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    Mainly European Trains, especially noisy diesel ones!!

    HO Scale models of Balkan, Belgian, Danish and Czech prototypes.

    Also have a passing interest in Scottish 1990’s era layouts as well....

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  1. Flashing Lights Still not managed to paint the backscene so been carrying on with other odd jobs. As I mentioned earlier this layout is planned to be a fully DCC one without a control panel, with everything being controlled by an iPad/phone or a Roco Multimaus controller. One of the features I want to include is an open level crossing on the bypass line this so that road vehicles can get access the loco shed. Previously I would just have connected a switch on the panel but going DCC this isn’t an option, so I’ve invested in a Roco Switch Decoder
  2. Having lived up here for nearly 13 years now, I can confirm it does rain a lot !!! Stay safe, Neil
  3. Only just noticed my model has the extra windows... Stay safe, Neil
  4. Yes that’s correct. A human was at the front of the train giving instructions to the driver either by radio or hand signals. The locomotive then ran round and reversed the coaching stock back in to the platform. Neil
  5. I think Dover Western Docks the Cross Country Trains we’re propelled out. Brighton normally used an 08/09. Thanks Neil
  6. Passengers wouldn’t normally have been on board for the shunt move. Neil
  7. Often an 08 would be used to remove the coaches and shunt release the mainline engine. Normal practice would be to have a cross-over in the station. Where is you layout based? Stay safe, Neil
  8. That's a really great layout, so much rolling stock !!! The video helps make sense of it all. Neil
  9. Not much happening... Just a bit of playing trains. Firstly I’ve time travelled back to the early 1980’s (a time when I was still in school and had yet to go to Europe to ride around on trains) but I can look at pictures in books and online.... Here a selection of green diesels are stabled outside the depot building. One addition this week is a EMD 567 16 cylinder power unit from Walthers, which is same unit as in a Belgian Nohab class 52, 53 and 54. The Belgian loco’s do have a different exhaust arrangement, so I’ve slightly modified the kit.
  10. I'm impressed you've managed to read all my ramblings, as you say this layout started out as one thing and became something else !! I agree I do have too many models !!! Stay safe, Neil
  11. Yet another 51... Not much visible process on the layout, I’d like to get the backscene painted but need the weather to warm up a lot so I can paint outside, rather than in my office / man cave where I don’t have much space. Yet another arrival, my 4th class 51, this one in a slightly different livery. This loco fits in the 1980’s time period, although the pictures I can find it seems to have gained the additional yellow band on the front at some point. I’ve fitted Kadee’s to most of the diesel fleet now. I have had a few issues
  12. What a really interesting location, would make a nice model on its own !! Enjoyed looking through the pictures. Stay safe, Neil
  13. MTB 842 DMU First update for ages as all my modelling time has been focused on the new Belgian Depot Layout. Since the last update a few relevant items of rolling stock have arrived. The only one with a motor was a Czech 842 railcar, which I got for my birthday back in December, but it didn’t get a DCC chip until the other day. The model is by MTB, and like their other DMU models there isn’t an obvious space for a speaker so just fitted a ESU Lokpilot. So I ran it into the station and ran it back out to test it, still need to add the detailing bits.
  14. Sorry to hear about the stroke, looking forward to seeing regular updates again. Stay safe, Neil
  15. Very nice MLW, one of those if you have to ask the price “you can’t afford it”!!! Stay safe, Neil
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