. 4railsman
  11. I can recall instances in previous threads that discussed the issues concerning credit cards being charged immediately for items that are Pre-Ordered or Out-of-stock, especially if using Paypal (either Paypal or a credit card payment through their facility). The other issue with making payment through Paypal's facility for purchases over £100, is that they are 3rd party and not covered by the Credit Card Section 75 Protection under the Consumer Credit Act. You may have heard of Martin Lewis, of the Money Saving Expert website who also regularly appears on ITV discussing peoples financial matters. He explains the issue on his website at https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/credit-cards/PayPal-Section75 I get the impression that only if the retailer/supplier has a direct facility with their own bank's credit card facility, that they have the capability to delay process of the payment until the goods are ready to be despatched. If in any doubt about when the supplier will take payment, a quick email to them should get a quick reply and if not, do further research on them in this and other forums before placing an order. I hope this info helps clarify the situation. 4railsman
  12. oooohh ~ I like the sound of that suggestion. Has anyone else on here got any feedback after using that product in this type of environment? Not really, as they will be tight to the backscene board which I'm currently in the process of fitting. 4railsman
  13. Thanks for all your suggestions. Unfortunately all the low-relief resin buildings of High Street shops that I have bought cannot be bolted down as they are far too shallow with a lot of them also having images fixed to the bottom part of the buildings rear. The only other option, I suppose, would be to replace the high street resin buildings with card buildings which are available to download from the internet and are much lighter and easier to join together. In the meantime, I think I am going to have to manually remove all of the buildings each time I need to turn the layout on its side to do maintenance which is impossible from underneath the layout (eg soldering, wiring and installation of new features). 4railsman
  14. What adhesives do model railway clubs currently use on their exhibition layouts to secure their resin buildings to the baseboard. I'm thinking principally about those layouts that are transported in pairs, fixed together scenic-scenic, where one board is upside down, and may also be stood on end for storage or during transportation. I have addressed my question specifically for Clubs and Exhibition Managers, as I am looking for advice from those that regularly transport their layouts in cars and vans to venues that are many miles from their home location and have the necessary experience in moving layouts around the UK. Large items, like Engine Sheds, Bus Garages etc are quite weighty, so are these normally glued down or removed and transported separately? With low relief buildings in large groups, such as shops that are in a high-street setting, are the resin models glued only at the bottom or also at each side to the next building? Many Thanks 4railsman
  15. I have a similar requirement, albeit much longer than your layout, as mine is along the back wall of a 15ft long shed. Additionally, it is situated below a partially overhanging 8-inch deep shelf which limits some options that might not apply in your situation. I have been looking at the various flexible strip LED lighting as this can easily be fixed and is low-voltage (usually 12v or 24v). They come in various single types of daylight, warm white, cool white as well as RGB with a handheld controller so any colour can be produced. There are a vast number of suppliers on the internet, but one thing I have picked up so far ~ and the most important ~ is the power source that you use MUST provide for CONTINUOUS USE and be of a high enough wattage/amperage for safe use. There have been reports of cheap power sources overheating and drawing very high currents and which in some cases have caused a fire. The cheap offerings from "sheds" are probably best avoided. I'm looking towards buying from a speciality supplier that offers equipment for professional displays, exhibitions where these lights are on for extremely long durations without causing any health and safety issues. However, they will be considerably higher in cost than the cheapies you see promoted in "sheds" or on the various auction sites or market places. Please bear these comments in mind when making your final decision of which lighting to go for, amd post your decion in due course so others may benefit from your research Best Wishes 4Railsman
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