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  1. Thanks for the positive comments. I have 3 MCK models and I think they are all excellent, the latter two are the MZ above and the a ME. They are fitted with sound and stay alive's so are excellent runners. I guess they would haul a good load but my layout is limited to 14ft long. They even have ready to start indictors on the loco sides. I also have a MT on order for said Danish layout. In summary they are expensive but excellent quality. If you can get hold of one the current Hobbytrade MZ's that is also a really good model but without the toys of the MCK version. Some of the early versions have less detail so buyer beware on Ebay. I'm a also little tempted by a IC3 but much prefer running hauled trains with loco and stock. I also have a Heljan MX on order, but this is a completely reworked version produced with Dekas. Re sound, I'm a bit of a novice, but I have found the ESU Lokprogrammer very helpful. For my MZ's I have reflashed the Roco versions and one of my Hobbytrade models runs an custom project based on an American loco with the same 20 cylinder power unit, which sounds very similar to the MCK version of the same loco. Of my ME's the Hobbytrade one is without sound, but its on the list to be done in due course. ESU provide a Sound Project for download, which I'll probably use and maybe tweak. Hope that's useful, any questions just ask. Stay safe. Thanks, Neil
  2. Always a useful excuse to put it on passenger, no snow on my layout though..... :-) Stay safe everyone, Thanks, Neil
  3. Got distracted again.... Ordered this back in January from a shop in Denmark a Series IV MZ. A lovely model by MCK It joins a Hobbytrade version This is for the next but one layout, a Danish Ferry Terminal including a Train Ferry :-) Stay safe everyone. Neil
  4. TL also have an EBay shop and only charge 90p to send to the UK. I’ve used them a number of times. Stay safe, Neil
  5. Another month goes by and still I don’t have much to show. Baseboards are expected shortly but even if I had, had them, I’ve been way to busy with work following the never ending changes to plans as everyone reacts to Covid-19. Anyway I have recently purchased a couple of paint marker pens, and been using them to pick out details. One such job is to paint the edges of the buffers of my CFL (Luxembourg Railways) class 1600 by Roco. I also did one of my Marklin class 1800 as well. I can justify the Luxembourg locomotives coming onto the Depot for fuel and stabling as they used to regularly do this back in the 1990’s. As always the picture is on my Czech layout. I’ve also been sticking the detailing bits on locos and wagons so I’ve been keeping myself busy while on phone conferences (where I don’t have my camera on). Hopefully next update might contain some woodwork.... Stay safe everyone, Neil
  6. It’s a Swiss push pull trailer, would have worked with a number of coaches worked by another EMU or Re4/4 Loco. Not sure if it’s scale length, also not sure it has NEM coupling pockets. Stay safe Neil
  7. I use Ikea units which are excellent. Stay safe everyone Neil
  8. Excellent !!! According to the internet people seem to use a Zimo decoder with a UK class 08 sound file. Looking forward to watching progress. Stay Safe, Neil
  9. Thanks for the positive comments on my track. Just read your thread from the start. Your layout could also do with a 600 “Gronk”, not sure if a Roco do a sound fitted version. Like you I to have got rid of most of my Dutch stock over the years, the Lilliput 6400 was too short, I did have a 2200 and 2400 as well. Look forward to following this thread with interest. Stay safe, Neil
  10. Excellent !! However I must stop watching before I type “Irish Rail 071” into Ebay and start another project.... Stay Safe, Neil
  11. I must admit I thought it was the Hobbytrade one, cracking model.
  12. Must be honest if you weather it code 100 can look fine (in my opinion). Going to play about with sleeper spacing on my next layout (which will also be code 100). I’ve stuck with it as I have some older stock with deeper flanges. Stay safe, Neil
  13. I thought it was worth adding a simple how to DCC conversion for Roco HO diesels and electrics. I have converted quite a few Roco Belgian class 62’s Bo-Bo diesel locomotives for my new Belgian depot layout. As well as a couple of Belgian class 20 Co-Co locomotives. This conversion would also work for German class 215’s and Belgian class 59’s that have similar chassis and circuit board and will I guess will work for other similar models. First job is remove the electrical components shown on the photo below. Then you need to break the electrical strips at 2 points on the circuit board. I just used the edge of a screwdriver to do this. The next job is to solder the decoder in place. I have used 8 pin ESU Lokpilot v4 or 5’s, depending what I had available. I have standardised on ESU chips as I purchased a Lok Programmer a few years ago, but this install should work with any wired decoder. The wiring is straight forward and gives directional head and tail lights. A picture tells a thousand words. This is a straightforward installation and will make older models run on DCC layouts. Stay safe everyone, Thanks, Neil
  14. Managed some more minor jobs, including making a phone box I got a while ago as part of an order from a Czech model shop. One arrival of note is a MTB 749 (numbered 749263) in Hanzalík International Transport livery. Looking on the internet there are pictures of it working passenger trains at an event so that’s my excuse for it working on coaches. When the loco was in service with CD it was silenced and the sound file that comes with it certainly gives that indication complete with whining traction motors. But if you use it on F6 Full Load it swaps to a “loud” example :-) One other little job was fitting a Stayalive to the 781, this model has always been very sensitive especially with sound on. However with a ESU Stayalive it now crawls around beautifully. Stay safe everyone, Neil
  15. Great video and layout would prefer to listen to the locos though. Just an observation, really great layout. Neil
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