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    HO Scale models of Balkan, Belgian, Danish and Czech prototypes.

    Also have a passing interest in Scottish 1990’s era layouts as well....

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  1. Hi Tim, Thanks for the comments, I'm quite pleased with the fuel point. I had sort of planned to stop about 2010'ish, however I broke my own rule as I purchased a Piko model of a 29 (E186). I have looked at a Roco 186 in Lineas livery a few times but not taken the plunge (yet). I guess if someone produced a correct class 77 (SNCB one) in Lineas colours I might be tempted, its a shame Mehano went to the wall as they would have done by now I'm sure. I already have a token 66 but that's a D-HGK liveried one. I did think about getting a Trix Lineas o
  2. Repeated the transaction (by Ebay, similar value), parcel arrived by Royal Mail, no demand for extra payment. Confused.... Think this is completely hit and miss. Stay safe everyone. Neil
  3. Ballasting has started and temporarily stopped, ran out of glue!!! I’ve been using Ballast Bond for the first time rather than just some PVA glue. On first impressions it goes down very smoothly after wetting the surface with a drop of washing up liquid. The colour dries slightly darker having been stuck down. I’m using Woodland Scenics Grey Ballast. Here’s a picture of an Infrabel class 62 having unloaded its ballast… Stay safe everyone, Neil
  4. Following yesterday’s update here is another. Fuelling Point is pretty finished, now that I’ve added a equipment cupboard. I just used a OO scale relay cabinet I had in my spares box, I filled the back flat and sprayed it yellow. The no smoking sign is actually from a Czech Model which I removed the text from. I’m quite pleased with the overall effect. Here’s what I was trying to recreate, it’s not identical but looks right. Photo is one I found on Flickr. Stay safe everyone, Neil
  5. Thank you all for the kind words after my Dad’s passing. It was a nice funeral if you can have such a thing, we gave him a good send off. Having returned to Scotland and back to modelling, I’ve been building the fuel point, which looks similar to the one that was at Gouvy. I’ve built a raised platform, from plasticard and the fuelling rig was made with different types of wire. The lamp was a cheap N gauge one from EBay, and will be wired up in due course. The platform has also been weathered. Here is the progress so far: Af
  6. Great thread, really enjoyed looking through it. Stay safe, Neil
  7. As you like 55’s here are mine. A mixture of Marklin (converted to 2 Rail) and B Models. Out of interest are you modelling 2 or 3 rail? I look forward to watching this progress. Stay safe, Neil
  8. Have you made anymore progress? looks an excellent idea. Stay safe, Neil
  9. Nice to see another Belgian layout on the forum, mine is on a much smaller scale!!! Stay safe, Neil
  10. First update for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately my Dad passed away and I had to head back to Bristol to help sort things out. His passing was very sudden and not at all expected, we only found out his illness was terminal on the afternoon and he passed peacefully that evening. So this has meant my time has been used elsewhere. My Dad started me on my modelling journey and made my first baseboard and laid the track when I was still in primary school. I have managed a bit of modelling and I’ve fitted the remaining DCC concepts ground signals and connected these up, so the layout is
  11. You will need a Lokprogrammer, but any dealer will be happy to upload a sound project for you. I purchased one a while back, they are a great bit of kit and actually well worth the money as you can easily tweak a loco’s settings. Stay safe, Neil
  12. Finally had the letter from Parcel Force, they say I owe them £47 which £35 VAT and £12 handling charge. I contacted the shop I purchased the coaches from (by Ebay) and they say Ebay should have collected the UK VAT, so no idea why I've been stung. Guess I take the matter up with them ? What I thought was a good price for 3 coaches is now a bit of rip off. Stay safe everyone, Neil
  13. Think I've fallen foul of the VAT rules. Purchased a set of 3 coaches from a German shop via Ebay for about £180. No demand for extra VAT from Ebay. Parcel is now in the Parcel Force office in Glasgow and if I look on tracking I have to pay customs (but no letter received yet). Interested to see how much I'm about to get stung. Purchased from the same supplier a month or so ago no issues parcel came normal post, wonder if the issue is its a larger box so it becomes Parcelforce ? Guess its back to being buyer beware. Stay safe, Neil
  14. There are quite a few colour variations amongst the CFL Models: Both for red/brown and the yellows. Just noticed the handrails on the sides of the Roco 851's are completely wrong as they have a extra bar which is missing on the prototype. Only picked this up as I noticed the ends by the footsteps had been painted yellow, and thought "that's a job I can do". Sorry to go off topic. Stay safe, Neil
  15. Looks completely spot on to me. I wonder if those decals are still available ? A 800 would be a very suitable addition to my fleet as well. Stay safe, Neil
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