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  1. For a newspaper website article, this seems to be a very positive article https://www.swlondoner.co.uk/life/03012021-on-the-right-track-meet-the-enthusiasts-behind-model-railways-in-south-west-london/
  2. Hello. I was wondering what prototype the Mainline (Palitoy) 24t hoppers are based on? And how accurate were/are they? Models like this https://www.hattons.co.uk/497791/mainline_37162_po14_12t_24t_hopper_wagon_in_br_brown_pre_owned_like_new_imperfect_box/stockdetail.aspx I seem to remember seeing some pictures of real life wagons that were similar, but can't remember where. What can the collective wisdom of rmwebbers come up with? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am wondering about particular Dapol wagons such as these https://railsofsheffield.com/groups/3295/advent-calendar-day-11 How do they compare to current Bachmann and Oxford offerings? Are they "in a similar league"? ie are they dimensionally accurate versions of a particular prototype? Details? Brakes etc? Liveries (fanciful/from an earlier era/accurate)? Running abilities (weight/wheels/droopy couplers)? Have to confess I have tended to steer clear of Dapol (and Hornby) opens so far... Thanks
  4. Rails day 11 Dapol "OO Gauge 5 Plank Wagon Bundles, ONLY £24.50 each" https://railsofsheffield.com/groups/3295/advent-calendar-day-11
  5. As of December 2nd 2020: Series 1 has just started to be shown on the "Yesterday" channel on Monday evenings, and series 6 is on Channel 5 on Thursdays at 8pm (in the UK). The Congo Atlantic Ocean Railway (s1 ep1) was definitely extreme in 2012! Don't know what's happened since!
  6. I know, brain not working today! It was Re6/6 [brain really not working after managing half a day at work as part of a phased return after a long illness] Also I can't remember if the preserved wagon was already mentioned above? https://www.societavenetaferrovie.it/carro-21-83-21-48-963-3-fb-1931-sagoma-inglese/ Apologies to jonhall who linked to it on post 8 on page 1 - I thought it was posted before but I couldn't see it for looking!
  7. Actually, perhaps the two models I found are closer to the pair in the photo than the Roco models posted by Re6/6 although the sides and ends are not planked. I wonder what 'scale' Roco used for these?
  8. What search term are you using to find the Roco models please? If I search for "Ghkks" I get a long wheelbase van with flat sides (as in https://www.hattons.co.uk/326315/roco_4300s_covered_goods_wagon_of_the_fs/stockdetail.aspx) and if I search for "fb" I get a similar grey van that the Roco website describes as "short wheelbase" and 133mm long, but the picture is of a long wheelbase van? ( https://www.roco.cc/en/product/243430-76600-0-0-0-0-0-003-1/products.html) ?
  9. Thank you all. I am going to get Preserved Locomotives of British Railways 19th edition for now, although my son might also enjoy the Ex-BR Diesels in Industry book. He enjoys reading the "potted histories" and using the photos to make fantastic drawings (about a year ago he became a better drawer than me). If he is going for underlining numbers, the prototype HST will be the first one!
  10. Something infront and below it, like trees or the roofs of old stone terraced cottages or an old woolen mill (not just found in towns) e.g. Cromford Mill or another one in the Peak District
  11. Are there any recommendations for an updated equivalent to "Preserved BR Diesel and Electric Traction Handbook" - Howard Johnston (1987), please? This is currently my eight year old's favourite book, but he is aware it is 33 years old. Thanks
  12. In December 2019 I received an email from Scalelink that said "Mr. Shinohara has now sold his business to another Japanese toy manufacturer who will begin production in the 2nd quarter of 2020. We will be the UK stockists once items become available again... ...with the exception of 4 or 5 Shinohara products, we have reasonably good stocks available. For 00/H0, we have Code 100, Code 83, Code 83 DCC-friendly, Code 70 + SN3, H0/H0n3, H0n3, H0n2.5 (009), H0m and N (Code70 & Code 60) are also in stock" So it seems, subject to covid, it s
  13. Do you mean "the bunny hug"? One of a craze of "animal dances" from around 1912 - 1914, dances by "young people" and scandalous to their elders. The "bunny hop" was early 1950's in the USA, but peaking in Europe via Finland in the early '60's
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