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    HO Scale models of Balkan, Belgian, Danish and Czech prototypes.

    Also have a passing interest in Scottish 1990’s era layouts as well....

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  1. Back from a week’s holiday on Mull (which is a smashing place to go, like Skye but without the hoards of tourists) so it’s back to doing some modelling. Another major step forward the track power bus was connected and I ran a couple of shunters up and down on the tracks that have been laid so far. Next job, will be to lay the double slip and a few more sidings. Stay safe everyone, Neil
  2. I’ve also noticed that Trix are also bringing out another rake of 4 M2 coaches in green for £345, now that is extortion.... My last ones were about £150 for 4. Nearly talked myself into ordering a class 1 (not quite there yet) as I would like a steam loco for the Belgian Depot, as it could come on for water etc. It’s either that or an 2 car B Models EMU (similar price).... Stay safe, Neil
  3. 5 Colbalt IP’s wired up and tested. i especially like the route setting on the Z21 as I can set up flank protection on the points automatically. Only negative is that the motors are a bit noisy. Stay safe everyone, Neil
  4. Out of interest are there many differences between the batches? Could I just renumber the Trix example and get away with it? I also had a run with 1.002 from Leuven to I think Eeklo a long time ago. Stay safe, Neil
  5. Must confess very tempted with one for the Belgian Depot layout. The only thing putting me off (apart from the price) is that it’s not the preserved one (1.002). Stay safe, Neil
  6. Track Laying has started The track is being temporary pinned until it’s ballasted and glued. The aim is wire the first five point motors, and add the Bus and track feeds before lying the next lot. Stay safe everyone, Neil
  7. Significant amounts of Inter Regional Freight, eg 40's to Severn Tunnel Jn. Certainly remember seeing Scottish or Gateshead 47's at Bristol on Inter Regional services. Thanks, Neil
  8. I’m impressed with how quickly you work!!! Looking excellent. Neil
  9. Really not sure about the Trix flanges some are really a bit chunky. I guess you could do something if you have a lathe? re signals, I do have a couple of kits I brought a few years back for colour light ones, but I have seen much better ones online so I might invest in one, I might also go for a level crossing by the shed on the Electric “bypass line / headshunt”, but those are future jobs. Just about to start track laying, I have rigged up my first Colbalt IP as a test and eventually managed to get it working with my Z21. One question I do have is do I hav
  10. Found this picture on FB from the Hobby 2000 shop in Liege
  11. I used the sleeper spacing tools on the first bit of flex track, it’s a bit of a faff cutting all the sleeper spacers, guess it’s a bit like building track. Anyway I think the spacing does look a bit better. I will use the tool on all the sidings and running lines when I get round to properly laying track. Still awaiting the cork underlay. The track at the rear of the layout will be fitted with OHLE so here is a posed picture of a Mehano class 26. Stay safe, Neil
  12. On the subject of track, I’ve made a start cutting up lengths of flex track. Nothing will get “laid” until the cork underlay and point motors arrive. Stay safe, Neil
  13. Thanks for the positive comments :-) I'm cheating and using Peco code 100 because of the wheel flange issues. I fairness with a bit of weathering etc I think I can get something that doesn't look to bad. I am using a sleeper spacing tool for the first time as well so interested to see what thats like on a bit of flex track. Stay safe, Neil
  14. You're right that's a lot more budget friendly !!! A shed was going to cost me circa £200-£250..... Only issue is my daughter is only 5 so she's a bit young for technics Lego to recycle...... Stay safe, Neil
  15. Thanks for that, looks just the ticket, need to design my shed now. Think I might have 3 of the 5 roads with working doors, really like that they can be DCC controlled straight out the box. Stay safe, Neil
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