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  1. Because O gauge is larger, do the diesel locos (particularly 31, 37, 47, 56, 60) have more detail than OO and are they more robust because the pieces are larger? It seems like Heljan is the only O gauge loco supplier for the classes I'm interested in? (I'm thinking of moving from OO gauge because Bachmann models seem so delicate with regards to problems and I think the prices are now too high for what you get)
  2. Hi, thanks. Yeah i'll order those. I just wanted to try and get the models from the first batch too.
  3. Anyone have any Cavalex/Rails' Railfreight BBAs (single or triple packs) for sale? Please send a private message if you do. Thanks,
  4. Been away for a while, missed the first batch and wondered if anyone is selling any of the Railfreight models (Rails' triple packs or the general release ones)? I can guess the answer but might as well ask. Please send a private message if you do. Thanks,
  5. No, I mean searching for "BLA": https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/?q=bla Does not return that BLA photo you posted, amongst the photo search results.
  6. How prevalent were the BLAs in Railfreight livery? I can't find any pics on Paul's website. I assume they can be used with BBA, BAA and BDA?
  7. Could we have a sub forum dedicated solely to commissioned/limited edition products? It makes keeping an eye out for such products much easier than visiting every retailer sub forum. Each "thread" should only allow one post, being the opening post with details of the item. If people have questions they can ask in the retailers forum. This ensures the threads are ordered by product announcement, rather than constantly changing sorted on last message.
  8. Tell Bachmann this with their latest TEAs!
  9. I didn't buy any PGA wagons. Am I right these BBAs are going to be higher-detail than say Bachmann's BAAs because they're metal?
  10. Ask them if you can make a payment of £100 and receive 1p refund lol
  11. Yes, it is a double negative. Reworded: It only applies to claims exceeding £100 or below £30,000
  12. No I was just posting it generally
  13. Consumer Credit Act 1974.... 75.3.b says: "(b)so far as the claim relates to any single item to which the supplier has attached a cash price not exceeding [F2£100] or more than [F3£30,000] [F4, or]" It does not say £100 must have been paid, but a price has been attached. Also the act says you can claim costs back for any action you take against the debtor. Personally i'd threaten the credit card company with small claims court. A bank isn't going to attend small claims court for anything less than £500. I hope this helps someone,
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