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  1. From Rails of Sheffield, bundle of four Hornby LMS non-corridor coaches in LMS livery £99.50 https://railsofsheffield.com/bundles/86/set-of-four-lms-period-iii-non-corridor-57-coaches?utm_source=Mailing+List&utm_campaign=17f4000626-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_07_06_03_29&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_74d01bc2ed-17f4000626-5765273 Also available in British Railways maroon. Kernow's price maybe the same, it certainly used to be
  2. When I changed all my plastic wheels to metal ones a couple of years ago, I had exactly the same thought! I remember buying "converter" couplings to change them over to big ones! Ended up with just one Lowmac on original couplings. I can't believe I threw the originals away, but can't find them now (some 36? years later!) or else I would have put them back. I did search 'tinternet' for any small couplings that would just clip in, but found nothing... Strange the craze to replace the originals back when I was a teenager...
  3. Do you actually need to remove the bogies? Carefully prise and lever out the old wheels on their axles, insert the replacements... If need be you can ream out the holes (and the angle at the bottom of each hole) with various tools made for the purpose, add some graphite (soft lead pencil) and "prise-in" the replacements When I did this myself I was very worried something would break, but nothing did. I did very carefully warm the plastic slightly with a hair dryer first. Needed to use a small flat banded screwdriver as a lever, out and in. Thanks to Phil and Brossard and others for the help doing mine!
  4. Or are they the earlier versions with the too long wheelbase and stretched body? Thanks http://kentgardenrailways.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=61_116_126&product_id=8595 http://kentgardenrailways.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=61_116_126&product_id=8638 I can't tell for looking!
  5. Most of the video is about the 40's, 50's and 60's. The YouTube page includes a link to an excel sheet and references. There is also an update video
  6. As this very informative thread seems to be one of the more comprehensive discussions of tank wagons on rmweb, I am adding a link to a video with more information, rather than starting a new thread:
  7. Looking at the real thing: wheel diameter new 914mm, after last turning 842mm, scrapping 836mm. At 1:76 that's approx 12.0, 11.1 and 11.0mm. Hornby R9086 are a bit bigger than 12mm and described as "mostly for wagons". However I want to match to a Hornby train, so I guess that's the way to go?
  8. Hi, getting side-tracked by my son's HST... He has a Lima Mk3 coach missing a bogie, so while ordering other stuff from Peter's Spares got a pair of Hornby Mk3 bogies, no wheels or hooks, but I have wheels... But turns out 14.1mm coach wheels are rather steam age... Do I need Hornby R8096, variously described as 12.6 or 12.mm, or do I need 12mm as others say? I'm trying to get a Lima coach to run on Hornby bogies in a Hornby HST. Oh, and some etched brake discs look very nice to add on, but probably over kill. Thank you for any help or suggestions, Flocky
  9. Having followed various discussions on here over the last few years, most people go for plywood, in which case "baltic birch" is the standard to go for. However, depending on what you want to achieve, Nearholmer post is food for thought.
  10. Was trying to completely ban plastic wheels and rubber traction tyres... May just have to accept the Lima traction tyres after all. Great video! My son says he has watched it before! Thanks to all
  11. Bit of an odd question perhaps, but can each bogie of the Hornby Class 50 manage to turn enough to be able to run on parallel tracks? Amongst the younger generation this kind of thing is known as "train drifting", and sometimes happens in real life by accident if someone changes the points at the wrong moment (I have seen a great picture of a carriage on a preserved railway in this predicament but can't find it now), but often in train hisimulators, and occasionally on layouts... (my son is only young and it's fun) (Explanation: We're looking to remotor a Lima class 50 to get rid of the traction tyres, and I'm wondering if it's worth looking out for a Hornby class 50 with a less than perfect body... (or Hornby Rovex class 37 power bogies? Peter's Spares only have Hornby Railroad class 37 spare bogies with traction tyres))
  12. That looks absolutely excellent! Is that using a laser cutter? I was thinking back to school days and it would have been some kind of router back then I guess.
  13. Il Grifone, do you think paper would be strong enough? I was thinking it would have to be thin plasticard? Andy R, that's an interesting idea: might be a another method to getting track set in concrete or cobbles? Would need a track gauge though. Just remembered I actually have a box of phospher bronze flex-track I bought maybe 30 years ago! So maybe I can experiment. Thanks
  14. It's been difficult to get anything apart from 24" and then 30" (but only in a box of twelve to make a circle!) (see ) I have ordered a few Roco very large radius curves to maybe use as transition curves. I did consider going down the route of sticking flex-track to something, but didn't know if it would work with a thin enough thing! My son meanwhile keeps asking for American diesels and The Daylight (4479 is it?) with slight diversions to British Rail blue and German steam locomotives!
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