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  1. I saw earlier about the Colin Craig etched wheel discs, but what other "upgrades" are there for these wagons? Does anyone produce any brass oval/rectangular sprung buffers?
  2. Cheers for the reply. Is that 900064 the second-from-last photo, bottom wagon in the photo?
  3. Found a couple more, so removed them from the initial list.
  4. I would like to know all the BAA wagons with red ends (Railfreight), what end types they had (below is the 5-bar variant), whether they had the Railfreight logo (not all with red ends had the logo) , any metals sector markings/decals etc.
  5. Thank you! I did encounter that website. Good for end types but not for railfreight livery (because it's modern photos so the railfreight livery has been removed)
  6. I am trying to find photos of a few BAA wagons which do not show up in the usual websites (Paul Bartlett's, Flickr etc). I am trying to see what types of ends they had and what livery/whether they had the "Railfreight" logo. More generally, I am trying to find how many BAAs carried the railfreight livery (in case someone out there has this information?). Does anyone have photos of the following BAA wagons: 900008 900019 900023 900028 900031 900033 900037 900038 900039 900041 900042 900043 900044 900046 900050 900053 900057 900062 900064 900065 900067 900081 900085 900088 900091 900092 900094 900096 900098 900101 900103 900113 900118 900122
  7. Can Cav/Alex create a new thread specific to the BLA (assuming havent already)?
  8. Alex/Cav, are there sufficient similar wagons to produce multiple running numbers? (I think FTG did this with the SPA). I'm not sure if the answer would be dependent on livery. I would like to purchase a number of BBAs in Railfreight and it would be awesome if they don't all have the same number.
  9. Given Bachmann don't refund postage for repairing an item under warranty whilst Hornby do, I cannot say I'm surprised.
  10. I'm after a couple of Bachmann 66 detail packs? The standard one (all black parts) for most 66s (not the Eurocargo loco).
  11. Am I right in assuming these TEAs were never in Shell or BP (not the horrible yellow & green lines) livery?
  12. But at least you can choose an alternative. Who else produces the Shell TEA which Bachmann have announced?
  13. Alex/Cavalex, if the BWA wagon posted by BazJones is simply a BBA without ends, could you re-use your BBA mould to produce BWA too? (assuming you can remove the ends?) You would produce two wagons from one investment. There might be a third similar wagon too, BazJones could probably confirm?
  14. Sorry to be negative, but they didn't have any of the cab windows which continually fall out of the class 47. I was told they don't keep those here. Silly really, given how often they fall out.
  15. Hi, after Bachmann BAA wagons 38-351 and 38-351A (with yellow ends), images below. Please PM.
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